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A morning together, making friends and a great night in

Waking up with him. Making dumb jokes about baby Sophie. Remembering what he said about my eyes.

Making jokes with the pharmacy ladies.

A night in with Matt and Bivan, watching two films, eating two pizzas and discussing the queuing systems at the local shops. (Shit photo, great night)

Who Said That We Want To Sit With You?

It’s 2017, aka the year of stunting. Humble personalities are very few and far between. If it’s not posted on your social media, others may think that you don’t have it. 1.082 kata lagi

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are looking for a friendly at the CIT this coming Friday, 24 November 2017. Anyone interested, please contact Noel @ 086 2452418


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in friendly company

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Morning Ku

But, I Don't Like Patience

Jack (Dad):  “You just need to have patience.”

Randall (son):  “But, I don’t like patience.”

Jack:  “Yeah, no one does.”

                                      -‘This Is Us’

While watching This Is Us and hearing the above quote, I thought to myself “whoa, that can be so true.”  How many times are we put in a situation to where we are to be patient, but we look at God and say “but, I don’t like patience.” 658 kata lagi