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Loops #1 For

Loops are very handy when it comes to handling a larger amount of data that needs to be processed fast. In this part we will take a closer look at… 334 kata lagi


Belajar dari Jack Ma

From zero to hero, sebuah kata yang pantas untuk Ma Yun atau biasa di panggil Jack Ma, why? Karena hanya dalam semalam ia di anugrahi menjadi orang terkaya nomor satu di China atau negeri tirai bambu. 480 kata lagi


Dj Silverado releases his latest single ‘From Zero to Hero’

Out Now Exclusive on Beatport !
Dj Silverado has releases his third single of 2017. ‘From Zero to Hero’, 
Catalog : KP320
Download ‘From Zero to Hero’


Hi guys! So my holiday is over and I’m back in business. As I’ve promised you (and myself), I will be posting here every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and soon I will launch my YouTube channel. 536 kata lagi


Can I start in under 5 minutes?

Truth is, you can! Well… at least if you don’t take ages choosing what to print!

I’m pretty sure you want to avoid something like this… 285 kata lagi

3D Print

Dj Silverado - From Zero to Hero

Dj Silverado has unleashed his third single of 2017. ‘From Zero to Hero’,

will be released on KP Recordings
Dj Silverado – From Zero to Hero… 7 kata lagi