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Oh, it IS a baby!

The oldest month of posts showing on my site as I start this post are from when I was born. First image: a tiny, round-faced human, sort of identifiable as me but I bet I’d have trouble picking it out of a line-up of similar babies. 687 kata lagi

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A wedding once

In the oldest post I created in my retroblogging on this site, the photo shows half a century ago a young (so young) wedding couple marching up the aisle of a church after their ceremony. 975 kata lagi

Friends & Family

Check out Clement's Place!

So far, the coolest/least known, hippest/semi-secret hangout that I have found in my new city of Newark. Part of the Institute of Jazz Studies, of Rutgers University, one never knows whom one will see, either on or off the band-stand. 7.432 kata lagi

Friends & Family

"I Hate My Family", Said My 17 Year Old Self

I probably had the most memorable conversation with my parents yesterday. It was over lunch, as we celebrated Father’s day. You see, I didn’t grow up having comfortable conversations with my family. 1.331 kata lagi


Movies with Dad

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Forrest Gump. The now classic film dominated the 1995 Academy Awards with six winning Oscars. 609 kata lagi

Friends & Family

Glam Time! Update on ABQ PrideFest!

I am so proud to announce that I am officially a GLAM-MA! I can’t share photos just yet but I am excited to spoiler the newest member of our family. 55 kata lagi


Garage life

I’ve been living in my garage—not by choice. When we downsized from our this BIG ole house, I thought I had been an expert sorter and tosser. 612 kata lagi

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