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Yoga for Anxiety

Anxiety can be debilitating and while the title of this post implies that yoga can help with anxiety, this, I realise, is not always the case; anxiety and/or depression can seemingly zap all energy. 591 kata lagi

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Schwan’s Crispy Chicken Breast Strip Recall [US]

US/Washington: Koch Foods, a Fairfield, Ohio establishment, recalls an estimated 743 pounds of fully cooked Schwan’s Fully Cooked Crispy Chicken Breast Strips due to undeclared Egg, Milk and Soy, all known allergens, sources of dietary intolerance and possible triggers of Anaphylaxis, a serious and potential fatal situation, requiring immediate medical intervention. 712 kata lagi

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Ragú Pasta Sauce Recall [US]

US/Silver Spring: Mizkan America, Inc., a Mount Prospect, Illinois establishment, recalls certain batch/lots of Ragú branded Pasta Sauces due to suspected plastic fragment contamination and consequential risk of choking, oral injury, internal ingestion and GI tract laceration damage, all serious health and safety hazards. 725 kata lagi

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Junk Free Margarita Jell-O Shot Recipe

In this video, Andrea shows us how she made her crowd-pleaser #junkfree margarita Jell-O shots, so you, too, can make them at home!

When you hear “Jell-O shots”, you’re probably reminded of a rowdier, maybe more carefree time in your life. 333 kata lagi

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The Pots You Actually Need In Your Kitchen

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Stocking your kitchen for the first time is, to put it bluntly, overwhelming. You’re standing in your first apartment out of college and how the heck are you supposed to know what you actually need? 354 kata lagi

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Family Business

Between large corporations,

A small vegetable shop

Has gathered customer relations,

A large number that doesn’t drop




Originally published by Holly Van Hare with The Daily Meal.

Pringles is known for creating wacky new flavors, having tried everything from Top Ramen… 283 kata lagi