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Sit Down for Two Seconds

This year, in the state of North Carolina, there have been eight shark attacks on the coast. Experts attribute the attacks to a number of factors, including the increase in sea turtles languidly swimming near the shores, or people lazily floating in the waters by the hundreds. 2.181 kata lagi

Unseen threat : how microbeads harm New York waters, wildlife, health and environment

New York waters are being polluted with microbeads: tiny plastic beads produced for use as abrasives in cosmetics and personal care products. Buoyant, multicolored and often spherical, these plastic microbeads are washed down bathroom sinks, pass through wastewater treatment plants, and end up discharged into New York’s waters. 50 kata lagi


Hagfish: Champions of CO2 tolerance question the origins of vertebrate gill function

The gill is widely accepted to have played a key role in the adaptive radiation of early vertebrates by supplanting the skin as the dominant site of gas exchange. 150 kata lagi


The occurrence and amount of microplastics ingested by fishes in the watersheds of the Gulf of Mexico

Occurrence and types of microplastics in the digestive system of freshwater fishes could be an emerging environmental crisis because of the proliferation of plastic pollution in aquatic environments. 197 kata lagi


La Gamba, Luxembourg - reloaded

Do you remember the lovely Portuguese restaurant in Bonnevoie I wrote about this year?

I had a chance to visit La Gamba again with friends some weeks ago and finally I was able to take some pictures of the great fish dishes before jumping on them. 23 kata lagi


La Boqueria - fish market

In Barcelona I saw one of Europe’s largest and most famous food markets – The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, or simply La Boqueria. 47 kata lagi