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It's Taco Tuesday: Grilled Mahi-Mahi Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sauce!

It’s Taco Tuesday!

I made these fish tacos this past weekend & I thought they’d be perfect to share with you guys!

These tacos feature grilled mahi mahi, a cooling cilantro sauce, and slaw & they are great in this sweltering heat. 305 kata lagi


The Angler's Lament

In response to the prompt

Sitting on his unfolded seat of Green

The Angler surveys the nets he’s between

With his hook he’s gone to and fro… 79 kata lagi


Sole Meunière

When first drafting my debut cookbook, The Ancestral Table, I was hesitant to add my recipe for Sole Meunière. After all, it contains only a few ingredients – fish, butter, and lemon, mostly – not exactly a huge culinary journey. 316 kata lagi


All About the Brook Trout: New York’s State Fish

Brook trout (Salvenlinus fontinalis) also known as “speckled trout,” “specks,” and “brookies,” aren’t actually trout. They are really a type of char, more closely related to the Arctic char than to true trout. 1.191 kata lagi

Flora & Fauna

#GoodNewsNextWeek: There Was Never Marijuana In The Colorado Water

Source: MediaMonarchy
James Evan Pilato
July 26, 2016

The military is again told to stop killing animals with sonar; that big headline about Colorado pot contamination was just a bunch of smoke on the water; and the farmer wins again. 181 kata lagi


Northern Pike Handling, Filleting & Take the 'Y' Bones Out

When it comes to caring for Pike that you plan to use at home, the first and probably most important step in assuring a quality meal is to keep the fish fresh prior to cleaning.   922 kata lagi