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Fantasy Girls: Rikku

Welcome to the weekly Fantasy Girls article, where I go back into the hundreds upon hundreds of games, anime and any other kind of fictional media and pull out some of my favourite female characters, who are beautiful in both body and mind. 2.081 kata lagi


This Week in Sexy Games: Final Fantasy X/X-2

If there’s anything I find Square Enix JRPGs have tried to stay away from, it’s being overly sexual, a staple in Japanese content. While games would often take on themes of romance, for a while Square wasn’t exactly offering a swimsuit portion of the game in everything they’d do. 984 kata lagi


Final Fantasy X-2 HD (PS3) - review

I probably didn’t play Final Fantasy X-2 in the best frame of mind. I’ve been looking to get it finished fast so I can move on to other, more recent games, and so I probably haven’t done it justice. 999 kata lagi


Nhiều khả năng Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster sẽ được phát hành lên Steam

Theo như một thông tin trên Steamdb, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster có khả năng sẽ được phát hành trên Steam. Tuy nhiên hiện vẫn chưa có thông tin gì cụ thể. 24 kata lagi

Final Fantasy

30-Day Video Game Challenge - Day 7: Favorite Game Couple

Of course, I’d have to rule out romanceable characters with your own character creations here . After all, I’d be bending a game character to my liking to appease whom I find attractive in such games. 357 kata lagi


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 10/18/15

How appropriate that I’m posting this cosplay when I’m in so much…Paine.  Hey, when you’re suffering from a killer toothache, needing a root canal that’s not going to happen until Thursday, and on meds that sort of work and sort of don’t, all you have are bad puns.


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 10/14/15

I thought about posting the typical Rikku cosplay where she looks like she’s about to play some beach volleyball (or I suppose beach Blitzball would be more accurate, though you play that IN the beach rather than on the beach…I supposse hehe). 42 kata lagi