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Clarifying visual mistakes

by Lydia Gee

Common distinctions in vision distortion are classified as nearsightedness and farsightedness; people frequently misinterpret the causes and effects of optic deficiencies.

According to visionexpress.com, the medical term for nearsighted vision is myopia, while farsightedness is known as hyperopia.  587 kata lagi


Finding Motivation through Deadlines

Oh where does the time go?

When I’m faced with writer’s block, I find it extremely easy to make excuses when the project doesn’t have a deadline or when I have a lot of time left to work on it.  155 kata lagi

Writer's Block

Day 20

Today was a pretty good day. My daughter wasn’t so fussy so I was actually able to get stuff done. I was able to pick up our bedroom, hang up all our clean clothes, do a few loads of laundry, and clean out my closet. 238 kata lagi

Low Carb

Making Work Work

Okay, in this I will use the term “work-life balance” which I feel gets thrown around a lot but makes me feel like if my life isn’t an equal amount of working and fun, that I’m doing it all wrong. 1.171 kata lagi


Why I hate this blog...

It’s quite simple: I don’t know what to write about anymore. Indeed, I’ve put myself in this non-category of spewing my thoughts out. While I find it therapeutic, this blog doesn’t fulfill all the functions I want it to. 316 kata lagi