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[Shattered] Dreams 07

Chapter Seven: Bad News


The ceramic pot fell to the hard wooden floor of the florists shop and shattered into many pieces. It had fallen from limp hands as the red-haired woman brought a hand up to her chest and gasped softly, eyes tearing. 3.842 kata lagi


[Shattered] Dreams 06

Chapter Six: Fault Lies Within

Zack stumbled the last few steps to his home, never more excited to see the innocent white flower pots that normally decorated the pathway leading to the front entrance. 4.867 kata lagi


[Shattered] Dreams 05

Chapter Five – House Guest

Reeve was dreaming. He knew that he had to be. Because the last thing he truly remembered was working diligently at his desk, eyes occasionally watching the phone and willing it to ring. 4.477 kata lagi


[Shattered] Dreams 04

Chapter Four: Scattered

In a cave hidden deep beneath the mountains of a forgotten island on the other side of the world, a pair of crimson eyes peeked out from a mass of shadow huddled on a throne of brown stone. 3.991 kata lagi


[Shattered] Dreams 03

Chapter 3: The Secret

Yuffie yawned and tried to cover it up with her hand. She felt a nudge at her side and looked over to see Nanaki grinning at her, trying to prod her awake. 4.588 kata lagi


[Shattered] Dreams 02

Chapter 2: Broken Highwind

“It’s been six months, Cid. You cannot keep doing this to yourself,” Reeve urged quietly over the PHS. He had originally called the pilot to tell him about another job but thought better of it when he had heard the defeated tone in the blond’s voice. 4.447 kata lagi


[Shattered] Dreams 01

Chapter 1: Sad Grey Eyes

He looked up slowly, grey eyes casting out over the sky lit up with the brilliant colors of the sunset. The normally blue above had become awash with purples, pinks, and oranges, making it a scene fit for any painting. 3.688 kata lagi