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Float on!

Working 40 hours a week and pursuing a degree online comes with a lot of stress. It’s been a awhile since I was able to get home from work and not have to think about doing anything. 397 kata lagi


Float On

“Float On” – Drew Scheuer (October 2017)

Deadlines, notifications, and texts, continually flood our phones and thoughts.
If time is currency, personal moments, and rest, are impoverished in today’s hyper stimulated world. 461 kata lagi


Float Therapy Review: How not to relax

On my ever continuing search for ways to relax and meditate, my massage therapist made me aware of “float therapy.” What is float therapy you ask? 2.983 kata lagi

Float Spa

Last night’s fun consisted of 60 minutes of #floattherapy! 😁 @truerestfloatspa

If you haven’t tried Float Therapy before, you gotta go! 1,000 lbs. of epsom salt is added to 180 gallons of water to create a 30% salt solution, enabling the human body to float effortlessly atop the water, creating an anti-gravity environment. 114 kata lagi


Go Ahead...Intimidate Yourself; Opportunities

Happy Friday friends! I’ve been running around like a crazy woman the past few days. I think I told y’all that I am moving for the third time since moving down to Florida a little over 6 months ago. 561 kata lagi

Cymatics and it's Possible Potential in Float Therapy..?

This is an interesting topic to me. It was brought up to while I was working a shift with the original owner of Souler Float while the new owners were away. 716 kata lagi

Psychedelic Explorations Pt. 1


Before I begin, I know there will be different opinions of this subject, but I am going to go ahead and give my experience and perspective anyway. 1.163 kata lagi