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Embrace the Truth

No one is in your corner, ladies, like Florence Littauer, author of Wake Up, Women! And don’t let the word submission on the cover scare you. 301 kata lagi

2 Important Questions for Writers and Speakers

Sometimes you have to shove all the surface stuff to the side in order to see what’s underneath. (Beth Moore)

What do I have to say?

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While I was outside this morning, I noticed that today’s weather is “crisp”.  I could do that today; I am up North.  The sun was out, a few clouds, and just cold enough to make things “crisp”–especially the air–cool and fresh.   466 kata lagi

General Audience Posts

Personality Plus - Florence Littauer

How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself

A wonderful and powerful book I must say. As humanely prone we are to putting people in boxes, the book aims to profile all temperaments into four, in aim to understand your core and help bring out the best of you. 614 kata lagi

Food For Thought