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Following Kokako

Kokako follow days 12, 13 & 14. Fine & calm.

On day 13, I thought I’d found the nest, but couldn’t confirm it and still can’t so it probably isn’t the nest at all. 119 kata lagi


Growing figs & almonds from cuttings

Pics, left to right: Almond, close up of almond, fig, close up of fig, plant watering bottle.

Like everyone else, I like to save money, so I took some cuttings from my Brown Turkey fig that’s outside this fall and my Hardy Almonds (Stark Brothers). 550 kata lagi

Sprouting Almonds Figs Cuttings

Dragons of Athanasia

One of the main types of species in Athanasia is the dragon. Under the name of “dragon,” however, there exist hundreds of different subspecies, including: 233 kata lagi

Flora + Fauna

Christmas Candles

There are plenty of flowers on the Candle Banksia (Banksia attenuata, aka Slender Banksia) in the bushland of Perth’s Bold Park at present. 12 kata lagi


Under the Christmas Tree

We were walking through the bushland of Kings Park in Perth recently and noticed this West Australian Christmas Tree (Nuytsia floribunda) that was just coming into flower. 13 kata lagi


Flora and Fauna: Eastern Grey Squirrel

Eastern grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) are well adapted to surviving winter and many of their natural predators are less abundant in cities which make urban habitats an unlikely but relatively ideal setting for these crafty rodents. 356 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna