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Top 5 Literary/Film Romances

Hi there! This post is all about romance <3  These are my 5 favourite romances from either books, films or both! Some are blatantly obvious (which doesn’t stop me from loving them any less) and some are perhaps less obvious but still well worth a mention. 818 kata lagi

"A United Kingdom" (2016)- A tale that needs telling.

It’s often hard to look back at our own past: we wince at the embarrassing moments, we cringe at words hastily spoken and irretrievably damaging, we hang our heads in shame at actions committed that we wish we could forget and can never undo. 439 kata lagi


WATCH: Adam West is back as Batman in hilarious trailer for new animated movie

Sixties Batman Adam West is reprising his infamous role for a brand new animated movie, and the first trailer is suitably hilarious.

The original trio from the… 308 kata lagi


The Princess And The Pirate (1944)

Old Bob Hope films were always amongst my favourites growing up and this is one of his funniest. He plays Sylvester The Great, man of seven faces (“I travel a lot. 115 kata lagi


Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010)

A prince of ancient Persia discovers a mythical blade that can turn back time and uncovers a plot to usurp his father and claim the throne. 216 kata lagi


Primary Colors (1998)

Primary Colors is a political satire following a southern governor who bears a striking resemblance to Bill Clinton on his presidential campaign trail.

This film was obviously aimed far more at mainstream audiences than I was hoping for and so seems very tame to anyone used to the likes of The Thick Of It or even 1970’s sitcom Yes Minister. 198 kata lagi


Primal Fear (1996)

Despite its truly terrible title, Primal Fear is yet another ho-hum courtroom drama in which Richard Gere plays a defence attorney who used to be a prosecutor (*sigh*) who is defending altar boy Edward Norton, accused of brutally murdering an archbishop. 142 kata lagi