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Change my plan

Oh,,, I can not wear this sweater, it’s hot in NY today. So I’m changing the dress plan to T-shirts… :)   Have a good warm Saturday, everyone!



Last night was the second edition of CIROC all white party at CAMIFF 2017. See what our celebrities and invitees wore;


Ramsey Noah(Nigerian actor) 54 kata lagi


Look For What is Hidden

By Ky Newport

So many workplaces have made it where tattoos and bright hair are almost unheard of. It’s “unprofessional,” or scary to children. So why not find a way to get around this without losing your job? 288 kata lagi

Arts & Culture

See photos of CAMIFF cultural night 2017..

Finally,we have some photos from CAMIFF cultural night. A night which exposed more of the different cultures of Cameroon in a classic way. Celebrities and others represented the “Kabba” look and also the basket print,the Bantu print and the toghu look. 99 kata lagi


Soli Egbe,Malvis Ann,Stephanie Tum and Nsang Dilong,day 1 and 2 redcarpet looks.

Cameroon international film festival,yesterday celebrated a cultural night. This event aimed at showing the few different cultures we have through music and fashion.

An event such as CAMIFF,is fast growing and to be able to represent during the five days,you have to be well prepared,because it entails alot of attention from fans. 421 kata lagi


What's inside my Handbag ! 

I was tagged by a lovely sister @stepinside my handbag about a tag “what is in your handbag” . So you literally have to share what you have in your handbag rather than, try and be fancy Nancy and sort out the items to make the picture look classy 😏. 311 kata lagi