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Spring must be close!

On my morning walk in the neighborhood I like to walk the 1.1 miles to where our road meets Highway 305.  Near that intersection is a beautiful little farm with rolling hills, a small creek and the perfect red barn – it reminds me of something you might see in Ireland.  178 kata lagi

Early blossom

          Remember this?

          It’s the picture I used in the post “Sold” where I talked of when we first saw our house.

          In the post I went on to say how the tree had bloomed outside of our perspective bedroom window on March 4th when we viewed the house and how it had not bloomed that early since. 39 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

flowers I forgot the name of

Taken with my now-defunct Leica Minilux (RIP) on Kodak Ektar 100 film. Late summer, early fall 2015.

At Home

Fall On The Farm

Harvest Grapes

Harvest Tomatos

Wild Flowers



I took these photos on a wonderfully warm October afternoon in my Dad’s garden when I was home visiting my parents this past October.   9 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

Monkey Business 3

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery at Shatin in Hong Kong must be an auspicious place to visit in the year of the monkey. As well as the gilded monkey statue that we featured yesterday, we also saw real live monkeys in the trees. 12 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

Love Ducks!

About a month ago we noticed a male and female Mallard duck checking out our pond, swimming around, bathing – just really enjoying the quiet place that is our yard.  139 kata lagi