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How to get the most out of your browsing experience.

In this post, i want to present to you a select few extensions/addons for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which will enhance your browsing experience offering useful features that will make your life easier ! 449 kata lagi


Nothing's ever permanent

at least around here when it comes to technology.

In a world where Internet Explorer was king, I always found that I moved over to Netscape as a browser.  419 kata lagi



               Firefox Icon by Mozilla

fire engulfs the world

speeds its flames; forms its trace;

red fox chatters: “SHARE!”


iSwitched Browsers

Last week, I made the switch to Firefox on my MacBook Pro. The reason for this may come off as odd since I have already been using Google Chrome for at least a couple of years. 354 kata lagi

Top 5 Privacy Extentions for Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox

As you may very well know, privacy is a very controversial issue, especially when browsing the Internet. While different users have different needs, we pretty much all use a browser daily, and the vast majority of users uses either… 688 kata lagi


"New" user with a few questions (some Mac OS-specific)


with all the Quantum hype, I'm currently trying out Firefox again after not using it for about a decade (at the time, I switched away because I hated Mac OS interface, it seemed to me like no one was interested in making it feel even remotely native to the platform). 447 kata lagi


I switched from Google Chrome to FireFox Quantum (Analysis)

I love the Google ecosystem, everything just works. So if you asked me to switch to Firefox before, I would of laughed. That is until I heard about Quantum. 204 kata lagi