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Fantastic Mr. Fox

This adaptation of Mr. Fox feels a little hipster in the world of CGI. There’s nothing slick and shiny about it. It’s a stop motion, loaded with texture, right down to the corduroy suits. 221 kata lagi

Fear of Wasp

A guest post from film buff Dan Norman

The international success of last year’s American Honey, with big wins at the British Independent Film Awards and Cannes Film Festival, restored writer-director Andrea Arnold to the limelight that she first stepped into with 2003’s… 1.370 kata lagi


The Scoreboard: 'I Love You All' The Soronprfbs (Frank, 2014)

So when I went into the cinema to watch Frank back in 2014 I really had no idea what to expect. I was living in South Manchester at the time the turf of the iconic papier-mache comic Frank Sidebottom the film drew inspiration from. 267 kata lagi


Parts Is Parts: Small Roles and Character Actors

You’ve seen it a thousand times. The camera swoops in, holding on the yellow tape preventing gawkers from getting in the way. Week after week big name actors gather at the crime scene, kicking clues aside, generally bumbling their way toward a plot. 1.387 kata lagi

Movie Ramblings: The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno is a pretty standard horror film based on the fear of the unknown, in this case undiscovered tribes in the South American jungle. 1.115 kata lagi


Review: Wonder Woman

So, a big monster guy crashes down onto Times Square, plucking a young maiden from the crowd. With a booming voice he proclaims, “Fuck you, citizens of New York! 1.975 kata lagi

Writer's Block Magazine

The Art of Animated Reality: Walerian Borowczyk and Jacques Demy

From www.nytimes.com – Movies like Borowczyk’s “Goto, Isle of Love” and Demy’s “The Pied Piper” suggest cartoons made with physical sets and real actors.