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Lomography CN 400, Pentax ME SE

One of the things that make me love photography is its capability to freeze and relive memories for me to cherish.  109 kata lagi


Past Imperfect - #286

Paulette: “Oh my, I really didn’t expect reporters to show up at my house at this hour. To what do I owe this…pleasure?”

Reporter #1: “Is it true that a satanic cult meets in your basement?” 237 kata lagi


Submerged: Fixed-Perspective Shots

This week we’re still talking about Submerged, which uses a couple of fixed-perspective shots I quite liked. Fixed-perspective is something introduced to video games from film – obviously when you’ve got a film, you ( 1.026 kata lagi

Video Games & Narrative

New film suggests sex with a ghost not good idea

We’ve all been there – it’s Saturday night, you’ve had a few drinks, you’re feeling in the mood for some romance…

And you wake up next to a ghost. 101 kata lagi


Born to Be Blue

Ethan Hawke ranks very highly amongst the most criminally underrated actors.

Sure most people will remember him from Training Day, but his superb work with Richard Linklater often misses the credit it deserves. 287 kata lagi