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Week 2: Spain

For our second week we moved to Spain. Sergio was set on making a bomb Paella and I was excited to make one of my favorite dishes- Gazpacho. 685 more words


But They Breathe Air

You know how kids have that annoying habit of asking one parent for a request, getting a response they don’t like, and then going to the 2nd parent to make the same request and hoping for the preferred answer? 456 more words

Kitties, Fish, and Bees, if you Please!

You can draw a pretty kitty, a swishy fishie, and a bumbly bee starting with one, simple shape: an oval!

An oval is like a circle, but it is not as round. 48 more words


March 1, 2015

Thought I might try a photo challenge for March.  The word for today is youth.  Since it’s been snowy, icy and the roads and sidewalks are a mess, I had to think outside of the box As I was making supper, I realized that he only thing on my dinner plate that I would have eaten in my youth was the apple.   6 more words


Illustration Friday - Reflection

Another submission for Illustration Friday – this week’s theme is “Reflection.” Prints available here.

Daria Wallace