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Readers' wildlife photos

Up first we have four photos from reader Will from Morris, Illinois, showing Nature red in scale and fang. His notes are indented:

Yet another reason for me to like fishing:  I get out and see things like this. 

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My Impatience is like a fish

I want to see a star from a high place, not necessarily a mountain. Maybe a tree limb. To sit quietly, no kicking my leg or swaying my body like I have a baby in my arms. 143 kata lagi


Kühlbarra X Unlisted Collection

(Source: www.timeout.com)

As one of the top five producers of barramundi in the world, Kühlbarra is looking to change the way we think about farmed fish. 166 kata lagi


Poached Cod

So I always hear that poaching fish is a good and easy way to cook it (ok not always hear, maybe like a few times). Of course when I looked it up, it didn’t seem that hard, and all in all I’d say that it isn’t. 205 kata lagi


Waimakariri River Bed, Trip 38

On May 15 (2017) Critter Club explored an area of the Waimakariri River, just north of Christchurch.

The ‘Waimak’ is a braided river that shifts large amounts of material down from the Southern Alps. 512 kata lagi

Trip Report

Like White Bread To Goldfish

“but nothing I ever gave was good for you;
it was like white bread to goldfish.
they cram and cram, and it kills them,
and they drift in the pool, belly-up,

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A day in the life of a hawker

(Source: www.timeout.com)

‘Tell everyone: don’t work in this industry’. That’s the first thing Yar Choon Phiow said when I told him I was writing a story about the life of a hawker. 763 kata lagi