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Belle's Hot Chicken - Fitzroy - Sunday 1 March 2015 - Lunch

Chefs say all the time that “less is more”. It is obviously a figurative phrase that is probably better said as “focus is the most important ingredient”. 628 more words

Best fried chicken in town

These past several weekends, my girlfriend and I have been doing a lot of food-tripping. We rediscovered Zacky Fried Chicken, one of the oldest, yet satisfying fried chicken joints in town. 303 more words

Profound Observations

Chick N Ken At Lorong Telok Raffles Place

Chick N Ken is located at 21 Lorong Telok, around Raffles Place. It is very close to the Dojo Burger Restaurant for those who know. And it is pretty easy to locate especially for those who know Le Comptior. 551 more words


Mary’s Fried Chicken&Bowling

Hey hey hey
So last week we conquered another must go hidden places in Sydney-Mary’s
Its located in Newtown, also tucked away from the main streets with no visible signs, logos whatsoever(how cheeky are these places huh!?) 301 more words


GF fried chicken? Say what?

Ladies and gentleman, there is such a thing and, yes, it’s heavenly.

Being a celiac  you don’t get the luxury of eating fried food, like ever, so when I heard there was such a thing as gluten free fried chicken I was all over that. 207 more words

KyoChon ~ 1 Utama

South Korea’s No.1 Fried Chicken Restaurant (so they claim) is now in Malaysia!

Kyochon is a South Korean fried chicken restaurant chain. Founded in 1991, Kyochon is one of the largest Korean fried chicken restaurants in South Korea. 

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1 Utama

Abura-Ya Pop Up

Last Thursday I finally got the chance to try a pop-up restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to for awhile called Abura-Ya. This pop-up’s location is at the Garden House on 15th street in downtown Oakland Wed-Sun 6pm-10pm(ish). 456 more words