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Good shepherd Jesus

haiku for sheep

Good shepherd Jesus
looks with love upon his sheep,
gives himself for them.

No paid employee;
his commitment to his flock
is deep and caring. 92 kata lagi


First time chicken owners: Read THIS first

I adore my beautiful flock of chicks. They are funny, adorable, sweet, snuggly, amusing, and outgoing. Before we picked them up from the farm store we had a lot of questions. 1.288 kata lagi


Spring is Upon Us!

I see the ground!

Before I moved to New England, this would have seemed like a very odd statement indeed, but now it is an event to be celebrated.   883 kata lagi

Current Conditions


We have snow on the ground.  The guineas are utterly scandalized that going outside is not enjoyable.  They were just getting into it.The goldfinches have changed colours as though it was as easy as swapping out their winter jackets for a windbreaker, and not like it involves… 184 kata lagi


a high of 36.

I updated the ‘about’ page earlier to give a little background on the operations at the farm and mentioned something about rarely having flock loss from predators. 214 kata lagi


Tossing Thursday!!

Today I decided to make a recipe out of the birdtricks cookbook. Yes, I have their cookbook. Actually, I think I have EVERYTHING they have ever made besides their newsletters. 222 kata lagi


Weird Chicken lady takes birds to fair!

Two of my hens are at the fair and I feel lost with part of my flock gone. Am I a weirdo or what?

He received one white ribbon for the bantum Barred Rock. 205 kata lagi