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This lead magnet is a WordPress plugin that let’s you pick CC0 public domain pictures from Pixabay and insert them with just a click anywhere on your blog, website or emails. 36 kata lagi

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Subtitle Editor

Here’s a FOSS program for creating and editing subtitles in any number of formats. It plays the video at the same time to help you get the timings perfect.

Free Software

Octopi: Advanced DYO Disease Diagnosis Robotics

(Atlantic Science) – Ed Yong:

Octopi is designed to rapidly detect malaria in poor settings—but its true potential is even greater. …

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Learning Website Design As A Side Job

TIP! Before going live, test your website against NoScript. Download and run the NoScript extension on Firefox and find out if the site is readable? It will be normal for some content not to work, like the ordering system, but a blank page is a red flag. 924 kata lagi


Instalación y configuración personal de Debian 10

Llevo un mes y medio trabajando a saco en mi proyecto, y he estado tan a lo mío que ni me enteré de la salida de Debian 10 estable. 602 kata lagi


Summary of Current GPUs and their Support for Free Software Stacks

This post will attempt to describe the current state of available graphics processors and their support for a fully free software stack. This means support for GNU/Linux, free drivers, whether there is any firmware required, and support in userspace programs like Mesa. 1.414 kata lagi

Free Software


Blender finally released its 2.8 stable update, and today I will say few words about it, hello guys this is galactecis, and I ,Mr. Paradox(I am changing my name to Mr. 294 kata lagi