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Best Of Summer Pie

Because we were away for Independence Day, the boys asked for a July Fourth-ish barbecue last night.

Burgers …

Corn …

And pie.

I had a load of stone fruit on the kitchen counter: Peaches, nectarines and cherries just begging to be sliced, spiced and baked into pastry. 494 kata lagi


Week 28: Summer Stone Fruit Galette

At the beginning of the challenge, I set out to make 52 cakes with a set of specific parameters. I may or may not have faltered with a few of these so called rules, but this week I cheated. 308 kata lagi


Dangerously Delicious Pies

Hi friends! Quick post here for a new dessert stop, pies! As you all know, ice cream is definitely my favorite, but once in a while, I venture into new sweets. 366 kata lagi

Stars and Stripes!

You know how sheet pan suppers are all the rage? Evidently slab pies are now the darling of Pinterest pinners. My bestie, L, was telling me about this one in particular and because baking is cheaper than therapy, I gave it a whirl on Saturday and sent the whole slab/pan to rehearsal with the Hubs on Sunday. 228 kata lagi


It's Poll Day!

Last week’s poll got more votes than I anticipated, which felt really amazing!  So here’s next week’s poll!  I’m in a dessert mood, so let’s make that happen.  Happy voting!

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Breath Of The Wild

Blueberries pie

Summer means I’m done with my PhD exams so hopefully I will be able to resume posting on this blog at a decent frequency. Summer also means fruit pie, with blueberries being personally my favorite candidate for the job. 439 kata lagi


Summer Strawberry Pie

Today I’m sharing a recipe that up until now I’ve only shared with family.  I’ll give you the quick version of the backstory on it.  My husband grew up with an older couple living next door.   453 kata lagi