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Elisabet Mertz's Birth Record: Freeing the Spirit in the Fraktur

Every time I hold a Pennsylvania Dutch illuminated manuscript in my hands, the text begins to pulsate with life. A bit of history has long been waiting to escape the confines of the paper, and it’s so much fun to bring the words to life.  1.378 more words


Write All the Names!!

Yesterday I did a very silly thing – I posted on Facebook to see who would want their name done up all pretty-like from the people I know. 95 more words


Fun Workshop with Monika Jones and new Finishing Technique!

It was another fun workshop for Wine Country Rug Hookers, an ATHA chapter in Northern California! We are quite active in bringing in teachers to expand our knowledge and expertise! 740 more words

Fiber Art

Four Ways To Make A Nazi Freak Out

1. Offer him “juice” at every possible occasion. If he refuses, ask why he doesn’t want any.

2. Ask him whether he is “right” all the time… 14 more words


Fraktur dan Penyembuhan Tulang

2.2 Fraktur dan Proses Penyembuhan Tulang


     Fraktur adalah terputusnya kontinuitas jaringan tulang yang biasanya disertai dengan luka jaringan lunak sekitar, kerusakan otot, ruptur tendon, kerusakan pembuluh darah, dan cedera organ-organ tubuh. 797 more words

Kegawatdaruratan Dan Traumatologi


Penyebab fraktur dapat berupa trauma langsung dan trauma tidak langsung. Trauma langsung misalnya bahu terbentur stang motor yang menyebabkan fraktur klavikula. Sedangkan trauma tidak langsung misalnya ketika seorang pengendara sepeda motor menabrak pohon, kedua tangannya akan menahan gaya benturan pada stang motor yang menyebabkan patah tulang klavikula atau radius distal. 385 more words