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Fighting corruption in Ghana is an uphill task - Mahama

Ghana’s President John Dramani Mahama has described the fight against corruption in Ghana as “an uphill task” but insisted that his government has made significant efforts in winning that fight. 258 kata lagi


"Good People On The Road To Greatness:Nigeria"

“Nigeria! Good people……yes!  great nation…………?”

‘baba n’mogba, tan ba n’tan e, koo ma tan ara re’- if you are being deceived, never deceive yourself.

As good as we are, we are too docile as a people. 244 kata lagi


The forth coming election for the year 2016 has brought forth too many speculations and doubts on the success of the election proceeding. Political parties has commenced there strategic plans on how to win over and lead against their opponents.

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No matter what is thrown at me

There will always be my armour

Glittering but not of gold

The alloy of titanium is what is sculptured… 118 kata lagi

"Mushrooms On Dry Economy"

These are what the yesterday power holders were. And now in opposition, want to turn themselves to stumbling blocks to New political dispensation. Their boastfulness and arrogance had not left them. 20 kata lagi


a few suggestions to reduce Banks' NPAs

Following steps can reduce NAPs of Banks? will they consider?
Present financing pattern of Banks are:
a. Industry approaches D banks for finance
b. when D loan amount is very large a consortium of banks approach IDBI for refinancing. 432 kata lagi

Fight Against Corruption