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Sick and Tired, of Being Sick and Tired?

Navigating through life’s tough spots.

This week I have been sick. When it started it was merely physical. It was the body aches, fever, and chills. 395 kata lagi


Intense Focus: friend or foe?

Intense Focus: friend or foe?

I’ve mentioned before–but some of you may not know–I’m an INFP personality type. One of the strengths of INFPs (or is it a weakness? 331 kata lagi

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It's time to #Focus

Too often we become so wrapped up in our personal affairs, the hustle and bustle of life, that we don’t just take time out to  271 kata lagi

In My Own Words

Waiting for the Blue Bar

If you would have asked me the moment I made my commitment to Christ if I loved the Lord, I would have said yes.

Now though, as I look back on it, it’s hard to measure that kind of love. 396 kata lagi


Managing Mondays-Mom Priorities

It is coffee time! Quiet time is so very precious to me. And this time at the beginning of every week as I sip coffee feels paramount to how the week can go. 618 kata lagi


so about that unfucking...

Hmm. Ok real quick BRB gonna check the mac app store for something that allows me to enter a distraction-free mode for a set time limit like 10-15 minutes because I wanted to make this whole writing experience a habit where I just type whatever comes to mind before getting all  439 kata lagi


Trying the Pomodoro Technique: Week Three

During the month of April, I am trying out the Pomodoro Technique to see if it will improve my productivity. The Pomodoro Technique uses period of working and rest to help improve one’s productivity. 1.326 kata lagi