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Thai Street Food: ZAAP

After watching the first episode of Someone Feed Phill on Netflix, I was in the mood for some good Thai food, not thinking we’d stumble on this perfect gem – and in Leeds! 486 kata lagi


Move over Gordon f...ing Ramsay and Jamie Boy, a true English super chef arrives in Oz (and I bet you he doesn't have any problems keeping his doors open!)

I’m enjoying the new Fairfax Good Food sections and, in particular, was very interested in an interview with English chef, Alastair Little, which revealed that he is to take over the late Jeremy Strode’s CBD Restaurant in Sydney. 659 kata lagi


Fei Fan Hotpot @ SS15 Courtyard Subang

Found this newly opened Hong Kong hotpot restaurant in SS15 Courtyard and I thought I’ll share it with the world because I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. 227 kata lagi


Unusual food: jambu jeruk and Cameron apple

Lots of people come to Cameron Highlands to buy locally grown strawberries – fair play, they are quite nice. However, you should also keep an eye out for more exotic fruit, such as the fluorescent pink “jambu jeruk”, or pickled guava (not actually pickled, but a juicier, sourer version of guava), or the purple stripy “Cameron apple” which turns out to be a very juicy but flavourless melon. 35 kata lagi



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80% of weight-loss shakes in the UK make ‘untrue’ claims

(Picture: Getty)Almost 80% of weight-loss shakes sold here in the UK make ‘clearly exaggerated or simply untrue’ claims, a new study has found. Loads of us turn to meal-replacement drinks in a bid to lose weight rapidly but new research has revealed that more than 75% of these shakes are unauthorised and don’t comply with… […]


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