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English oh English 

“In schools now, students don’t speak the language for fear of being mocked for trying to be a “Mat Salleh”. The perception is that if you don’t speak Bahasa Melayu, you are not proud of being Malaysian.

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Two Wrongs Make a Right

It’s been a month since I’ve started my journey in sales and I could say that I’ve couquered my biggest fear: speaking “formally” in Bahasa Indonesia. 507 kata lagi

Random Thoughts

What happened to me after college?

I graduated last June 2017. It was one of the biggest achievements I have in life, knowing that there are some people who didn’t finish it for any reason. 536 kata lagi

Increasing Chances of Employment for Fresh Graduates

For the purpose of a better future, financially and socially, fresh college and university graduate students generally search for jobs after graduation. After doing some research on the internet and thinking about some ideas and personal experiences myself, I realized that some ideas and actions if followed or implemented can increase the chance or possibility of getting a job. 1.607 kata lagi


Sering Gugup Saat Wawancara Kerja? Begini Cara Mengatasinya

Gugup saat wawancara kerja merupakan suatu hal yang wajar terjadi kepada career seeker terlebih untuk fresh graduate yang baru pertama kali menghadapi wawancara kerja. 384 kata lagi

Tips Karir

7 Fresh Grad Struggles

Are you a fresh graduate trying to find a job? Or are you still a student just being curious about the life after college? Here, you will know 7 common struggles that “we” (Yes, I am a fresh grad looking for a job too!) fresh graduates are going through. 456 kata lagi

8 Tips Kewangan Untuk Fresh Graduate

Sempat kongsi beberapa tips dengan client saya tengahari tadi. Fresh graduate. Umur baru 21 tahun dah baru start kerja. Very good sebab bulan pertama kerja dah ambil medical card. 930 kata lagi

Fresh Graduate