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Swallows' nest ツバメの巣

隣人の車庫にツバメの巣ができた。#田舎暮らし大好き Walking home from nursery today, our neighbour called the kids to look in their garage. They have a swallow nest in there! The mother flew in and out to protect them just after I took this photo. 21 kata lagi


Respect for Rattlers

Threatened in New York State and often misunderstood, the Timber Rattlesnake is an impressive and unique species that is essential for healthy ecosystems. At an average of 3-4 feet in length and described as “stocky,” timber rattlesnakes are the largest venomous snake species in New York. 1.024 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

Lake Life

Even quite small lakes in Perth can have interesting birdlife. The lake in Mabel Talbot Park is only about 100m across. It is surrounded by suburbia and is getting quite shallow at present – but it often has plenty of waterbirds. 39 kata lagi


Likin’ the Lichens in New York State

If you frequent nature trails, you have likely passed by stones or trees with some kind of crusty material on the surface.  Is it a moss?  956 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

Swan Lake

Recently we have walked the 7km track around Herdsman Lake several times. Located just 6km from the city centre (visible on the horizon, above), the lake is a great spot for photographing waterbirds. 28 kata lagi


It can get pretty cold on the south side of Manawahe as these two seem to have noticed.


We delivered our daughter back to Victoria University last weekend and took the opportunity to meander our way back up to the Bay of Plenty. It was a good escape from the aftermath of the Edgecumbe flood; salvage, insurance and uncertainty about the future have become all consuming and we were glad of the break. 374 kata lagi