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I’m a jobless fresh grad, and I'm still okay

It’s exactly 13 days before the second “monthsary” of my graduation day. The joy I felt when I wore that black gown and went up the stage is still fresh in my mind. 568 kata lagi


Fracture, crack, and shatter: At the end of an era

Lately I have been a mess.

Its as if the second i did my last exam, the bubble popped, and there I was, scrambling to find my bearings. 952 kata lagi


Apa kau buat lepas grad?

Menjawab persoalan “Apa kau buat lepas grad?”

Teringat lagi aku pada July 1 2016, aku post gambar tesis aku yang telah aku berjaya bukukan. Secara tak langsung, aku telah habis pengajian di Fakulti Kejuruteraan di UKM. 601 kata lagi

A Fresh Graduate's Job Application Starter Pack

No more #gradwaiting because you are now officially unemployed. Just kidding! What I mean is that you are now a graduate of your respected university and it calls for a celebration already. 1.341 kata lagi


A "Gap Year"

The boy on the right-most part of the picture perfectly illustrates my situation a year ago. (except that I am a girl, of course. ha! 670 kata lagi

Sales Engineer: "Is it the right job for a fresh engineering graduate?"

I believe for some of us choosing the right career after graduation is very much confusing. We are like a person who is thrown to the middle of a forest with some equipment but no map and compass. 1.068 kata lagi