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Squirrels and Chipmunks

You know it’s a really cold and windy winter’s day when even the squirrels get grumpy. So grumpy, in fact, that this one sat huddled in the fork of the tree, displaying what I believe was universal body language for ‘It’s too cold, (insert expletive)’. 661 kata lagi


Cuban Flora

As ever when I travel out of Europe I like to take shots of exotic flowers & trees. Cuba was no different.

I do not have a clue what these flowers or the majority of the trees are (please let me know if you do), but I think they look good so here we go……

Never Dump Your Fishing Worms in the Forest. Here's Why

When I was about seven years old we were staying at a campground that sold red wigglers for fishing. Being a rather strange and oversensitive child (who grew into a strange and sensitive adult) I spent the money my parents gave me for chips and a pop on a Styrofoam packet of worms instead.  181 kata lagi

Garden Helpers

Land of the Trees

Originally posted on Weekly Writing Prompts on 02/27/2017.

An original poem by Coeur d’un Poète. 

The green sight that soothes my eyes
slides between the shades of sunlight. 337 kata lagi


Land of the Trees

The green sight that soothes my eyes
slides between the shades of sunlight.
I followed the last chain of footsteps
into this forest full of radiant flora. 323 kata lagi


F#02: Creeping Dread

Name: Creeping Dread

Class: Neutral

Designation: Fauna

Description: Mouse sized relative of the Lingering Horror, the Creeping Dread is physically similar, but with the addition of a furry ruff at its neck, and the head typically resembling an elongated mammalian skull, reminiscent of that of a mouse or rat. 97 kata lagi

Art Doll

Photo Print #3: Spiders & Spiderwebs

A photo of light shining onto a spider and its spiderweb. I take photos of the animals in their natural environments and hence I do not disturb them, they are found, photographed and left as I found them. 182 kata lagi

All Natural Spirit