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Apple & Blackberry Cobbler.

Autumn = the season to indulge on pies; the reason being all the windfallen fruits gathering outside. By chance, I stumbled over a little gold mine of blackberries the other week which resulted in about two litres of beautiful berries now gathering up half the space of my freezer. 191 kata lagi


Plum Pie With Coffee Ice Cream

Autumn means many things to people. Windswept streets, leaves turning vibrant copper and red hues, falling rain. It also means for many, myself included, warm pies using the last of the summer fruit before segueing into pumpkin pies – a very North American tradition that we’ve just enjoyed with the Thanksgiving weekend (I also often turn to frozen fruit once the summer is over, it works well too). 403 kata lagi


October Instagram Challenge - A Festive Recipe - Apple Pie

We haven’t had a working oven over the summer, so when I created this Instagram Challenge and added this photo to it, I decided that I needed to take the opportunity to give us a treat outside the crockpot or grill.   585 kata lagi


Cherry Pie Dump Cake

I’ve been craving pie ever since I re-watched The Office episode (see partial clip here) where the office staff all go on a road trip and end up getting pie from a pie stand. 431 kata lagi


Fruit & greek yogurt pie

Below I am going to tell you how to whip up this light and healthy dessert that everyone will love! I would even serve it for breakfast… 194 kata lagi

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