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A new beggining! SOLO TRAVEL in Belgium! (with no money)

Hello World!

A few months ago I decided to change my life. I realized we wait all week for Friday, all year for summer (I was in that stage, and I am still working on it) and all life for happiness. 1.044 kata lagi


President John Quincy Adams Signed Free Frank - Circa 1840

President John Quincy Adams Signed Free Frank – Circa 1840

A « Free Frank, » as it is known, was a benefit afforded to U.S. presidents before the first half of the 19th Century. 19 kata lagi

[Calligraphy] Peace Advocate!!

I made it by Photoshop, using Magic Wand tool and Gradient tool. :)

You can also make it!! Calligraphy~


Kakanuo Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

I’m not using this Kakanuo Magnetic Cell Phone Holder in my car, although it did spend one day in the car being tested. I am using it to hold my Kindle in a comfortable position for reading at the dining table. 195 kata lagi

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A Beacon For The Poor

We all spend our lifetimes in making our lives. To some extent, we change lives of others too along the way but mostly, we focus on our own. 114 kata lagi


EZGO Supreme Teeth Whitening Strips

After using EZGO Supreme Teeth Whitening Strips, there was some improvement in the whiteness of the teeth. The improvement was approximately three shades on the included shade guide. 102 kata lagi

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[Steam] Orion: Prelude (Free to $1.00; add now to keep it) via /r/GameDeals

Orion: Prelude (Free to $1.00; add now to keep it)

The game is going back to pay-to-play, adding to one's library keeps it free.

Please make sure to not uninstall or remove it if you've acquired it for free as the Platform is unable to determine ownership and we have no system available that would permit us the ability to verify what type of owner you are.

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