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Fried Chicken Ideas That Never Quite Caught On...😕

On July 6th, which happens to be next month, shall be National Fried Chicken Day, and I am guessing that many an American restaurant and/or kitchen shall be honoring that very special day by whipping up their own unique fried chicken recipes; However, there happens to be some fried chicken ideas that are much better off at the dumpster in the back of the restaurant… 71 kata lagi

Fried Chicken

HOW TO: Cook Buffalo Wings (WARNING: Hot And Spicy!)

Hey guys! Have you been thinking of cooking something spicy to cook for a celebration? Because it’s almost every time, every celebration, event, or simple family dinner, that we don’t usually cook and serve a spicy food… Here it is, the… 221 kata lagi


I blew The Start Of My Diet

I was good for breakfast,but come lunch I went to Zaxby’s & had fried chicken & fries. It was the last of our meal on the Zaxby’s card…so that’s where we ate. 274 kata lagi

Red Rooster: A Taste of Home

One of the highlights of my first trip to New York City was my visit to Red Rooster in Harlem.  It was a comfortable Saturday afternoon. 501 kata lagi

Paper Bird, Potts Point.

Bianca: Returning to the popular Potts Point cafe, Paper Bird, is their famous weekend brunch menu. I visited late last year with some friends before the brunch menu made a re-appearance. 343 kata lagi

Restaurant Reviews

Fried Chicken, Take 2

Well we tried making fried chicken again and it turned out just as good as the first time ! We’re proud of ourselves though. We didn’t let failure keep us from trying again and even when the first few pieces of chicken came out bad yesterday, we didn’t say “screw it, let’s just throw the rest of the chicken away and call it a day”. 33 kata lagi


First Ever Fried Chicken

We tried making fried chicken for the first time yesterday and they didn’t turn out quite like we expected. We think you can figure out which is the first and then the second batch: 120 kata lagi