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Gordon Ramsay Can Now Fire Insults At Your Cooking On Amazon's Echo

Gordon Ramsay has become infamous for insulting people’s food on his TV shows as well as social media, and now fans can get the chef’s opinion on their dishes from their very own home. 272 kata lagi



Once upon a time in wonderland…


Haven’t Been Writing and That’s Good

When I don’t write, unless I’m so depressed I can’t even write, it means I’m doing better. As you can see in the time lapse, I am doing better. 187 kata lagi

We All Fall Down

Everything was going great. My knee felt great. I was improving. I was exciting. I was going to play jugger. And then I went to go see my doctor for my 6 week follow up, and everything I was going to do came tumbling down. 841 kata lagi


THS 017: Early IUFB Recruiting and Tennessee Tech

The Hoosier Sound is here for its weekly episode with Matt Lukens and Noah Freeman. If you want to catch the live stream, check out our… 143 kata lagi