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So Selfish 😔

I was at the doctor the other day, getting the birth control implant and the doctor told me she was happy that I was with her in the fight against over populating the planet. 443 kata lagi


Here We Go Again

We have a lot of places like Ferguson, Missouri, but if some would get out of the way things could get better a lot sooner. Everyday people are being killed. 296 kata lagi

Capturing God's Heart - The Time of Christ - Volume 47

When Jesus Christ came to earth there was a well-established religious system. There were the scribes and pharisees, these were the keepers of the law, the ones schooled in the specifics of the keeping of the law. 1.908 kata lagi

Capturing God's Heart

Comment on Dean Ashenden in Crikey, April 18

This is my response to Dean Ashenden’s article in Crikey on Thursday, Gonski? What Gonski? Slaying a mythical giant. I think the article makes two very good points. 728 kata lagi

Andrew Leigh

More at the "For Our Future" Website

The page inspired by Christina Taylor Green, the child killed in the Tuscon tragedy in January 2011, has essays by school children, a video by former President Clinton, more commentary, and video of the discussion with former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Definitely worth checking out, here.


The Shocker: 'Funding Maintained' Maintained

My previous post focused on the big positive coming out of the Gonski Review – the recommendation that students from disadvantaged backgrounds should attract extra funding. 1.233 kata lagi

Funding Review

The Big Win: Loadings for Disadvantage

To my mind, the Gonksi report is a very mixed bag. However, the unambiguous positive is the recommendation that students from disadvantaged backgrounds should receive extra funding over and above the schools resource standard. 387 kata lagi

Funding Review