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First Step: New Kittens

The first day with a foster kitten is critical in a young kitten’s life. The most important step to keeping your new guys healthy is to get them warm and hydrated. 330 more words


LPDR "Barks" About Sandy Marcoux

Name: Sandy Marcoux
Your favorites hobbies and how you came to be involved in rescue: So here’s the thing…. I didn’t have any hobbies. My husband builds and refinished furniture as a side business because he really enjoys it. 195 more words


Hello world!


My name is Taylor and I foster, rescue, and rehabilitate animals. As kitten season approaches and people begin to find kittens in need of help, I thought I might be able to share my knowledge with people who want and/or need help. 24 more words


Fur-Babies Update

So I never got the lab mix, I won’t be working or trying to work with Kimmies Kritters. She brought the dog over and was rude, and condescending the whole time. 601 more words


Kids Helping Kids


My name is Carolyn and I am a co-creator with my friend Kyle. This website domain was created in order to bring light to the Foster Program as whole. 106 more words


The Mariner's puppies - Week Six!

This last Friday, the puppies turned 6 weeks old! Now, for those of you who have never cared for underage puppies, between 6 & 8 weeks is when the puppies tend to become more obnoxious and therefore more challenging to care for, especially when they are multiple of them. 1.183 more words


Current Fosters

Our first ACAS foster, Mario has his own link at the top of the page. He isn’t the only foster in our house though!

Luke and I have fostered for a local rescue for a couple of years now, but have made the choice to begin fostering for ACAS so that we better help the animals who need it most. 409 more words