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Spooning Around

A few weeks back, we mentioned that we had seen some Yellow-billed Spoonbills in the small lake at Mabel Talbot Reserve in Jolimont. There were just two of these unusual birds on that occasion. 27 kata lagi


Summer Verge Busy Bee

It never ceases to amaze me how that old phrase  “many hands make light work” is so true. In less than two hours, six of us had weeded, manured, put down newspaper and spread mulch over this Guildford verge. 72 kata lagi



– -Probably the only bit we will get this year.

…I’m curious to see what happens to my garden after this. The kale, brussels sprouts, and broccoli have done very well up to now. 44 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

Feathered Family

A few months back we reported that some Australasian Grebes had built their nest beneath the fountain in the ornamental lake at Subiaco Common in Perth, surrounded by suburbia. 45 kata lagi


Frosty bindweed

           More from before : a dip into the archives for more “Flora and Fauna“.

Flora & Fauna

Wildlife Spotlight: Furbearer frenzy: The Mink

Scientific name: Mustela vison

Small predator furbearers are some of the most fun, and most uncommon, animals to see in the wild. And mink are some of the most secretive in this group! 312 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

Hvar's wildflowers and plants in winter

In December, there’s not so many flowers in bloom along the pathways of Hvar, but a few linger on from autumn because of the mild temperatures, while others are getting an early start on spring!  320 kata lagi