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My first FLOCK - Talks and more

I woke up surprisingly early, so much not to find a living soul in the lounge.  Even my room mate was sleeping and I didn’t want to annoy her, so I went downstairs to take a breakfast and roam around before the event itself would start.  660 kata lagi


Flock & GUADEC 2016

The last two weeks were pretty busy for me because I travelled to two of my most favourite conferences – Flock and GUADEC.

Flock was held in Krakow this year, so the traveling was a sort of easy for me. 895 kata lagi


Shepherd-less Sheep...

Read Zechariah 11

Focus on verse 9

Sheep are relatively helpless animals if they are left to fend for themselves. Sheep that wander without the protection of a shepherd become prey for wild animals such as wolves and coyotes. 284 kata lagi

Daily Devotional

My first FLOCK - Flying there

Weeks ago, I attended FLOCK as speaker.  It’s the first time I do so, first time in Poland, first time in FLOCK.  I’m happy and proud to be there.  613 kata lagi


Flock 2016

I have just returned from a vacation in beautiful Kraków, where, entirely coincidentally, there just happened to be a Fedora conference! My family and I enjoyed the amazing sights around Kraków (if you haven’t visited the… 242 kata lagi


Lavender Eggs

Finally we’re getting 3 eggs a day! We still have one chicken (Patty aka Chicken Patty) trying to figure it out, though. The poor girl struggled so much so that I soaked her in warm water, and even tried to manually remove her egg thinking it was egg bound. 87 kata lagi

Clan And Pad

FLOCK 2016: Thoughts & Results

FLOCK this year rocked! It was my third time attending, and I had an amazing time learning, teaching and talking about different parts of Fedora… 852 kata lagi