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Northern Lights: Chapter 1 - The Flowers Blooming in the Shadows


This is the first chapter of my FFVII fanfiction Northern Lights. If you’re confused, but intrigued, kindly click the Preamble/Prelude link above where I (overly) explain it all. 224 more words


Chapter 1 - The Flowers Blooming in the Shadows


Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII and its characters are all property of Square Enix so I can take no credit for any of that. I do take some credit for the story’s plot. 5.228 more words

Friday Posting Update

My plan for those so concerned is to start posting Northern Lights on Friday March 27 and continue doing so every week on that day henceforth until the tale is told. 76 more words


Possible Final Fantasy Goal

I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite franchises, Final Fantasy. Like a lot of people, Final Fantasy VII is my favorite, although the Final Fantasy games are all different from one another, and I haven’t played all of them. 632 more words

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The 777 Writing Challenge - Northern Lights

I can take no credit for the creation or even the dissemination of this challenge. It came from one of the bloggers I follow Lynette Noni… 338 more words


Project #1: Text Adventure

Language: Python

Project: Create a text adventure.

Time: Start (2015/03/17), Finish (2015/03/23). One week basically.

Lines: 1824

Modules: time, random

Built-in Functions: print, input

Control Flow: def, for & while loops, if & elif statements, break… 9.188 more words