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Here are two more wildflowers that you can see in Bold Park at present. The odd thing is that they are both the same species – Dwarf Sheoak(Allocasuarina humilis), which only grows to a height of 1-2 metres. 11 kata lagi


Nesting swallows (V) - taking to the air

After watching the nest remotely for a few days, I was thrilled to catch sight of a chick take flight from the nest and land on the nearby light. 317 kata lagi


Winter Wildflowers 4

Here are three more wildflowers that you can see in Perth’s Bold Park at present.

The pale pink flowers up top are Diplopeltis huegelii (no common name, as far as we know) and the deep red flowers above are Cockies Tongue (Templetonia retusa). 14 kata lagi


Winter Wildflowers 3

As well as the Firewood Banksia that we featured yesterday, there are three other Banksia species in flower in Perth’s Bold Park at present.

That’s Acorn Banksia (Banksia prionotes) up top, Parrot Bush (Banksia sessilis) above, and Swamp Banksia (Banksia littoralis) below.


Nesting swallows (IV) - testing wings

Our little swallow chicks are still on the nest, although there’s been plenty of flapping going on. We’ve taken to watching them on our nestcam, as they go very still and flat when we open the door. 105 kata lagi


Winter Wildflowers 2

The most noticeable wildflower in Perth’s Bold Park at present is Firewood Banksia (Banksia menziesii). The most common flowers are pink, as shown above, but there is also a rarer yellow form. 21 kata lagi


5 Destinasi Wisata Indonesia: harga dalam negri, rasa luar negri guys!

Destinasi wisata di Indonesia belakangan ini semakin beragam. Ada-ada saja tempat-tempat wisata baru yang ditemukan di berbagai daerah. Siklus yang biasa terjadi adalah ada tempat yang bagus, post ke media sosial, lalu menjadi viral, maka kemudian pasti tempat itu akan diserbu oleh mayoritas anak-anak muda yang doyan jalan-jalan. 322 kata lagi