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Flock Friday

This is “Rosie”and  I love her, didn’t expect to but her personality  is so comical, running as fast as her legs will carry her when she sees me, always expecting something and pecking my fingers regardless if I’m holding something for her or not. 162 kata lagi

Valrico Farm

Lookit my flock!

Nope not chickens, just more button quail :D

Ellie has been on her own for a few weeks now, and seeing as we had no Chickadee that she could live with, it was time to bring in some new birds. 283 kata lagi



During the winter months starlings perform what is called a murmuration. Thousand of birds gather over their roosting site just before dusk and swoop and swirl as one big mass performing amazing acrobatics and creating a beautiful spectacle well worth watching. 241 kata lagi


Crying big tears...chickens?

We lost Chickadee last night.

It was like I lost him twice; when we first discovered he had passed I was in a seizure cluster, so although I was sad and cried, I also felt entirely disconnected and numb. 449 kata lagi


Flock Friday

Meet Mahogany, she is our first Rhode Island Red and our very first egg layer, averaging one brown egg every day. Poor little Mahogany, she was picked on so we got two more reds to keep her company but they were not friendly to her either. 184 kata lagi

Valrico Farm