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Final Fantasy II Game Review

Final Fantasy II is sequel to successful Final Fantasy. It was released in 1988 in Japan on the NES/ Famicon by Square Soft and did not come to North America until 2003 on Playstation. 1.152 kata lagi

Cronus Lux: Completed

So according to EVERYONE, though the sword I was officially asked to make was Cronus Lux, this one should simply be called ‘Cronus’, since the ‘Lux’ version in the game has an ominous purple aura around it. 113 kata lagi

Final Fantasy

Deal: select Final Fantasy titles currently 50%-off at Google Play

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Square Enix is holding a 50%-off sale in the Google Play Store on select Final Fantasy titles. Until August 25, you can pick up Final Fantasy one through six, including Final Fantasy IV: After Years and Final Fantasy Dimensions, at the discounted price. 148 kata lagi

RPG A Day 2017 - Day 02

RPG A Day, Day 02! Let’s get this party started!

Day 02: What is an RPG That You Would Like to See Published?

There are a lot of games and fictional universes that have been making their way to the table top, so this is one is harder. 152 kata lagi


Final Fantasy Music Guide: FFIII

This is part three of a series called the Final Fantasy Music Guide (FFMG)! Part one can be found here, and part two can be found… 1.223 kata lagi

Final Fantasy

Calye's Corner: Tonberry Terror

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Calye’s Corner! As always, I am so glad you stopped by! Today’s feature is something I have not done yet on this blog. 989 kata lagi


[LFM] LF nice ppl

Vorab will ich sagen: Es geht um Videospiele. Um genauer zu sein: um sogenannte MMO’s.

Ich möchte mich auch nicht lange mit Erklärungen aufhalten, sondern schreibe einfach drauf los (war ja generell mein Plan hier, ne?). 513 kata lagi