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Stars in the Forest

In late summer, if the humidity is high and we’ve had lots of rain, look for earth stars on the forest floor.  Found in hardwood forests with beech, maple, birch, and ash trees, earth stars are the fruiting bodies of underground mushrooms. 355 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna


Of late my attentions have turned to wonders of our botanical world. On this occasion our own garden is home to this posts subject: Dahlia ‘Bishop of Leicester’.

Flora & Fauna

On the wing

Flint on her perch

Jimmy coming in to land

Jimmy the Ruppell’s Vutlure

Georgie the African Wood Owl

Bateleur eagle

Jimmy sunbathing

Lulu is a Black-chested Buzzard-eagle… 64 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

Jenis Persebaran Flora dan Fauna di Indonesia

Burung Kasuari Termasuk Hewan Australis

Pola persebaran fauna di Indonesia sama dengan pola persebaran tumbuhan, yaitu di Bagian Barat, faunanya mempunyai kemiripan dengan Fauna Asia, di bagian Timur Faunanya mirip dengan Fauna di Australia, dan diantara kedua daerah tadi, faunanya merupakan fauna Daerah Peralihan.

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Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

The richest and most diverse flora in Europe

The last few weeks in England have been rather wet and miserable, and so yesterday afternoon I decided I would cheer myself up with some of my Algarvian photographs. 471 kata lagi


Flora & Fauna: Hello

Hello crafty friends, happy Monday!!
Today I want to share with you a watercoloured “Hello” card that I’ve made using the Flora & Fauna Wildflower Seeds… 291 kata lagi


Winter Wildflowers

Despite the recent cold wintery weather in Perth, there are plenty of wildflowers in the bushland of Kings Park.

A few days back we spotted Yellow Buttercups (top), Swan River Myrtle (above) and Banded Greenhood Orchids (below) – all growing wild beside the walking trails.