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The Window, Big Bend TX

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Chisos Basin Campground is the best in Big Bend National Park. Reserve in advance as it’s very popular. 105 kata lagi

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It's Vulture Season

and the Coragyps atratus are everywhere. I saw a huge committee of them and a kettle of them atop and around USAA! (the plural for vultures in flight is a “kettle” and at rest is a “committee” and when feeding a “wake”) 20 kata lagi


Cruelty of sun bears at the Bandung zoo

I do not know if you have read about or seen already the woeful condition and the pathetic sight of the sun bears found inside the Bandung zoo in Indonesia’s West Java province. 229 kata lagi


22: Some "Keen" Observations

While I was sitting outside, trying to absorb whatever Vitamin D I could from a very moody sky which refuses to give us the sunshine we need, I spotted in the Ficus trees a beautiful, long-tailed, brown bird. 693 kata lagi



What will we do with the gifts we’ve been given?

Landscape Ecology

List Target: Arkys lancearius, the Common Trianglular Spider

One of the stranger spiders in the world, Arkys lancearius is supposedly an ambush hunter.

I say supposedly not because I doubt this fact (the powerful front limbs coated in large spines, and the lack of any observable web or apparent speedy mobility certainly fit the archetype) but because I cannot for the life of me work out why an, apparently successful, ambush predator would look like someone dipped it in Safety Orange clothing dye then covered it rhinestones. 208 kata lagi