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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tournament of Champions Part Two

Final Fantasy II Characters

1. Firion | Physical Attack | LV: 44

HP: 3329

Attack: 175

Defense: 108

Magic/Mind: 63

Resistance: 93

Accuracy: 113

Evasion: 126… 289 kata lagi

Square Enix

The 'Final Fantasy XV' Update Finally Addresses Fan Grievances

Still a bit dyspeptic about the way Square Enix changed things up late in Final Fantasy XV? There’s an update for that.

I can’t promise these fix every quibble, but updates 1.06 and 1.07 to the game have both dropped ahead of the first downloadable content pack, … 389 kata lagi

FFXII Ashe Progress 1

COSPLAY UPDATE. Such wow. I remembered. 

I have slowed down my cosplay progress now that the weather has been very *slowly* warming up. I spent the week/end prepping my patio garden (post coming!) and playing more FFXV. 467 kata lagi


Final Fantasy RPG Explosion Weeks 3 and 4

Like most long challenges, sometimes they end with a whimper instead of a bang. Due to a bunch of other distractions, I crapped out a bit on my Final Fantasy challenge towards the end. 813 kata lagi

Every Step You Take

You will fight something… Seriously.

I absolutely hated Chapter 13 of FFXV, because it was just a frustrating maze. Well so is the Terra Cave. Doing a run through is hell when you also get stopped every few steps to fight yet another thing. 281 kata lagi

Final Fantasy

VGJ Miscellany #2: Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tournament of Champions, Part One

I have been playing FFRK for about two years now, hard as it may be to believe (and admit…), so I thought it would be fun to compare the characters that the game has to offer. 274 kata lagi