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Backlog Tuesdays: Final Fantasy XIII

I feel like I’ve been playing this game forever, and that it should be ending soon. Is that bad? I honestly think that’s bad. These characters are strange, make no sense, and I love them? 254 more words


Guest Ramblings - Games, Money, and Quality

Games have accomplished so much in these few years and gamers are commited to continue demanding more in order to shadow our proud past with an even brighter future. 1.804 more words
May 2015

Great Video Game Openings: Final Fantasy VII: Part 1: Observations

The beginning stars with a great cinematographic shot, from the stars, spinning, as audience look at a dark starry sky. You hear echos or special effects resembling them. 210 more words

Video Games

Final Fantasy creator reveals the real reason behind the “Final” part of the hit series’ title

To those unfamiliar with the history of video game developer Square (now merged with former rival Enix and renamed Square Enix), the title of the prolific… 693 more words


Episode 53: Final Fantasy – Fabulous Novus Crystals Part 2

The long wait for the second part of our Final Fantasy centric ‘cast is finally over! In this Episode we discuss the current state of Final Fantasy, as well as the future. 108 more words


Videogame metal

My recent review of Sigh’s latest album Graveward got me thinking. In it, I jokingly described the band’s music as “videogame metal” because its songwriting and blend of intricate guitar leads and synth melodies remind me of the songs featured in the games I loved in my youth. 1.313 more words

Navel Gazing