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Should I be Concerned?

So, I bought a huge box of chalk and let the kids loose on the concrete.

She created hopscotch and flowers.

Here’s his enchanting contribution to our parking area: 13 kata lagi


2016 Book #88 - At Risk by S.G. Redling

Title: At Risk
Author: S.G. Redling
Date finished: 9/26/16
Genre: Fiction, thriller
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Publication Date: September 20, 2016
Pages in book: 238… 610 kata lagi

Book Reviews

Adoption, Dementia and Other Craziness

My life is a bit crazy in wonderful and weird ways. Not only is this a place to put my thoughts but my hope is that it can help others. 446 kata lagi


It has been 10 months already since we started to foster Zach and although there is a very strong sense that he will not be able to stay with us forever, we are enjoying the possibility of hosting him indefinitely. 307 kata lagi

Mrs Enginerd

Half a year old, already!

Height: 20 inches

Weight: 10 pounds even with our at home pediatric scale

-To smile!
-To spit up… yep, she’s a spit up baby! But I must say in the last month she has gotten tremendously better! 243 kata lagi


For The Rescuers 

I have to share this poem with you all. I read it while browsing through a site that was raising money for shelter animals and it’s truly one of the best poems I’ve ever read. 496 kata lagi

One week of doxies...

So my new friends have been with us for one week now. The unfortunate messing around the house continues but so does the progress! My own little beauty doesn’t avoid them quite as much and they are super snugglers. 114 kata lagi