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Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson. First, kayak fishing is still in my mind, the number one way to catch fish for a variety of reasons. 439 kata lagi


New Deep Reef Ocean Zone Discovered

New species of fish are being discovered in what’s being referred to as the Rariphotic zone. Deep reef ecosystems could still be explored much more. 299 kata lagi


Salt-grilled mackerel pike

Rinse the outside of the mackerel pike, pat dry, then dust both sides with one light tsp of salt per pair of fish.  In the meantime, grate some daikon and set aside. 18 kata lagi

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Seabass with seasoned veg (Recipe here)

Did you know to maintain a health diet you should eat fish at least twice a week? Not too much to ask for, considering there is such a wide variety of fish to choose from as well as different types of ways to cook it like frying, grilling, steaming or even making a curry. 77 kata lagi


MIT's new robot fish is eerily realistic

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Researchers at MIT today revealed their fishiest project yet: a swimming robot. SoFi is an autonomous underwater vehicle that looks like a fish, swims like a fish, and even has a fisheye lens for its built-in camera. 415 kata lagi


The Salted Plum - Circular Road

The Salted Plum is the latest concept brought by the folks behind now-defunct Five Ten at North Bridge Road, serving up Taiwanese-inspired fare.

Taking over the former spot of now-defunct Bakbak, The Salted Plum is the successor to Five Ten — the concept of Five Ten still stays true and alive despite the change of branding; The Salted Plum serves up lunch bowls at $10 nett while the all-day dining menu features small plates in four different price tiers — $5, $10, $15 and $25, with most of the dishes falling under the former two tiers.

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March 21, 2018

Had to finish shooting the restaurant feature from yesterday which was really cool because the kitchen was really busy, and I got free food! Salmon and Filet are already pretty tasty, but they’re even better when they’re free. 8 kata lagi