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Printing and Binding the Book

I had quite an established idea of what I wanted the book to look like, and my main three criterias were : a large sized book (30cmx30cm), hardcover, and a type of binding that allows the book to open completely flat (I have quite a lot of double spreads, and I didn’t want them to get cropped in the middle). 443 kata lagi


Blog Format

The purpose of each of my blog posts should be clear and simple:

  1. Describe current financial state (focused on stock positions, with stock indices, mutual funds as baselines)
  2. 33 kata lagi

Web Design

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis lorem turpis, maximus non cursus sed, congue in libero. Proin aliquam risus condimentum, tempus turpis sed, sagittis tortor. 444 kata lagi

Newer, Shorter Form

Hey there. After writing a post on How to Not be Mad at George R.R. Martin it is kind of awkward to say I want to take a leaf out of his book but hey, he’s probably not reading this. 238 kata lagi


Bronica ETR-C

Another second hand camera, not a junk buy. Though there is a story to it…

Once upon a time there was a would be photographer who wanted a great medium format camera on a limited budget. 471 kata lagi


The symbol

If you write your posts in another place than wp app, wp admin or dashboard and then paste the text into the postmaking section you will find out that your spacing and paragraphing will not follow. 82 kata lagi

What Ever