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Live Your Calling

Do you awaken in the middle of the night for no obvious reason? It happens to me often. I think it’s because God wants to tell us something. 860 kata lagi


2Ways to Become Happy and at Peace with Yourself

2 Ways to Be Happy and at Peace

If you think I’m obsessed with boundaries you’d be partially right. Personality types and Boundary Setting are the two most powerful areas of knowledge that will preserve relationships and make you happier than any thing I know of. 620 kata lagi

Single Mothers

Peran Orang Tua Dalam Menemukan Passion Anak

Sharing cerita Rahmaida Simbolon mengenai peran orang tua dalam menemukan passion anak di grup Home Education.

Suatu hari, si kecil kami Radho, duduk jongkok berlama-lama di depan pohon jeruk kecil yang ada di halaman rumah kami. 1.658 kata lagi