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Best Ways to Use Fonts

When it comes to fonts, there are a lot of fun ones out there to use.

So far my favorite font resource is Google Fonts ( 172 kata lagi


HTML - Font and Links Tag

This month I will discuss the font tag and links.

The first thing I will discuss is the font tag. This tag as you may have guessed lets you change the font of the text on your page in a number of ways. 611 kata lagi

HTML Lessons

Fonts and Shapes - Their Perception on Buyers

In last week’s blog I wrote about how color affects the consumer’s perception of products. This week I am focusing the influence of fonts and shapes on perceptions. 361 kata lagi


- GadgTecs The Premier Science & Technology News

GadgTecs The Premier Science & Technology News.

best site with a fresh new gui interface.. all sites are white, but this is black, nice fonts, easy on the eyes. bookmark it.


Choosing Trustworthy Fonts

Do you want readers to trust what you write? If so, beware of using common fonts like Arial and Helvetica.

It turns out that serif fonts (those with more traditional finishing strokes) are not simply more legible than their sans serif counterparts. 516 kata lagi

C.S. Lewis

Typography Tuesday - Benegraphic

This week’s free font is Benegraphic. It is a strong concise font for Horror and Thriller genres. It would also be appropriate for a variety works in the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal genres.

Download Benegraphic for Free