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Fourth Sunday of Easter

Reflect on the Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Easter (April 26, 2015).
John 10:11-18

Opening Prayer

As we gather to share the Word today, Lord Jesus, we place ourselves in your secure care, the care of the Good Shepherd.

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Using a creep feeder

Our gimmers are rising a year old and come the autumn they’ll want to have a bit more weight on them to be tupped. It’s important that they get a steady stream of roughage and are well accustomed to having their diet supplemented with concentrates as and when they need supporting. 177 more words


Other sheep

Taking heed of Jesus’ teaching,
listening for his voice;
looking out for others,
unafraid to make love’s choice.

The shepherd calls them by their name; 136 more words


Feet Clipping

Our sheep are made for the harsh terrain and rocky slopes of the Cumbrian mountains – totally alien from the Lincolnshire Wolds. Because the land they graze is lush  and fairly flat, our gimmers don’t have to work so hard for their food as their hill-climbing counterparts, and the upshot of this is that they need a little help with keeping their feet down. 150 more words


Things I See 2

The birds flew around the church sometimes.

Then they kept coming back to this roof.

Occasionally some flew away.

I wondered what they were plotting. If they were flying for fun, or playing follow the leader. 34 more words



Today I have selected four pictures of flock of birds having a good time whether they are playing in the water or they are flying above the tress or just sitting quietly on the electric wires in rows. 172 more words

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