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Dem German Endings

You may get PTSD, but learning German is a good way to learn the grammar you forgot — or the grammar you never learned. German is as fulsome as it is fulsome in that respect, something like a built-in sentence diagram. 624 kata lagi


ReFraktured Color

For those who have read my other posts on the subject, it will be unsurprising that I continue to be fascinated by the use of typefaces to preserve, promote, and communicate about linguistic or cultural conventions. 1.338 kata lagi

Random Stuff


Hopefully everyone who is getting a Valentine from me this year has received it so I am not spoiling any surprises. I made three but two are the same design. 199 kata lagi


Fraktur: Writing and Reading for Genealogical Research

Today’s post is once again written by Janice Camren, who authored the first entry in this series of blog posts a few days ago.  That post was titled, … 589 kata lagi

Fraktur? What Is That?

Hello, my name is Janice Camren and I am a graduate student at Southeast Missouri State University working on a Master’s Degree in Public History.  This semester I have a project in a class called History Communications.  568 kata lagi

Fraktur - an early project

I grew up in an rich in “Pennsylvania Dutch” culture and history. Many historic examples of Fraktur originated in Berks, Lancaster, and Schuylkill counties of Pennsylvania. 151 kata lagi


Ephrata Cloister

One glimpse of those buildings tucked away from the road and I was immediately intrigued. Their architecture was obviously early (1700s) and obviously European. What in the world were they doing here in Lancaster County? 697 kata lagi