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Remaining Characters Counter

To find out how many characters remaining in input box or textarea when user type, like we see in Twitter or Delicious and other sites as well. 147 more words


What Memories Are You Not Making?

What if you can’t remember your past because you never actually made memories? Is that worse than making them and then forgetting them?

I wonder who will tell this present when it becomes the past? 472 more words



As a boy, Brahmananda preferred meditation and singing devotional songs to doing school work or playing with friends. As he grew so did his focus and he spent more and more time in silence. 249 more words


Your Leadership Game, Part Two

By: Jason Pistillo

This is the second in a three-part series about developing one’s leadership “game.” This post, we’ll focus on practice and instinct.

Practice & Instinct… 426 more words


Contest: FOCUS

‘FOCUS’ stars Will Smith as Nicky, a seasoned master of misdirection who becomes romantically involved with a novice con artist as he’s teaching her the tricks of the trade. 19 more words


Moving Again

Every spring FOCUS missionaries eagerly (and sometimes anxiously) await news of their placement for the coming school year. It can be nerve-wracking and very exciting to find out where you will live, who will be on your team, and what students you will be mentoring. 98 more words


Barbs or Blossoms?

Meet the beautiful barberry bush, popular with landscapers for its striking reddish leaves and year-round hardiness. This bush grows near a corner of our house, but I admit that it has not been near and dear to my heart! 393 more words