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Strawberry Pie

Well, here I finally am after neglecting my blog YET AGAIN! (At least it has only been about 2 weeks though since my last post instead of a whole year!) Over the weekend, I was able to pay a visit to an amazing family farm we have in town called… 515 kata lagi

Simple Sweet or Savory Hand Pies

Reminiscent of the Pop Tart or Hot Pocket, these hand pies make great little snacks or meals. I was surprised how easy they are to make. 689 kata lagi

The Art of Pie Making - Buttermilk Crust

Hello Ya’ll!

I wanted to share this simple recipe that I absolutely love. For those of you who already know me, know I have a passion for using simple, fresh local ingredients to make the best tasting food possible. 377 kata lagi


Soul Food: Sweet Humble Pie

Having metaphorically eaten humble pie in one of my earlier posts, I began to wonder what a humble pie might actually taste like. How would I bake a pie that was truly humble? 485 kata lagi

Soul Food

GF Raw Lemon Pie

Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Vegan. Raw aspects.

When life hands me one too many lemons? I tend to make a lemon pie. In this case, grocery shopping trips accumulated one too many lemons. 509 kata lagi


Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Make yourselves a ‘Flan-tastic’ day.

What is it about familial events that make us all go a little crazy? Thanksgiving, a celebration between family and friends, is always a ritual that we all want to believe in. 425 kata lagi