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Jesus came so that you can do more than just do the best you can to make a good life. He saved you, healed you and wants to empower you to live an adventure with God.

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Just A Minute

My top 5 books to read

If you know me then you know I am an avid reader. At any given time I could have a book in my hand, waiting at the doctor’s office, while doing laundry, or even waiting on the bench while my girlfriend cruise through the in the mall.  234 kata lagi


Why Excuses can be your biggest roadblock to Success & How to overcome the habit of making Excuses?

We all aim higher for our selves in life. We have big dreams, a lot of ambitions and expectations. But how many of us end up fulfilling them? 694 kata lagi

Dreams And Destiny

A Zen Meditation

Claiming my own mind
Seeking the truest power
Releasing all else

This is the deepest truth for students of Zen. Yet is hard to live this, at times, at least. 19 kata lagi


Patience. Focus. And You Will Have Brunch.

Can you perfectly time your breakfast? I’m really good at getting a cup of tea, eggs, turkey bacon, and toast right. I’ve had years of practice and every success makes me feel warm and buzzy inside. 423 kata lagi


Sweet Poison

By Olulola Tolulope

Adunni Animashaun is beautiful

So beautiful; some men would kill just for a second to be with her

Soft as a flower, gentle as a dove… 137 kata lagi



You might wonder at a name like Unshaken; what kind of woman stands behind a name like that? Perhaps someone who is confident, successful, a woman who not only has a plan, she has a plan for how she will execute her plan. 1.506 kata lagi