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Foster Homes No Two Are Alike!

You would think that foster homes should all be regulated by the state so they should all have the same standards. On paper that would be true, but the reality is way off. 595 kata lagi


Woman jailed for 6 months after beating foster son over unfinished homework

A Chinese woman aka ‘Tiger Mom’ had a six-month prison term upheld by a local court, which ruled that she had gone “too far” for flogging her foster son over unfinished homework. 342 kata lagi


A Tale of Parenting Beneath a Vietnam Veteran and Werewolf Tale: Brian Buccellato's Foster

A devilish cold has been rampaging through the Fierro house, and in the midst of our cough syrup and cold medicine stupor, I rummaged through a couple of stacks of recent comicbook purchases looking for this week’s review piece. 892 kata lagi


Southampton foster carer worked with over 200 children

In Southampton, Gillian White helped bring up generations of children, as a foster parent. Doing this for 36 years now, Gillian talks about her work and encourages other people to do the same for children in need. 1.209 kata lagi


Even Kitty Cats Get the Blues

I have just gone through a period of depression,  lethargy and despondency.

“What!” you are saying.  “A depressed cat!”

Of course.  Animals have emotions. And animals can suffer from depression.I didn’t know what was happening to me until Mommy explained it. 361 kata lagi


Doggy Stopgap continues

I just can’t say no…

Meet Kinzer

He is a 2 year old Dachshund mix.  A great dog!  He is so low key and quiet.  He is already off leash on the farm.   111 kata lagi

Farm Animals


Hello. My foster sister found this site. She thought it might be more useful to me because I m not really able to talk to actual people and I have some trouble accepting the label. 66 kata lagi