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Rachel Pally's Thoughtfully Collected Home

Published on Mar 7, 2016

Fashion Designer Rachel Pally’s style is described as elegant, easy and chic. Her ability to combine simplicity with glamour has consistently resulted collection after collection that looks beautiful on every woman. 19 kata lagi

Health And Wellness

5 simple ways to extend legs visually

Tips how to make your legs visually longer with the help of properly chosen shoes and clothes.
Many of the fair sex wants to seem taller and slimmer. 154 kata lagi


Gorgeous dresses from Nika Formals

NIKAFormals is a fashion house, which tailors thoroughly thought over dresses and mentioning all the details. They develop brand-new and fashion-oriented dresses. The company leadership believes that women are proud of owning dresses from the fashion house Nika Formals, as the dresses are embroidered with beads by hands. 269 kata lagi


Clothing 101: Summertime Goddess

: For those new readers I am a writer that has created a blog for his character in order to understand her and give her room to grow.  910 kata lagi


All Laces - Collaboration with Na-kd

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know from my last collaboration with Na-kd,  I went for all laces.  It was for several reasons, I love laces as most of the girls (I believe), Na-kd does have a good selection of Lacy items, but the most importantly is I always want to do a laidback, casual, street style lacy looks. 452 kata lagi


Alice in wonderland

Before i say anything, i have to explain the whole context has nothing do with Alice In Wonderland haha. The reason for this title is just because the shooting was done in a park and the outfit is kind of dreamy, i know it doesn’t make sense but it sounds interesting anyway. 75 kata lagi