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DAY 19

So until today, all my uploads have been done by hand “with a few getting some digital refinement”

So today the word was ‘cloud’ so how could I not draw cloud looking up at some clouds!


How to Cosplay Irvine Kinneas-Final Fantasy VIII

Series Description in One Sentence: When a powerful sorceress threatens the stability of the world, it is up to the SeeD mercenary group, led by Squall Leonhart, to confront the sorceress and restore balance. 263 kata lagi


New Projects & More

So been a while since I simply talked, and updated you guys on what I’m up to, so here we are first of all I am focusing for a little while on reaching affiliate status on Twitch. 368 kata lagi


The Importance of Mini Games And What They Could Become

I have had a difficult relationship with mini games in the past, and by difficult I mean the obsession was complete. In SNES times, as part of jump and runs like Super Mario Land, Donkey Kong  or Yoshi’s Island, mini games were not what we think of now, secret passages that led to small new areas that once found and mastered could gain you significant advantages like more lives or other bonuses. 1.063 kata lagi


Theathrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Part Five: We've Got Class

October 23, 2014: Trophy: Watched Extended Versions 50 times! 51/96

Most of those are for “Answers” from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, with a little of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII‘s ending and “1000 Words” from Final Fantasy X-2. 941 kata lagi

Video Games

Final Fantasy: 30th Anniversary Arrangement - A Fan Project

One of the joys of running the much loved GeekOut Bristol Meet, is meeting people who are truly passionate about something, be it a franchise, a type of game, an anime or otherwise. 357 kata lagi

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Final Fantasy Awakening--launched in Korea

The game has been successful so far with the high demand from the Final Fantasy fan base. According to publisher FL MobileFinal Fantasy Awakening… 91 kata lagi

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