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Day Four - Alone

Isn’t it okay to be alone? Why when you hang out alone people think you’re isolating? Sometimes you have to step back from constantly being around people. 196 kata lagi


wednesday for

those of the middle

and when it feels

and thought on the glowing

and how it was the previous

and it held on the change… 48 kata lagi


Day Three 

It’s day three of no alcohol. I did my workout and my friends have talked about going out on Cinco De Mayo. I’m not craving alcohol, but I’m worried that I’ll just forget I’m not drinking for a bit. 103 kata lagi


Yet another Nirbhaya, this time in Kerala.

Jisha, a 29 year old law student was raped and brutally murdered in the most gruesome way one can think of, at Perumbavoor. It was five days after the incident that the public came to know about it. 283 kata lagi

Best Friend For Hire Reprise, Entry 112

Something was different. The master’s posture was wrong, and he lacked the satisfied expression which generally came after eating at the Intergalactic House of Awesome Sauce. 1.266 kata lagi

Ford Racing M-9407-GT05 Dual Fuel Pump Kit for Ford Mustang GT

Fits 2005-2009 Mustang GT Includes harness, dual fuel pumps, drop in housing and fuel pump driver module from the 2007-09 SVT Mustang Includes all installation hardware Highly recommended for any application making over 400 HP Same fuel pump kit as used in the 2007-09 Mustang GT500 supercharger kit Please Note: Use of this kit in a 2010 Mustang will result in an incorrect fuel gauge reading
How do I get..

Vixen 37301 T Ring Adapter for Nikon Digital SLR

A high quality T-Ring vital to ensure the film plane is square to the optical axis. These T-rinsg accomplish that while minimizing any flexure as all components are crafted to Vixen’s High Standards. 28 kata lagi