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Picnic Puppies

Picnic Puppies
April 2015

I want to extend a big thank you to the kind folks affiliated with Center Veterinary Clinic in Mira Mesa (San Diego) for their fabric donations! 35 more words

Quilt Projects

The curious case of the vile rant in Camborne & Redruth

At the weekend the Daily Mail came up with a scurrilous story. Frankly, it’s not fit to sully our good Methodist ears here on a respectable site like this. 387 more words

Constituency Reviews

Puppy planning?

Whilst a puppy is definitely not on the cards for us at any point in the near future (we’re walking years here), not least because I don’t think I could cope with a third dog all under 2 (or 3 if we’re thinking slightly longer term). 736 more words


Weekend Recap + An Injury Update

TL;DR version:  Foster puppy adopted.  Ran two miles.  Hip/leg still hurts but not as bad.  Not ready to commit self to psych ward just yet. 1.369 more words

Israel Will Observe Nuclear Pact Meeting, Hopes to Foster Dialog With Arab States

Israel Will Observe Nuclear Pact Meeting, Hopes to Foster Dialog With Arab States
With Middle East upheaval and the disputed Iranian nuclear program often pitting Tehran-aligned Shi'ite Muslims against Sunni Arabs, a senior Israeli official saw in the April 27-May 22 NPT review conference a…

Bastrop County Animal Shelter starting free adoptions

BASTROP, Texas (KXAN) — The Bastrop County Animal Shelter is beginning free adoptions Sunday after taking in over 100 animals, after many animals have been displaced following storms. 66 more words


Player's gonna play

You know the type.

The player.

The game is going well. Everyone is moving their pieces. Putting them where they are expected to go.

But there’s something missing.

Player’s gonna play!