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Evaluation Guidelines

Evaluation Guidelines for Award Winning Filmmakers

Select one movie from the bank of films offered and address the following questions.

  1. Describe the film – short summary (synopsis).
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Free Download Cedar v3.5.0 - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

No matter you must present the world, do it in fashion with Cedar. That includes knowledgeable minimalist format, Cedar is a content material-focussed WordPress theme that may organise your posts in a single glossy column. 9 kata lagi

One or two spaces?

Though the debate regarding whether it is correct to enter one or two spaces after a full stop/period appears to have abated, it remains a relevant topic. 618 kata lagi


So… since I put everything here, on my blog – should I use the WordPress post formats to make a difference between the types of posts? 10 kata lagi


Test of Graphics File Formats

I’ve decided to test various file formats for graphics to see how they upload to my site. This will help my students create their own sites and populate them with content. 213 kata lagi


Inside the Internet's Unending Quest to Kill the GIF

(Source: www.popularmechanics.com)

November 5, 1999, was Burn All GIFs Day. Had you visited its homepage that Friday, you would have seen the movement’s game plan laid out as plainly as its name: “On Burn All GIFs Day, all GIF users will gather at Unisys and burn all their GIF files.” This, alongside a selection of pointedly anti-GIF imagery—all proudly PNG files. 6.129 kata lagi


Here's the Blog Format

I’ve decided on posting 5 days a week under 5 segments:

  • Ancient Writings [Sunday]

Posts of old pieces I’ve written over the years. They might be cringe-worthy but they are big part of the writer I am today and the writer I want to become tomorrow. 104 kata lagi