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100 Days of Self-Care: day 3

This “challenge” (which is, at times, really challenging) has made me think about self-care a lot. Does it qualify as self-care if someone else bakes me some apple crisp and I really enjoy eating it? 304 kata lagi


Nong's written by James R. Kirkley IV

As many of you know, Portland is rather famous for it’s food cart culture. I think my mom has written about it a few times already. 352 kata lagi


In honor of my first trip to In-n-Out, I decided to crochet a mini burger. This pattern is very quick and easy, the hardest part is probably just weaving in the ends! 457 kata lagi

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#SpeakingInDance: Like a Prayer

The New York City Ballet principal Maria Kowroski dances the opening of George Balanchine’s “Mozartiana.”

from NYT > Arts http://ift.tt/2DolYZb

Ian Bagley

Books of The Times: If Liberalism Is Dead, What Comes Next?

In “Why Liberalism Failed,” Patrick J. Deneen argues that mere tinkering will not address profound discontent with the political establishment.

from NYT > Arts http://ift.tt/2mGh1ki

Ian Bagley

Have You Heard About Dried Pollack?

Have you heard about dried pollock?

Dried Pollock contains 5 times more amino acids than fresh pollock. It is usually used in Korean hangover soup because it has the function to absorb alcohol fast. 227 kata lagi

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Are Implanted Medical Devices Creating A 'Danger Within Us'?

Medical journalist Jeanne Lenzer warns that implanted medical devices are approved with far less scrutiny and testing than drugs. As a result, she says, some have caused harm and even death. 9 kata lagi