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I love animals. I don’t care if they walk, crawl or fly, I love them anyway. That was the line you would always hear me saying. 1.024 kata lagi


Poop stinks...Potty Training Does Too…

Did that title get your attention?  I had a few more in mind, but I really couldn’t decide. Please comment below with your own title to my story… 840 kata lagi


Poor babies

I picked up another group of puppies from the pound this afternoon. They are a litter of six Boxer/Doberman mix puppies. The dog warden made sure they were all bathed, had their parvo shot, and had a flea treatment before they came to me. 370 kata lagi

Know Your Farmer

The Lost Sister

There’s another sister?! There’s another sister!

While poking around the online family tree I’ve been updating regularly on FamilySearch I clicked on one of the automatically generated clues and boy wasn’t I surprised. 86 kata lagi


Don't tell

But I kind of like having three dogs.

It’s like having my own little circus, my own tribe. I’ve never had more than one dog at a time, and the interaction between them is really fun. 129 kata lagi



The puppies are massively growing, haha. Look at big chunk in the top left 😜 despite all their craziness and messy feets, I am going to miss them. 24 kata lagi


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Things to Remember while Purchasing Circular Infant crib Mattress

* Convenient crib Bed mattress: Convenient crib mattresses are a great choice for the convenient cribs only but they cannot fit into the normal… 333 kata lagi