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Font Frenzy: Monkuta Script

The Hungry JPEG has added a Crafts Font Category to their store. They will be adding new, affordable fonts regularly. A real treasure trove for us card designers and a perfect way to add some affordable professional fonts to your collection! 67 kata lagi


Can You Match the Font to the Iconic TV Show?

As distinct as logos are, typography is also another element that helps audiences to distinguish between brands.

Unconvinced?¬†Try matching the fonts to 10¬†classic TV hits in this… 61 kata lagi


Discounts, Tutorials & Freebies!

If you are looking to rent some gear either for a special event or to try out something before you buy it, you can Save $50… 227 kata lagi


Chapter: February, Page 40 of 366

Doing some more work on the font for the PsychicNut intro. I think I’ve found the right one that will go hand in hand. We will give that a go soon. 29 kata lagi

Great photography, illustrations, and fonts for the budget-minded blogger or designer

I’ve previously written about 7 great sources for free or low-cost photography, but today I want to sing the praises of another source of great photography source that also offers tons of options in fonts, illustrations, mock-ups, templates, and more — all sold directly by the creators. 163 kata lagi

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