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Game Music Composers in the Top 300 (Classic FM)

Classic FM is the only 100% classical music radio station in the UK.  Every year, they hold a poll to select Britain’s favorite pieces of classical music, listing the top 300 selections on their web site.   128 more words

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13. Breaking Celes Out

A trend I’ve noticed with my entries so far is that I can’t help but compare Final Fantasy VI to previous games in the genre. But today, it’s in a good way. 334 more words

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Gender in "Final Fantasy"

Sporting one of the longest-running and most popular series in gaming history, the Final Fantasy universe is home to a plethora of diverse and impressionable characters. 559 more words

The beginnings

My first experience with this game was a little rough as it was difficult for me to remember the names. Not only that, but the last Final Fantasy game I played was turn-based strategy and this is definitely NOT that! 410 more words

Final Fantasy

Solitaire's Top 5: Final Fantasy

In this first installment of Solitaire’s Top 5, I’ll be ranking my top 5 Final Fantasy games, including spin-offs.  Feel free to set my unpopular opinion on fire in the comments, because it certainly won’t change.   1.080 more words

Music Monday: Melodies of life

Todays music Monday is featuring one of my all time favorite FF games; Final Fantasy IX. In my personal opinion this game is underrated. Sure, it had its pros and cons but all in all I feel like it was a really good game. 366 more words


Quick Update: Stream Schedule for the next month or two.

Hello everyone!

I’ve made some really light changes to the stream schedule based on what I’m playing with friends and such. I’ll likely keep doing this as I finish off other games and such. 225 more words