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Final Fantasy X-2 - Dressed To The IXs

Get it? Dressed to the nines? ‘Cos… ‘cos you can change your outfit in this game, and IX is also a… number of a game in… the series… you know what, it’s hard to come up with titles, so don’t judge me. 1.527 kata lagi


Happy Valentines Day!

I’m not in the habit of sharing my covers on this blog, because I like it to be more about talking about nerdy things.  But, since this is a nerdy cover, for a non-nerdy holiday, I figured I’d share it for anyone looking for some nerdy love songs to listen to! 68 kata lagi

1000 Words Final Fantasy X-2 Fandub/Cover, Happy Valentines day!

I really wanted to do a cover for Valentine’s Day this year, but doing a traditional love song just isn’t my cup of tea.  What is? 243 kata lagi

Final Fantasy X-2 | Yuna is a Badass Now

Hi everyone and welcome to my place! :)

It’s time to continue with my Final Fantasy series review (yaiiiiii). If you are an observant person you see that I skipped Final Fantasy X. 1.615 kata lagi


How Final Fantasy X-2 Sent Me Down My Career Path

A few days ago marked the 14th anniversary of the release of Final Fantasy X-2 in the US and it got me thinking back to those days. 525 kata lagi

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Within Temptation

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to talk about music.
In particular I would like to talk about one of the groups I love most absolutely: Within Temptation. 233 kata lagi


Chimeral CosplayArt - Cosplay Feature

When I saw Chimeral Cosplayart I couldn’t believe my eyes, her work is absolutely stunning, her AION cosplay just blew me away.  She was very good to grant us an interview, and luckily her English is a thousand times better than my French! 1.032 kata lagi