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R.I.P. Panasonic DMC-TZ35

As mentioned in a previous post, the display on the back of my point and shoot camera has given up the will to live.  Although it still takes pictures, it’s impossible to change some of the settings, so it is with deep regret that I have to put it to sleep ! 67 kata lagi


I am so ashamed, please forgive me

her chin on my feet, said

“you know the medicines are insufficient …

“you know that it is my soiling on the bed

and i, i am so ashamed, please forgive me… 36 kata lagi


There was no dog this winter


there was no dog this winter

there was no slipping on the ice

there was no ice stuck between her pads

no crashing across the hard-froze top of the night-old snow… 160 kata lagi


Last ride to the vet ever

I’d just gotten back from Texas the day I took Ally to put her down.  I had the lucky black Chevy Impala with her in the mercifully deep and wide rear bench seat.   119 kata lagi


Before I put my dog down

Ally’s going to her next home on Monday.  Her work with me is done.  She’ll be thirteen this November and time is simply catching up with this physical body.  678 kata lagi


There are all sorts of life in strife

My Dog, Dead     20061010-1200-Tuesday



there are all sorts of life in strife:

at the giant grocery store

there are among the banded and resigned lobsters… 51 kata lagi