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Strawberry, raspberry & rhubarb pie

Ok so you already know my secret ingredient – it’s raspberries.

I’m not a big dessert person, I don’t really care for sweet anything and I generally dislike pie crust; so I decided to make pie, haha.   372 kata lagi


Strawberry Chocolate Dessert

serves 2-4

Valentine’s Day inspired this creation. It seemed as if chocolate covered strawberries were on sale at every grocery store in America. Desiring to make my own to avoid food sensitivities, I came up with a more decadent version. 306 kata lagi


Pi Day Part Two

I’ve been collecting pie recipes for awhile — so what better day to share them than on Pi Day? Yesterday was the story, today it’s just all the pie —and some Pi Day humor to get you started. 3.269 kata lagi


Recipe: Nectarine & Blackberry Mini Pies

I love to bake, but it’s been a while since I truly experimented. On a whim I bought some blackberries at the store, and by the time I got home I’d decided I wanted to bake something. 954 kata lagi


Mini Fruit Pie!!!

Hi all,

This was a treat made from a small pastry shop in Taiwan.  According to the label, it is handmade!  It has dried fruits/nuts. 12 kata lagi

Italian Crostata Pie

Climbing the steep windy path you finally reach the end of your laborious journey atop a plateau. You are greeted by a wondrous view of a lush valley below with sage color olive groves, old villa’s with red rooftops, and stunning fields of poppies dancing in the breeze.   876 kata lagi

Fruit Pie