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Flitting To and Fro

It’s very much spring and the nesting season in London. Our garden see’s many bird species foraging in the undergrowth, shrubs and the Rowan tree. We’ve sometimes played host to nesting birds too. 306 kata lagi


Hyde and Seek

We went for a walk through Hyde Park in Perth a few days back. Nice mix of autumn colours over the lake and green leaves above the grassy areas.


Daisy, Daisy

Autumn in Perth’s Bold Park, and not so many wildflowers to admire. But that yellowish plant in the left foreground deserves a closer look. It’s Coastal Daisy Bush, which has tiny yellow flowers but is rapidly approaching the end of its flowering season. 27 kata lagi


Down by the Riverside 3

Plenty of Black Swans on the Swan River in the Perth suburb of Applecross.


Vive la Difference

The Dwarf Sheoaks in Perth’s Bold Park are flowering at present.

The female plants have tiny red flowers on the stems (above), while male plants have quite different looking flowers (below) – Sheoaks and Heoaks!