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Almost 200 nations pledging to tackle the crisis of plastic in oceans!

After my previous blog post, the research I highlighted in the post, and Blue Planet II (Attenborough telling us all how we’re ruining the planet – tell me something I don’t know?), then I was really happy to hear the news last night. 181 kata lagi


Do You Like Fried Chicken?

I mean who doesn’t?! Like fried chicken, that is. It’s about as American as anything … maybe even more so than apple pie. Yes. I said it … fried chicken is more American than apple pie! 436 kata lagi


Take me back to the ocean tides

I have woken up today thinking about the ocean. Its tides and wavering waves. It is quite funny you see. We much like to keep our feet on the ground. 189 kata lagi


Florida Sewage Dumped into Ocean...

== Leak from massive Miami ocean sewage pipe left unfixed for a year | Miami Herald UPDATED JULY 31, 2017 11:00 PM A massive ocean outfall pipe intended to dump partially treated human waste in deep water far from Miami has instead been leaking in shallow water within a mile of tony Fisher […]

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Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Ban...

Celebration of the ruling by environmentalist has been tempered by expectations that the Trump administration will side with mining interests to end the ban A powerful tribunal ruled on Tuesday that an Obama-era ban on new uranium mines around the Grand Canyon should stay in place, though celebration on the environment side was tempered by […]

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And I don’t know why but I feel there is nothing called gravity, at least not the way we are fed. I see the world upside down (I know many see it this way, but I mean it), as if my feet are the top most part of my body and the head, well… This is how I see it. 647 kata lagi