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My first autumn

In the picture, Grandma Susie is feeding me with a spoon. It’s a well-framed picture, her own left shoulder at the left edge of the picture, my face in the top half of the center line, framed by her arm holding the spoon, and behind me on the table a bowel of fruit. 915 kata lagi

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Women and babies and time

Continuing my meditations on the oldest (retroblogged) posts on my blog, I visit the month after I was born.

A picture of my mother, 21 but looking 16, with a wiggling, dark-haired infant in her lap. 754 kata lagi

Friends & Family

Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer

Why bother you with words and text? Summer is here. Watch this video for all the details of the lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer in M!tr0!

Click HERE!

Relationship Building

Oh, it IS a baby!

The oldest month of posts showing on my site as I start this post are from when I was born. First image: a tiny, round-faced human, sort of identifiable as me but I bet I’d have trouble picking it out of a line-up of similar babies. 687 kata lagi

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A wedding once

In the oldest post I created in my retroblogging on this site, the photo shows half a century ago a young (so young) wedding couple marching up the aisle of a church after their ceremony. 975 kata lagi

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Check out Clement's Place!

So far, the coolest/least known, hippest/semi-secret hangout that I have found in my new city of Newark. Part of the Institute of Jazz Studies, of Rutgers University, one never knows whom one will see, either on or off the band-stand. 7.432 kata lagi

Friends & Family

"I Hate My Family", Said My 17 Year Old Self

I probably had the most memorable conversation with my parents yesterday. It was over lunch, as we celebrated Father’s day. You see, I didn’t grow up having comfortable conversations with my family. 1.331 kata lagi