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Disposing of my Disposition (Personalities Through the Lens of Me)

Dear Lindsey,

The personality differences have always amused me. I have read many marriage books, not because our marriage seems in need, but because I want to be all my husband needs ( :) ). 1.789 kata lagi

"Purple Boxes"

Instead of sharing how to do a Gratitude Journal today, I am sharing with you “Purple Gratitude Boxes”.  About 20 years ago I spoke to a Women’s Group on encouragement.   929 kata lagi

Purple Side Of LIfe

Pajamas… What not to wear! According to author/speaker Florence Littauer. Today's pick of the day.

“Can you believe how people come to breakfast?” Just as I was trying to decide when to introduce myself to her, she turned and spoke… 217 kata lagi

Silver Boxes - Words of life

The concept of silver boxes comes from a book I read recently by Florence Littauer, itself titled “Silver Boxes.” The positive, uplifting and loving words we say to those around us are like giving them a pretty silver box. 1.159 kata lagi

Child Training & Behaviours

Uniquely Yours

You’re a weird one.

No matter what anyone else says, you know that you’re not like everyone else. You may wish that sometimes, “Oh if only I was more like Sarah, or had an attitude like Timothy.” You can’t get away from the fact that you’re one-of-a-kind. 385 kata lagi

What's Your Personality/Love Language?

It’s takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, but wouldn’t it make things easier if you could understand why someone is so anal, why your best friend is… 403 kata lagi

Change Your Life

Throwing a Surprise Party is No Piece of Cake…

Ahhh, the web of lies we weave… If you’ve ever thrown a surprise party for that special someone, you know you begin with just one teensy-weensy white lie, which leads to another, and another, quickly mushrooming-n-multiplying until you have no idea WHO you told what. 1.195 kata lagi

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