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Bonjour my dear readers,

This is my first ever blog post. I have long wanted to create a space where I could simply write about fashion and discuss it with others. 281 kata lagi


6 easy ways to ramp up your fashion style

Fashion Styles for men have come a long way from a fancy shirt and slacks. Today, we have the choice of apparel from seasons to time of day to who we’re hangin with.  380 kata lagi

⌘ Live


Who doesn’t love a Designer piece in their wardrobe or make up bag?! I like most people, certainly do, but I am not a designer snob by any means. 1.238 kata lagi


One Week OOTD!


Disclaimer: I am sorry for the (verrrrryyyyy) bad quality of photos. I don’t have anyone to help me to take those photos, so I just simply set my timer and unfortunately it turned into very very blurry pictures 😞 I understand that it would bother the readers so much, but please, for this time, only for this time, forgive me for being so amateur. 1.545 kata lagi


Le ballerine all'insegna del vero Made in Italy

Qualsiasi esse siano le tendenze del momento, di una cosa siamo certe: le ballerine non appariranno mai fuori moda ai nostri piedi. Iconiche , bon ton-chic, comode, 607 kata lagi