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Monthly Wrap-Up: The 1900's.

I knew the first month of this project would be difficult. I did not, however, foresee the chance to start reaping the benefits of contextualized viewing/listening within the first month. 596 more words

Film History

Project Bond

If you had just met me, you would of course be curious, and you would naturally ask somebody who knows me really well for a bit more information about me. 324 more words


Amour, Michael Haneke

Amour might be a truly great film but I’m personally tired of European films dealing with the same themes over and over again – fallibility of man, aging, fickleness of human mind blah and blah. 122 more words

Ghost in the Shell Remake Releases 2017

According to IGN Africa and Deadline, the live action treatment of the 1989 Japanese manga Ghost in the Shell is slated for release on 31 March 2017. 87 more words


The Magic of The Movies.

I LOVE the movies.

I love the whole experience. You know, there are different kinds of people. There are people who think a movie theater is the perfect place to have a long, drawn out conversation, or to make out, or to check texts, and just generally not watch the movie. 714 more words

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