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Wallpaper - The proper kind...

I saw this today online and had to share… it’s like porn for interior enthusiasts!

I love the old colour, the music, the voice-over and most of all the skills and time involved in making the papers. 79 kata lagi


The Scapegoat

Each head, bowed down with several cares

Is raised to watch the sacrifice

Proceed to where Jehovah waits

To host a feast that famishes.

This flock anticipates a goat… 16 kata lagi


The sky is a canvas,

And daylight the artist,

Spreading its shimmer

As the first rays pass.

Gold,red and blue,

Weave in so beautifully.

All strokes fit in so perfectly… 47 kata lagi

Cost of Raising 3 Chicks (Beginner)

Many ask the question, how much does it cost to own a flock of chicks? Whether you are wanting to raise them for meat, eggs ,show or pet you need to begin with the basics. 554 kata lagi