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frakturs and hex signs

Hi! It’s raining here in Santa Cruz. An event that has only happened three times since December. So, it’s quite exciting.

Through an old friend from Mt. 201 more words


Reading Foreign Language Obituaries

My third-great grandfather Nicholas Schmitt died on this day in 1876 in Cincinnati Ohio.

His obituary* appeared in the German-language newspaper The Cincinnati Volksfreund: 323 more words



Ja, det här med hund har inte varit speciellt roligt de senaste veckorna. Rusa fortsätter att besöka veterinären varannan dag och jag vill inte ens veta vad slutnotan kommer att landa på om jag ska vara ärlig. 283 more words


Je suis Charlie

En hommage aux victimes de l’attentat à la rédaction de Charlie Hebdo.

In memory of the victims of the massacre at the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo.


Happy New Year

It’s never too late to say Happy New Year.



Lancaster Co., Block 2

Lancaster Co. block 2 is up and ready for download.

We have been enjoying getting to know our new granddaughter, Kimmi.  She is a doll! Absolutely perfect, and with four baby-hungry Aunts to attend to her, she is loved a ton.   167 more words

Fraktur - Pennsylvania Dutch Art & Design

Fraktur is both a style of lettering and a highly artistic and elaborate illuminated folk art created by the Pennsylvania Dutch (also known as Pennsylvania Deitsch orPennsylvanian German). 181 more words