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How to Get Things Done ASAP Without Sacrificing the Quality of Your Output

Ever wondered how people how people get things done “perfectly” in no time?

I once thought about that, too.

I used to envy productive people who produce high-quality results in a very short period of time. 612 kata lagi

Tips And Tricks

#10MinuteBlog #Synchronicity and how it works for #BusinessPartnerships

Now I know that I have focused heavily on Solopreneurs and as a Solopreneur, it’s easy to talk about because I am living and breathing it. 611 kata lagi

Get what you want.

I had to get my driver’s license picture taken this year. Every so many years, it has to be updated. So I went to the closest one and took a number. 401 kata lagi

Closed Doors


Recently I went to the Optometrist for a new pair of glasses.  He asked me to look at a picture that was going to be blurry at first and I was to tell him when the picture was clear.  405 kata lagi

Monday Manna -- Keys for Victory Over the Works of the Enemy

Five years ago, in June 2013,  the Supreme Court approved homosexual marriage.  When I went into prayer about this, Abba counseled me with these words: 349 kata lagi

Monday Manna

Questioning Forward: The Power of Focus

Robert Cialdani’s book Pre-Suasion (2016) contains a staggering amount of evidence that a person’s focus shapes their reality. I would argue that this is the underlying premise of the entire book. 665 kata lagi

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