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One of my children (not naming names) has gotten into a habit of sorts.  This was likely not intentional but it is not beneficial to her and is counterproductive to keeping peace in the family.  542 kata lagi

Family Life


Did you know that when a pregnant woman makes the choice to get drunk her unborn baby will remain intoxicated for up to THREE DAYS???? That means that once the mother’s buzz has worn off and she is ready for another drink, her baby is still “drunk” within her womb. 342 kata lagi


Güvenilir Fas nakliye firması

Yapılan organizasyonun her mertebesini üstlenerek müşterilerine rahatlık sağlamak fas nakliye ile ilgili görevdir. Çok kısıtlı bir vakit dilimi içinde gerçekleştirilecek olan nakliye hizmetinde üstesinden gelinmesi şart olan çok fazla detay olacaktır. 239 kata lagi


The apparent fall of Singapore football

Everyone sees it and everyone knows it. Singapore football is in decline. In April 2000, Singapore was ranked 96th in the world, 2 places higher than Wales. 710 kata lagi


Spring Semester -- Feeding Group

My list of foods from Spring Semester Feeding group on my Keep app.   Some of the foods are the same as Food Camp.   Clinicians are students from the university since this is a teaching hospital/c!inic type situation.  222 kata lagi

Home Life

My Notes on Keep App for Food Camp

Sensory and Food notes from Food Camp I put in my Keep app. 

Obstacle courses

Calming room


Red bumpy seat cushion (O/T )

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