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Belajar Faximile yuk..

Ada yang tahu tidak si.. tentang Faximile. Mungkin kita sering dengar ya,, 

  1. Sejarah Mesin Fax

Mesin Fax pertama kali ditemukan dan dipatenkan pada tahu 1843 oleh seorang fisikawan asal Skotlandia yang berana… 406 kata lagi


The Incredible Disappearing Fax Machine

Fax machines have gotten much smaller since 1974, and in fact are in danger of disappearing altogether, as fax transmissions are replaced by email, text messaging, and social networking.

Industry Info

Billy Joel for President

A Billy Joel song came on in Office Depot this afternoon, and I’ll be dogged if the entire store, staff and clientele alike, didn’t break out into song. 546 kata lagi

Talking To Strangers

The Last Samurai

If I fall, grant me
this honour: my soul enshrined
by the fax machine 6 kata lagi


How To Use Fax Broadcasting - Marketing Automation Solution

Fax broadcasting is an old method of marketing. It is a direct method of communication between the organizations. It is an easy and fast method of marketing companies, products, and services. 86 kata lagi