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FAS: Starting a New School

FAS: Starting a New School

All children react when starting a new school, whether they have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or not, but kids with FAS can… 893 kata lagi


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Did you know that when a pregnant woman makes the choice to get drunk her unborn baby will remain intoxicated for up to THREE DAYS???? That means that once the mother’s buzz has worn off and she is ready for another drink, her baby is still “drunk” within her womb. 342 kata lagi

Children's Ministry

During Massive Sell-Offs, Triple-Leverage ETFs Look Nuts With NYSE Circuit Breakers

During market sell-offs, market crashes and periods of major uncertainty, stocks get battered and volatility rules. Then there is the other extreme in a correction — triple-leverage ETFs. 403 kata lagi


Time Flies ....School

Time flies and school is only one day away. We went to the Open House and visited both teachers and staff. Yes….two teachers. Muncher will be in regular Pre-K and then the PPCD class only if he has trouble in the regular classroom. 392 kata lagi

Home Life

Football Association of Singapore – Singapore style of play.

We love football but we really really hate writing about Singapore soccer scene –because for a sport that we love so much, there are very few positives since 1994 (When Singapore won the Malaysia Cup). 456 kata lagi


School, Play Group, Restaurant, and Home

School starts in about fourteen days and I am counting down already. We have been counting down since school ended in May. His teacher sent a packet of things to work on and a count down calendar was included. 1.043 kata lagi


Leaving Cert results are coming out. Don't Panic!

Crosscare Youth Information Service has published its annual guide to ‘what’s next’ after the leaving Cert Results, and its available to download and share.

The 2015 leaving cert results will be released into the in a couple of days – and for many people the next steps are clear. 205 kata lagi