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★★★★ 4/4

At one point during the remarkable train sequence late in the film—this elliptically poetic episode runs approximately nine minutes, considerably longer than what I had imagined from my initial viewings—Takamine Hideko’s character forlornly looks at her brother-in-law, sitting fast asleep across from her, with tears in her eyes.  700 kata lagi


Were War And Peace's Paul Dano and Hollywood rebel Shia LaBeouf separated at birth?

Paul Dano and Shia LaBeouf – is it just us or are they peas in a pod?

War And Peace star Paul, 31, and Transformers oddball Shia, 29, have a serious case of long-lost brother going on. 236 kata lagi


Grammy Awards 2016: Lady Gage to Perform Tribute to David Bowie

Pop artist Lady Gaga is planning a tribute to the late rocker David Bowie for the Grammy Awards 2016. The Grammy Awards will be this Monday, February the 15th. 207 kata lagi

Fight For Your Lady (1937)

Ham Hamilton (Jack Oakie) is a wrestling manager, but he’s not a man of wealth. In fact, he’s in trouble with his creditors, and in order to remedy the situation he tries to get champion wrestler Mike Scanlon (Gordon Jones) to throw his next match. 296 kata lagi


10 Word Review - Requiem For Bobby Fischer

Documentary. Interviews. Interesting. Genius. Eccentric. Sad. Chess. Serbian. Arc. Yes.

In My Opinion

Why You Should Watch Morning Glory on Valentine's Day.

Hello there!

While I love the cute Valentine’s day movie and song suggestions everyone is posting about on their blogs or their instagram feeds, I just want to say that this year, I’m not buying into that love garbage. 602 kata lagi