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Sweet and Spicy coconut Tilapia

Sometimes you just want mom’s cooking even though you know you can’t do it as well as she does. This is a modified version of my mom’s recipe. 202 kata lagi


A fishy slimy limerick about Obama in Bristol Bay.

An Obama in Bristol Bay scoop:

Was it milt, was it roe, was it poop?

For the salmon did squirt

on his shoe, looked like dirt. 79 kata lagi


: Taste of Singapore - Fish Ball Soup

My sister in law made me my first bowl of fish ball soup. Ever since, I have been in search of a good bowl of this soup. 1.194 kata lagi


Gavran Style Baked Fish

3 medium size black pomfret (halwa), cleaned, salted, and washed (about 750 grams)
Juice of half a lime

For the Masala Stuffing
Grind together coarsely : 155 kata lagi



I found a fish today.

Ok he was dead already but I found him.

The Fish That Breathes Air

A fisherman filets groupers and red fish at a cleaning station along Kings Bay in Crystal River Florida. He tosses the heads, tails and fish bones into the water where several cormorants gather feast on the scraps as gulls attempt to pluck the scraps from the water. 237 kata lagi


Fish couscous with dried apricots

Thinking about a new way to serve fish? Try this delicious fish couscous with dried apricots!

1- Cook 250 gr of chickpeas (left in water overnight) in water, olive oil, crushed garlic, a teaspoon of cumin and salt. 231 kata lagi

Main Course