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Enter in MNA's 2016 Photo Contest!

Do you love nature photography? Then the Michigan Nature Association is looking to showcase your photos in the sixth annual MNA Photo Contest!

Winners will be featured in an upcoming issue of… 162 kata lagi

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All About the Brook Trout: New York’s State Fish

Brook trout (Salvenlinus fontinalis) also known as “speckled trout,” “specks,” and “brookies,” aren’t actually trout. They are really a type of char, more closely related to the Arctic char than to true trout. 1.191 kata lagi

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Magnificent Moths

It’s National Moth Week! So let’s learn a little more about them.

Moth or butterfly?

Moths and butterflies are members of the order Lepidoptera (Greek for scale and wing). 900 kata lagi

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Flora Fauna is available for pre-order!

Fantastic news!

Flora Fauna is available for pre-order (as the above suggests) on Amazon Kindle. 

You can pre-order it HERE! from Amazon UK.

Please, please give it a chance. 19 kata lagi

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Spider Webs in the Fog

Every morning I destroy the intricate creations of my garden friends. Walking Wendell through the yard, I normally can’t detect the webs until they cover my face or shoulders like some kind of fairy’s veil. 60 kata lagi


Poetry Collection

I’m cracking on with the anthology (for a few days now) getting lots of ideas down on the notepad, and scribbling until something uncrazy comes together. 20 kata lagi

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