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Formatting Auto-Numbered Fields

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can pretty much do anything you want if you know how to write, read, and understand Jscript. But let’s be honest, not many people can write, read, or understand the code that is used in development, let alone all three. 444 kata lagi



What would you say about a “three-dimensional” shelf in simple format, designed to be tilted, making it mobile & easy to move.

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Blogkeeping, Part 1: Format and Categories

For starters, there will be is a new static home page (which I need a pithy name for am calling First Look) that will ( 445 kata lagi


Format going forward <3



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My Thoughts (may have spoilers): 10 kata lagi


What Am I Working On?

I sometimes wonder…

Am I a writer or an author?

A blogger or a freelancer?

A memoirist?

A dabbler? Professional?

A nobody?

Sometimes, I don’t know what I am or what I’m doing here and elsewhere. 884 kata lagi


The Grande Cru of Toastmasters

If you have acquired a taste for Toastmasters, but are yearning for more spice, depth or bubbles on your palette, you may want to join an Advanced Club. 694 kata lagi

Business Development vs. Capture vs. Proposal Management vs. Winning

Editor-in-Chief Visionary’s Note: As I finish up two days of the ‘Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp‘ and other training for companies in Alaska, another great piece by Carl Dickson pops up on my screen and out to the companies we support!  40 kata lagi