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Massive Effort To Save Amazon Failing — Natural History Wanderings

The Washington Post reports In recent years, scientists have identified numerous other threats to the region — which spans across eight countries — including damming and mining.

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Something Fishy's Going On Here...

This is a long article but it basically says stay away from fish because it’s toxic.

(The article does NOT address crustaceans)

Never eat salmon at a restaurant unless the menu says it’s wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. 421 kata lagi

Profiles in Nature: The Coelacanth, Living Fossil and Eyewitness to History

Have you ever pictured yourself swimming with dinosaurs? Most kids had dreams of being paleontologists at one point or another, and that coelacanth allows you to do just that! 580 kata lagi

Japanese Rose @ Wudon

Item: Japanese Rose @ Wudon
Date: May 22, 2016
Location: Wudon Noodle & Sushi Bar, Glasgow, Scotland

These Japanese roses are not flowers, but salmon wrapped around sushi rice, topped with crabstick, cucumber, and mayo finished with black tobiko. 10 kata lagi