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wild horses

i have a.d.d.

i’ve never officially been diagnosed unless internet quizzes count. and i know they don’t. buzzfeed is a lot of things but a medical opinion it is not. 461 more words

Cathey Franke

Addium - Limitless Pill

I am an extremely busy, mom and a student in college so I often have ten million things going on at one time. Focus and attention is a big problem for me but I have chosen not to take chemical substances to help with these issues, so I decided to try this supplement and give my honest review in exchange. 152 more words


Wk 20 Trainer, Sacrifice & Trust, Intense Postal Service

Hello Wonderful Family and Friends,

I`m excited for transfers. I think Elder Kodama and I made a great team, and I`m sure going to miss him as he is becoming a Zone Leader, but I`m excited to see what is ahead for us. 502 more words


We Gon' Be Alright

These dudes are playing checkers while I’m playing chess my nigga
I guess it shouldn’t be that hard for me to check these niggas
People really out here dying for respect my niggas… 425 more words


Maybe Not A Zen Place

The dog demanded that we spend the day outside.  It wasn’t that he held and up to our heads or anything, he just kept coming up to us to thunk his chin on our legs and then march over to the door. 185 more words


I have shared with you guys that over the past few months that I have been a bit more focused on my weigh loss goals and living a healthy lifestyle. 539 more words


The 91st Step

Hey guys, today I went for a jog again.

I let my mind wander about what I needed to do as soon as I get home and about what I need to prepare for next week. 82 more words