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How to: use the AtF Spark font to create charts with just text

AtF Spark is “a typeface for creating sparklines in text”. In other words, the fonts will convert numbers into something that looks like a chart. It looks pretty cool, and is a neat way to add a little spark (ahem) to your text. 1.248 kata lagi

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Font Frenzy: Blue Fires Handwritten Font

The Hungry Jpeg has a nice Handwritten Font Blue Fires by Ana’s Fonts available for 6 days only.


Blue Fires is a quick and easy handwritten font, with: 53 kata lagi


A better way to add fonts to a WordPress site

With more advanced styling options available to us, it makes sense to be able to add unique fonts to our websites too. This post will show a better way to add fonts to a WordPress website. 15 kata lagi

Design student typographic survival kit

Design student typographic survival kit

Here is some advice for students starting a new term on how fonts can help your studies, from Sarah Hyndman’s book… 592 kata lagi


Five Tips for Choosing Fonts for Elearning

Explore behind the drop down menu on any of the big name content creation applications and you’ll find hundreds of fonts in all shapes and sizes. 47 kata lagi


Why Some Video Game Fonts Are Better Than Others

(Source: kotaku.com)

What makes video game fonts look good? And why does Final Fantasy VI’s Steam and iOS text feel so amateurish? Today on… 317 kata lagi


September 13

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago this week?

“Hughes’s Night School, Commences on the 14th Instant.”

In early September 1767, Hughes turned to the… 423 kata lagi

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