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4 Video Games That Play With Your Emotions

Do you remember being emotionally drained after losing a match in PONG? I think not. But now Storytelling in video games has evolved since then, Now video games can now give you feels. 620 kata lagi


I quit Youtube?

I had grown weary months back when I was doing videos covering fighting games last February. I stopped doing those videos, but I still occasionally posted a few videos. 150 kata lagi

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Weekly Update

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – This week, I posted a thread “What does Advent Children mean to you?” on a couple Final Fantasy forums. I received quite a few responses on the Eyes on Final Fantasy forum so far. 403 kata lagi


A diversion

I’m slowly falling back into my former routine. I didn’t play Arena¬†at all while I was away from the blog. Part of it was that I was busy, but I know that part of it was that I just wanted some space from it–I think I was more than a little frustrated with my sort of pathetic struggles at the game. 490 kata lagi

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My Final Fantasy Legacy: Happy 30th Anniversary #FFLegacies

I would like to start off by saying Happy 30th Anniversary to Square Enix popular video game franchise Final Fantasy. This year marks the 30th anniversary and I would like to express my love to the this game series. 1.900 kata lagi


Why wont classic Final Fantasies come to non Sony consoles?

I’ve been wondering this since Xbox 360. Square could have literally put Final Fantasy on a DVD and re-sold it to Xbox or 360 users. Xenophobia? 623 kata lagi

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