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Winter Journey: Walk In The Rain, Walk Into Freedom

A lot of us use the winter time to commune with our complaining side. The cold, the rain, the snow all join our list of complains. 353 kata lagi


I Need to Focus - São Paulo

Banespa, Sé, Planalto I e Planalto II são as novas adições às fotos que você pode adquirir. Basta indicar seu interesse no formulário abaixo.

Estas fotos são oferecidas numa série limitada de 30 em cada versão. 132 kata lagi


A New Beginning

All these fallen flowers are the representation of a new beginning that is scheduled to come. Though these flowers lost their throne, they still rule the grounds! 11 kata lagi


Too Many Tears

Friday during the middle group at IOP,  for some reason four out of the five of us had a hard time not crying. Each for their own stuff. 261 kata lagi


Words of Nefie

There is always someone. Sometimes, they’re already there. Sometimes, they come to you. Sometimes, you have to find them.


Words of Nefie

You become automatically wrong when you’re more concerned about what looks right than what is right.