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I feel like my “Following Jasan” project has been so neglected. I’ve missed writing and taking photos, but sometimes life happens and you just need to try to stay positive and get by. 880 kata lagi

Preparing for School in September

Most of Singapore primary schools are half day instruction. On the contrary, the majority of those in Hong Kong are full day and the kids get to have lunch at the campus. 11 kata lagi

Kids' Activities

The first few weeks

The start of 2013 marked the first few weeks of full day childcare for Xi En.

As many parents were; I was more anxious than him. 721 kata lagi

Ethen / Xi En

Full Day School

Full berarti penuh. Day artinya hari. School diterjemahkan sebagai sekolah. Terjemahan bebas dari judul di atas adalah ‘Sekolah Sehari Penuh’. Terjemahan ilmiahnya, full day school… 550 kata lagi


Mommy, I wanna do something special!

We’re entering 4-year old limbo with our daughter. She is definitely done with naps, and it’s even a stretch to ask her to spend some quiet time in her room while her younger brothers nap (although still a good idea and will be attempted as often as possible). 606 kata lagi


No homework from me

I went blogwalking to several Indonesian teenagers who write their blog in English. It’s a really good trend though, practicing your English by writing, since there will be not enough time to do it orally. 347 kata lagi