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Forgo the Fog: Alternatives to Mosquito Fogging

Midwest Pesticide Action Center

Summer is peak mosquito season, complete with annoying bites and fears about West Nile virus. While mosquitoes can be a nuisance, Mosquito Abatement Districts (MADs) do not necessarily have to resort to fogging in order to control mosquito populations. 148 kata lagi

Mosquito Control


Once upon a time.. at 7:30 AM it’s fogging. The cool weather that morning was hoped to be lengthened til noon. But it was quickly swapped by the brightness of the Sun. 59 kata lagi

Daily Prompt - Day#2

My first thought when I looked at today’s prompt was to write a poem. So that I could reflect the image I had in my mind more accurately through its uneven structure and, more than that, so the poem itself could represent fog. 95 kata lagi

Daily Prompts

Food is my bestfriend

When I saw my mom cooking food, I had the idea of taking a picture of the water droplets forming on the top of the lid. 37 kata lagi


What is fog Computing and how does it differ from Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is now a familiar term to those connected to technology world. But what about the new concept referred to as “Fog Computing”?

In short, Fog Computing can be treated as an extension of cloud computing model where services are available at the edge. 328 kata lagi

Fogging (Februari)

Kegiatan ini dilakukan dikarenakan semakin mewabahnya penyakit DBD di lingkungan Kec. Pondok Aren, tujuannya meminimalisir pesebaran penyakit tersebut. Kegiatan ini berkerja sama dengan pihak 15 kata lagi

Green Avenue


Fogging artinya pengasapan, anak sd juga tahu artinya. Di sini yang kita bicarakan bukan asap tebal yang sedang menyelubungi seluruh kota, atau suatu metode memasak dengan menggunakan asap, ataupun salah satu jenis variasi archetype yang ada dalam permainan kartu yugioh, “Cloudian”, hehe. 313 kata lagi

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