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Sunday post-run portrait

Not sure when the lady beetle hopped on board, but I was happy to have its company on this gorgeous spring afternoon. It’s been a very difficult week and I welcome any overture of friendship. 21 kata lagi


Birthday hike at Margery, 4/21/18

Although it’ll be a few weeks before it blooms, the amount of prairie trillium (Trillium recurvatum) at the park really impressed us this year. 368 kata lagi


Dainty Swallowtail

DAINTY SWALLOWTAIL       Papilio anactus

Adult wingspan: 70mm

This is the next addition to our local Butterfly Species List. The Photos were all taken in the gardens of Mulwarrie Studios.  Photos 1 &2 : 08/02/2018, Photo 3: 21/03/2017, Photos 4 & 5: 25/03/2017.


Political Will is vital to Conservation

Political will is the firm intention or commitment on the part of a government to carry through a policy, especially one which is not immediately successful or popular. 142 kata lagi



Cuttlefish (Sepiida) are squid-like creatures found in tropical/temperate waters. They are usually found in shallow waters but can be found at a depth up to 600m. 290 kata lagi


Common Grass-blue

COMMON GRASS-BLUE       Zizina otis labradus

Adult wingspan: 20 -23 mm

Just starting to up-date the local Butterfly Species List found under BUTTERFLIES listed under FAUNA… 31 kata lagi