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Say Cheese

I was sitting at Prince Street Pizza in New York (well worth a visit if you’re in the area by the way) The guy across from me was struggling with his slice. 66 kata lagi

Photo Blogging

Found a Great Quote

Today was busy. I may need to reevaluate (aka quit) this whole everyday thing! For now here is a great quote. I cam across a lot of great quotes that I saved and some that I didn’t but this one was “The One” for today! 27 kata lagi

Be Present

I think,

This Love-Hate Relationship is the main reason why we keep on walking toward each other. The main ingredient of what make us attached to each other. 25 kata lagi

Rebel Devil's Tuner

Intake, exhaust, header, tune – at last I have all four!

As I have mentioned before, I wanted a new tune to go along with the header to better take advantage of the new additional flow and ensure the Focus was running optimally. 451 kata lagi


Invest in yourself before others

For the last three years, I had always put others before me because I believed that it made me “happy.” I would never invest in myself because I always thought that I will invest in myself eventually when the time is right. 130 kata lagi


After prayer be confident and trust God

When you come to the presence of God with your problem and continue to pray, when you finish praying before you leave, how confident are you? 646 kata lagi

Trust God

Reflection, Baseball, and Goals

Ahhhh mid-February. Snow and snow days, love and chocolate, baseball signups and Major League Spring Training! I absolutely love this time of year. Being an English teacher, I am as glued to the weather report as any kid in school hoping to get a small breather from the classroom. 635 kata lagi