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Format a drive without prompt

I’ve had the necessity to format multiple usb drives without going in each single device->right click->format and so on

Be very careful as you may format your secondary HDD with this, before writing the script make sure that your drives have the correct letter assigned. 139 kata lagi


Book Review: Love Lasts Forever - 1

Love Lasts Forever is noted Pakistani writer Umera Ahmed‘s romance novel published on Juggernaut App. The story is being published in an interesting format for the first time on a reading app – in the form of episodes. 403 kata lagi

100 Days Of Blogging

Bayview Ridge Gate, sales centre photo shoot

Fun afternoon at this small photoshoot. The sales centre for Bayview Ridge Gate townhomes in north York is quite effectively set up in the boardroom. 7 kata lagi


10-17-2016: The Right Style

Last week, I started reading a novel by a local author I know and stopped at the first page in disgust. The book was self-published—many fine books are self-published-but the author knew nothing about the nuances of typesetting, a time-honored profession that is both art and science. 554 kata lagi

On Writing

Penawar Pendrive Corrupted (How To Recover Corrupted Pendrive)

Jika anda pengguna Pendrive @ SD Card, anda perlu membaca entry ini dan ianya KHAS BUAT ANDA

Pernahkan perkara di atas (gambar) terjadi kepada anda ketika anda memasukkan pendrive anda pada usb komputer. 578 kata lagi

How to format android

Hi everyone, Today i am going to tell you that How to completely format your android mobile for removing virus and experience your android smoothly. First backup your all data you need. 124 kata lagi