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Disposing of my Disposition (Personalities Through the Lens of Me)

Dear Lindsey,

The personality differences have always amused me. I have read many marriage books, not because our marriage seems in need, but because I want to be all my husband needs ( :) ). 1.789 kata lagi

"Purple Boxes"

Instead of sharing how to do a Gratitude Journal today, I am sharing with you “Purple Gratitude Boxes”.  About 20 years ago I spoke to a Women’s Group on encouragement.   929 kata lagi

Purple Side Of LIfe

Pajamas… What not to wear! According to author/speaker Florence Littauer. Today's pick of the day.

“Can you believe how people come to breakfast?” Just as I was trying to decide when to introduce myself to her, she turned and spoke… 217 kata lagi

Silver Boxes - Words of life

The concept of silver boxes comes from a book I read recently by Florence Littauer, itself titled “Silver Boxes.” The positive, uplifting and loving words we say to those around us are like giving them a pretty silver box. 1.159 kata lagi

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