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“Cars 3” a By-The-Numbers Lap around the Same Track

Pixar is renowned for original storytelling in the realm of animation.  Often, the stories spun by these visionaries wonderfully meld style and substance together in a way that please both children and adults.  695 kata lagi

Film Reviews

Review - Need For Speed (2015)

It occurs to me that the vast majority of my time in the “new generation” of video game consoles has been spent replaying games I already owned one, two, sometimes three years ago. 1.722 kata lagi


Review - Lego Batman

The Lego games would typically be outside of my usual remit, but I’ve somehow managed to dip my toes into both the Star Wars and  499 kata lagi


Movie review: Transformers: The Last Knight

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SINGAPORE: Here are the cold, hard facts whether you’re a fan of the beloved Robots in Disguise or not: Almost every card-carrying film critic everywhere has regarded Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth instalment to the action blockbuster franchise, with great abhorrence. 610 kata lagi

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EuroMena buys stake in Moroccan retailer. Two funds will be launched within six months

Beirut-based EuroMena Funds has acquired a seven percent stake in Retail Holding, a Morocco-based diversified retail group for a total of 220 million Moroccan dirhams ($22.5 million), according to the Casablanca Stock Exchange.

Retail Holding….
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investor relations franchise

Unique business opportunity in the Florida, United States for those existing business man or entrepreneurs, who are willing to start their new business with unique ideas, minamargroup is ready to give you all the services related to the financial or… 109 kata lagi

3 Steps in Franchise Disputes

Day-to-day business responsibilities can be complex. Ensuring your business operates effectively and turns a profit can be a constant source of stress. The expectations for operation, double if your business is a franchise. 214 kata lagi