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Why are fax machines still the norm in 21st-century health care?

Two-thirds of Canadian doctors say their primary means of communication with other physicians is by fax.

Medical clinics in this country, on average, send and receive a mind-boggling 24,000 pages of faxed information annually. 110 kata lagi


Digital Copiers, Faxes and MFP's and their hard drives

I’m a subscriber to long time UK Tech journalist and Blogger, Charles Arthur / @charlesarthur Overspill blog where he currates links etc. Recently, he linked to an old report, from 2010, but it’s always worth reminding people of the dangers of photocopiers, fax machines and multi-function printers, especially older ones. 220 kata lagi


Magento 2: Remove field from Shipping form on Checkout

First of all, it all starts in checkout_index_index.xml.


Create this file in your theme:


Define path to component which you are planing to remove and add this item as a child: 289 kata lagi

Magento 2.x

A Tale of Business Disruption in Document Communications

In the middle of the 1990s, the Internet and its associated IP protocols were like a huge wave that was off the shore of the business world, but poised to come in and cause massive disruption. 786 kata lagi

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