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Our own 2015 Creativity Quotes Desk Calender

Hey everyone,

Hope you had a great start this year!

And with the start of a new year, everyone has resolutions, plans and goals and of courseĀ a desk calendar to keep track of everything. 376 more words


February reading roundup #2

Between plane delays, crazy long commutes and cold, dark evenings, I’ve been reading a lot lately. (But then, when am I not?) Here’s what I’ve read (and loved) recently. 661 more words


Seven Tips for a Successful Resume

Resumes are tough things to create. They are your first impression, and you want the best version of yourself out there, right? Resumes are the you employers first meet. 1.945 more words


Type Setting and Letterpress

This week I have been experimenting with the idea of turning one of my extension outcomes for the Genius Loci Project into a typographic piece. Since it is all about the atmosphere of the place, which in my case is a London bus shelter (being looked at through a spy hole in someone’s front door), what is being said and how it is conveyed is crucial. 384 more words

Genius Loci

Metaflop - design your own fonts for free

Metaflop is an easy to use web application for modulating your own fonts. metaflop uses metafont, which allows you to easily customize a font within the given parameters and generate a large range of font families with very little effort. 62 more words

Web Designing

[/dev/random] midori fonts and csd windows under xfce (xfwm4)

Websites with bitmap fonts in Midori

Midori works well as a web browser, but I did have some issues with displaying fonts on certain websites (not midori’s fault), I never tried to find a solution for it, I used… 190 more words