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love songs

for the longest time i figured writing love songs was some sort of cop out, but now i’m thinking there surely must be a reason why our world is flooded with them… maybe this is who we are. 39 kata lagi


It is summer…… have some fun…..



I call forth an element from within.

With a content full of sin.

I apologise mother nature my lady.

But I stumbled upon many things shady. 49 kata lagi


Poem: Roux Meow and Jolly Wat (Act III.)

Act III.

Darken forces came in form of his dad,
Whether God-sent or evil-sent,
Roux Meow and Jolly Wat became bad;
They’re born under a cursed tent. 212 kata lagi


First android game

My first android game ‘Seeds Savior’ is due to out soon within this week. Currently i am still fixing the bugs and making the levels ‘smoother’ for players which also means making it easy to win each level. 51 kata lagi

Game Dev

Great gifs 18 June 2018 ...

Must watch gifs collected by Bear please click image to view slideshow …

Hope you had a laugh.


June 18th is International Picnic Day

Five Food Finds about Picnics:

  1. Ole Evinrude had the idea for the outboard motor while rowing a boat to a picnic.
  2. Italy’s favourite picnic day is Easter Monday.
  3. 235 kata lagi
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