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Kingdom Hearts III & The Final Fantasy VII Remake To Launch "Next three years or so"

Square Enix fans have a patience I could never muster. During a fiscal year presentation, Square Enix CEO and president Yosuke Matsuda, detailed the company’s plan for the next few years. 128 kata lagi

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Season 1 - Episode 15 - You ARE The Father!


Episode 15 – How to make Diamond Weapon disappear? Barrett and Cait Sith have it out. What do you mean “Son”?

Press X 2 Examine – Season 1… 60 kata lagi


Restaurant Review: Ichicoro Ramen, Tampa, Florida, USA

Disclaimer: In exchange for a restaurant review, I sampled one dinner at Ichicoro Ramen.

Ironically, just 36 hours before my meal at Ichicoro Ramen, I had been in… 537 kata lagi

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Some Thoughts on Localisation

Localisation is, it seems, a somewhat thorny issue these days — but it’s one worth discussing.

Before I begin today, I’d like to emphasise that by no means am I attempting to present a “definitive” opinion here. 3.879 kata lagi


Modern RPGs: Please Let Me Control the Squad

I have a grievance. My last two role-playing games (RPG) experiences – Final Fantasy XV and Mass Effect Andromeda – are not satisfying me. They are great games and fun to play but the action-oriented focus of both sacrifices a key aspect of the genre – control. 751 kata lagi


Play Arts Kai - Sephiroth AC ver.

Hello again!

Hope you and your collections are fine :)

Today I’ll review another Play Arts Kai figure I own. After getting the AC Cloud… 503 kata lagi

Final Fantasy VII: Where It All Began - Part 2

If you wish to read the first part then hop aboard the train to Sector 7, last stop – the Train Graveyard.

Final Fantasy VII: Where It All Began – Part 1… 1.435 kata lagi