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Review - Bird Camden : Gluten Free Fried Chicken!

During January everyone starts thinking about their food intake and what they can change to make themselves feel better. Many people cut out or reduce their wheat intake and I have friends who follow a wheat-free diet for health reasons. 244 kata lagi


Crazy Charlsie Part 18

Drowsing as Bessie fried chicken and caught Dr. Charles up on farm news, Charley was jarred from sleep as Freddy stumbled up the back steps with a heavily-laden cardboard box in bringing supplies. 774 kata lagi


[Restaurant Review] Mr. Chimaek

Have you ever wondered if you are an extrovert or an introvert? Thankfully, I never have to ask that question about myself because people always say I’m an extrovert. 643 kata lagi


WATCH: KFC Releases Gravy Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Yep, true story! KFC, the fried chicken restaurant, has decided to go into the business of cocktails!

These aren’t just any cocktails, though. They are GRAVY cocktails. 89 kata lagi

Counting the Pieces of Fried Chicken

I was eating fried chicken with friends. I suddenly became interested in counting the number of pieces that remained.

“How many more are there? Let me count. 146 kata lagi

Have your next toe-jam session catered

Forget the Colonel’s eleven herbs and spices. This stuff supposedly tastes like the inside of Toru Hagakure’s socks:

At first glance, the menu at Japanese takeout chain Tenka Torimasu looks incredibly simple.

113 kata lagi
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