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From a Crab's perspective

The glorious sunshine has returned here in Portugal, and all thoughts seem to be turning to summer. So I thought I better post this before we forget the impact of Emma, Felix and Gisele. 345 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

The art of flowers

What a difference a few weeks and lots of rain makes. The hills are looking lush again and rivers and streams are flowing. In the few days before I took the photograph below it had not quite been warm enough for the cistus and asphodels to turn the hills white.  441 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

Bold Banksias 3

You can still find a few Slender Banksia (aka Candlestick Banksia) flowers in Bold Park – though it’s right at the end of their flowering season.


Longhorn Lab Report: Biology Professor Studies the Complicated World of Frog Mating Calls

February 20, 2018

Still looking for a match after Valentine’s Day? UT biology professor Mike Ryan, author of A Taste for the Beautiful, may have some dating advice for you — if you’re a frog, that is. 8 kata lagi

The Daily Texan

Alpaca Wool Offers a Sustainable Alternative to Synthetic Fibers

February 19, 2018

Tierra Prometida, an alpaca ranch 15 miles west of San Marcos, is home to dozens of alpacas. Alpaca wool is more eco-friendly than synthetic fibers and even other woolly livestock. 71 kata lagi


Longhorn Lab Report: The Satan Fish Lurks Below San Antonio

January 19, 2018

UT ichthyology curator Dean Hendrickson is on a quest to find the Satan fish lurking beneath San Antonio. 6 kata lagi

The Daily Texan

Bold Banksias 2

Another Banksia flower that you can see in Bold Park is Firewood Banksia. Most of the flowers are still buds, but this one is nicely open.