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Elmer Software

Elmer is an open source simulation software for physics, such as acoustics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, structural mechanics, and so on. Elmer is developed by the CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland. 11 kata lagi


Witch's Heart - Review & Thoughts

Witch’s Heart (ウィチズ・ハート) is a Japanese indie JRPG game by Iz (Bluestar Entertainment), made in RPG Maker 2000 engine and incompletely released for the PC. I played the translated version of the game (courtesy of vgperson) during my final vacation in highschool last year, and I didn’t regret it. 907 kata lagi


Foobar2000 ~ Columns User Interface (CUI)

Columns UI is an alternative skinnable user interface for the foobar2000 audio player.

  • Playlist view with columns, grouping and artwork
  • In-line metadata editing
  • Customizable layout through interchangeable panel and toolbar components…
  • 46 kata lagi

Updated freeware menu

The release earlier today of Rosettavert 1.3 now brings a total of 34 of my free apps to compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina, together with 5 command tools. 86 kata lagi


Trying out FBReader (Android app at Google Play) - And a few more notes on The Count of Monte Cristo

My eyes are hurting again. I’ve been testing out some new e-readers and staring at my tablet — not just reading but fiddling with all the settings and customizations. 545 kata lagi


Druggie Dream in Count of Monte Cristo

After trying out a whole bunch of e-reading options I have pretty much settled on Calibre. I know that I lauded ReadEra a few days ago. 310 kata lagi


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