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In these rude soils the seeds of loyalty will breed
pure and so unspoiled – this novelty still needs
every day anew – to be warmed and fostered – 26 kata lagi

Gray area in foster care

Sometimes in foster care, it’s all butterflies and roses and things go exactly the way you pictured it would.. the child fits perfectly into your home, get’s along well with all of your children, eat/sleeps good.. 656 kata lagi


Chinese Lantern

If you’ve seen Disney’s Tangled, you may remember the Chinese lanterns filling the sky with warm light.

Those lanterns are truly beautiful…in theory…with adult supervision…and safety measures in place. 1.284 kata lagi


Episode 4: A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Greyhound Fostering Experience

If you’re like many people with a retired racing greyhound or are considering adopting a greyhound, your hound came from, or will come from, a foster home. 209 kata lagi


Hey, Friday! Oh how I needed you!

So we have finished another week, and Friday has come once again! Every week I try to savor every single moment with each one of my kids, but it seems like time just passes and it’s gone! 715 kata lagi


How about some more of that government incompetence?

Please note the name of this blog before proceeding. :) If you like stories of government incompetence, this will be right up your alley. 223 kata lagi


Fostering: The Continuous Adaption to Change

On March 31 our licensor moved on from her current position to a position that better suited her life. I can’t blame her for I understand the need as I’ve done the same many times including quite recently. 467 kata lagi

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