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WEEK 19: French Raspberry Tart

One of my favorite types of pies — as you’ll soon realize — is a tart. It’s the perfect balance of sweet filling and buttery crust, and it pairs perfectly with a dollop of creme fraiche just a well as a scoop of ice cream. 29 more words

52 Pie Challenge

WEEK 17: Summer Berry Tart

With minutes to spare, I’m uploading this week’s pie + recipe.

It’s a super simple recipe, that is broken into three parts: tart crust, mascarpone pastry cream and fruit. 44 more words

52 Pie Challenge

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie

My grandmother was always known for creating wonderful pies.  One of the pies she was most notable for was her rhubarb pie.  As a child I was unsure about the rhubarb pie, it seemed a bit too tart for my little taste buds.   520 more words


WEEK 15: Organic Apple Pear Galette

The best part about organic fruit, is that it usually doesn’t look very pretty. It’s not covered in wax, and it usually is spotty, and matte. 392 more words

52 Pie Challenge

WEEK 14: Summer Strawberry Pie

I thought I already posted last week’s pie, but I forgot! Without further ado… I present Week 14 pie!

Have you ever been waiting and WAITING for summer? 43 more words

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WEEK 13: Allspice Apple Pear Pie

Happy Spring!

This week I broke out of the heavy, cream/custard pies and ventured into something lighter — something fruity.

There is something about crisp apples and pears, spiced to perfection and slow baked into a delicious dessert. 187 more words

52 Pie Challenge

Strawberry and Banana Cream Pie

Hello and welcome all!

Although this is by no means a pie blog, it seems fitting that my first post be dedicated to the king of picnics and potlucks. 315 more words