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Festival kick-starts creativity

Buxton International Festival demonstrated how it helps to kick-start young people’s creativity with the premiere of a film on football written, acted and filmed by schoolchildren. 341 kata lagi


The Monday Matinee, Episode 11: A Queen in Chains

Last we saw, Gene Autry was unconscious and at the mercy of a clunky robot wielding an oxyacetaline torch, a robot too dumb to tell the difference betweetn the portly troubador’s head and the shell casings it’s supposed to be smelting. 922 kata lagi


Sonoma Model One: A revolutionary electrostatic headphone system

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)



An introduction to electrostatic headphones and Sonoma Acoustics

There are three types of headphone drivers/transducers. The first and the most common is the dynamic driver, where a metal coil is inserted into a magnetic field and fixed to a suspended driver cone. 510 kata lagi


75 favorite movies of the 21st century... so far

In honor of my 75th blogpost (and truthfully just for fun) I’ve created a list of the top seventy-five of my favorite films that have released from the year 2000 until now (2017). 14.973 kata lagi


The Idolmaster Movie: Beyond the Brilliant Future! (2014) Review

For a business as manufactured and suspect as the idol industry we sure do see a lot of well-crafted anime surrounding it. Of all the ones I’ve seen I found… 622 kata lagi


Rough Night

A bachelorette to remember, but all for the wrong reasons.

When a group of girls get together to celebrate their friend’s bachelorette party, things soon go from bad to detrimental as the night quickly meets a very sticky end; that’s not a euphemism. 88 kata lagi


China Box Office: 'Transformers 5' Opens to Huge $123M, But Can It Hold?

China is again the biggest market in the world by far for the Michael Bay action franchise, but whether the latest installment can match its predecessor is uncertain. 11 kata lagi

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