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The IOPS race is over

Infrastructure has always been a tough place to compete in. Unlike applications, databases or middleware, infrastructure components are fairly easy to replace with another make and model, and thus the vendors try to show off their product as better than the one from the competition. 1.410 kata lagi


Baking a cake: trading CPU for IO?

Sometimes I hear people claim that by using faster storage, you can save on database licenses. True or false?

The idea is that many database servers are suffering from IO wait – which actually means that the processors are waiting for data to be transferred to or from storage – and in the meantime, no useful work can be done. 684 kata lagi


Flashdisk Tangan Iron Man 8GB (Real Capacity)

Flashdisk Tangan Iron Man 8GB (Real Capacity)

Flashdisk Iron Man 8GB (Tangan) bagi penggemar Avengers.

Produk high quality, dengan finishing yang halus.


– Sendi-sendi jari bisa digerakkan… 52 kata lagi

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[InfoTech] Virus yang bikin flash disk-mu tampak kosong

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb. KawaNina terkasih,

Selamat semangat Kamis.

Pagi ini saya terkaget-kaget saat melihat flash disk kok kosong. Padahal sebagian file kerjaan saya ada di situ. 432 kata lagi

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