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The Moon Dragon

I’ve still been working on the Seven Crystal Saga and I’ll be honest, I’m not so sure on system anymore. I like Savage Worlds. It’s Fast, Furious, and Fun! 454 more words


So yes, Final Fantasy XV is going to sport an all-boys cast. Love it, loathe it, or be indifferent to it, this is one of those facts that has made waves everywhere I’ve looked. 1.480 more words


Plotting "Final Fantasy XIII"

The Final Fantasy series has a somewhat special place in my heart. Not in the same way as most fans of the series who can reminisce about a series they grew up with and that in turn grew up with them. 2.886 more words


Review: Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD is an absolute mess, but it’s also a great deal more fun than most games in recent years that have held the Final Fantasyname. 616 more words

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Question time for Final Fantasy 'cast!

The long awaited Final Fantasy cast is going to record this Friday, and surprise it’s going to be two parts! In the first part-we’ll be discussing what it is that defines the series for us, and what out personal favorites are. 52 more words

Podcast Questions

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review - "satu dari seri Final Fantasy dengan tema politik yang kelam setelah Final Fantasy Tactics"

Salam untuk para gamer! Semoga kabarnya sehat semua. kali ini,sebagai tanda kembalinya saya menulis di blog ini lagi,saya akan menulis artikel mengenai review Final Fantasy Type-0 HD untuk PS4 (ya karena saya hanya ada PS4,Xbox One menyusul) . 868 more words


Triple Triad Arrives for Smartphones

Today, Square Enix is releasing the official “Final Fantasy Portal” app in Japan. It’s meant to keep users updated with the latest Final Fantasy news, including music, merchandise and games. 152 more words

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