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Salmon with Orange Butter and Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier and Salmon are two things I always wanted to combine. Oranges work so well with this fatty fish and Grand Marnier adds glam and elegance to a festive dinner. 361 kata lagi

Fish And Shellfish

Repeat... again

Ok. I got a question. Feather duster worms are fixed to their spot. They don’t move. You see them solitary embedded in the coral. How? How do they procreate? 77 kata lagi


2015/11/25 ~ Ungrateful

Exactly society is becoming a bunch of woosy ass ungrateful’s always worried about hurting someones feelings or offending someone or crying out that they are offended – grow up – you’re really not all that damn special for others to worry about! 23 kata lagi

Some Thoughts

Aquaponics - Babies in the fish tank!

We have a fairly dense population of Tilapia in our fish tank and so it is unusual to see baby fish. Either they don’t breed well when tank is overcrowded or big fish eat the new ones quickly. 46 kata lagi


A Century of Relaxing Recreational Boating

Recreational boating is the use of watercraft for personal pleasure and relaxation. It is a way to relax, unwind and live in the moment. I experienced this tradition where it is thought to have started. 790 kata lagi


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. As we reflect on all the things we are thankful for I hope you have a fantastic day.

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