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Nature's way of Telling You . . .

To grab it by the horns and make steaks out of it.

The drug industry comes up with miracle cures an treatments.  Unfortunately, they abuse the law and defile everything and everyone around the to make their miracles as bad as the diseases they can heal. 105 kata lagi

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Expand Your Personal Choice? [VID]

The ceremony airs in November, but nominations jut dropped.  Syfy’s 3rd season of “the Expanse” is in the mix for a People’s Choice Award.  The contest is crowd-sourced, so you get to determine the winners for each category.  79 kata lagi

Iconic Peak

The premiere episode for Season 5 of Peaky Blinders dropped the other day on BBC1. Bravo to DP Anna Calvi. The world seemed as big as it really is through your lens. 97 kata lagi


Significant News (for us anyway)

He was the same back in 2010 when we heard Him call us to missions. He was the same in 2014 when arrived in Kosovo. And He is the same in 2019 as He calls us out of K0s0v0. 161 kata lagi

Prayer Request


     The reality of heaven has been called in to question. By skeptics and Christians alike. We don’t believe in heaven because we hope it’s real, but because we know it’s real. 726 kata lagi

Series Wrap of Baskets on FX

The 10th episode into Season 4 of Baskets was the closing quotation on this witty show.  “Moving On” was the season and series finale to Louis C.K., Louie Anderson, Jonathan Krisel, and Zach Galifianakis’ dance of the Strange Angels.  87 kata lagi

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Oh Crap

This is about toilets and having to get SUPER-INTIMATE with it, but nah, not that kind of crap. Hope not, anyway

Everyone in this far has dropped their stupid smart phone in the crapper. 87 kata lagi

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