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Owl Pellets: An Answer to the Question, “What Was for Dinner?”

Walking through the forest, especially under big trees, you might come across something rather interesting on the ground beneath you.  It’s pretty small and dark colored.  507 kata lagi

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Terrestra: Flora & Fauna

The only life on Earth that remains lives inside the domes. When the Domes were created, humans had to take seeds out of their seed banks in order to provide enough of a start for the forests which are housed inside the domes. 79 kata lagi


Spring is in the air

I knew about the river, and I knew about the narrow medieval streets and narrow buildings but what I had not expected were all the magnolias. 89 kata lagi

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Flora & Fauna Photography Exhibition

I entered a few of my images below into this competition. I love this early morning light along with the hazy background. With every photo i take i am always aiming to shoot super early in the morning or just before dusk. 40 kata lagi

American Robin - Nature's Harbinger of Spring

The last snow on the ground has finally melted away. It’s early spring. The first hints of warmth are beating down from the sun. Life, for as long as you can remember, has been cold and white… has it been 6 weeks? 699 kata lagi

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Pets and Essential Oil Remedies with Free Downloadable

With two dogs, two cats, one horse, and several koi, you could say Pets R’ Us in this household. We are animal people, have been since birth. 792 kata lagi


Flora & Fauna: Indoor Plants - Spider Plants

SPECIES: Chlorophytum comosum
NATIVE: Tropical and Southern Africa
DIFFICULTY: EASY 231 kata lagi