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The Ballad of Caius

I apologise profusely for that.

As a forewarning this post contains very light spoilers. While Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess is a post-story DLC, it doesn’t really reference the post-story events if you don’t have the story content in the explanations or videos. 586 kata lagi


Final Fantasy Friday V

This weeks FFF presents, for your listening pleasure, the Final Fantasy vocal collection trio. A collection of both beautiful and odd tunes, the three albums, … 545 kata lagi

re:play Episode 11: Final Fantasy VI Part 11: Into the Underworld

Made possible by the generous contributions to my Patreon! We’re back up to monthly posts!

I’m going to try to get closed captioning on episode 10 done today and this episode done over the weekend, but I’m really, really behind on essays for the Patreon, so no promises.

Let's Play

Final fantasy Cloud 

I love final fantasy 7: Advent Children. Still have the DVD and is one of my favorite movies ever.

I never played the games about final fantasy, but in the moment I saw Cloud, I knew I wanted to have, at least, the DVD. 11 kata lagi

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Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (2016) trailer

The official trailer for Kingsglaive is looking good! Time for some CGI treat.

Visual Vocab

Wikipedia Poem, No. 263

in this venomous season of anywhere
one comments on becoming underscored
and the commentary thus weathers the arena
setting sea immortable face in the stones… 95 kata lagi


Still Figuring Things Out

I apologize for the radio silence lately. I’m still trying to come up with a good plan for coordinating my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… 519 kata lagi

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