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Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Stuff That Should Change

Yesterday I talked about some of the things that I think should stay the same in the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII. While the game was groundbreaking in 1997, quickly earning a status that is sustained to this day by fans, there are some aspects of the game that have not aged very well at all. 741 kata lagi

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What You Should Have Seen: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

So Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake but it’s going to be a while so how do you relive the joys of old school JRPGs without actually having to play one? 181 kata lagi


Mother Is the Name for God

This phrase is the crux of my Defense of Sephiroth essay.  Though the words are spoken in The Crow, the quote is actually attributed to… 67 kata lagi


Battle System của Final Fantasy VII Remake sẽ có những thay đổi lớn

Nếu bạn muốn những trải nghiệm về một Final Fantasy VII gốc thì bản Remake sắp tới cho PlayStation 4 sẽ không dành cho bạn. Dù sao thì đây cũng là một bản “làm lại hoàn toàn” chứ không đơn giản là remaster. 259 kata lagi

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: What I Want To Change And Stay The Same

This was supposed to be on the internet a while ago. But I tend to get lazy with these things, so here we are. E3 2015 came and went back in June, and with it came the announcement that Square-Enix has finally committed to remaking the 1997 PS1 RPG, … 642 kata lagi

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Gaming Fanarts

Here are a few pieces of art I’ve been working on. 155 kata lagi