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FAS, Sport Singapore in talks to review future football matches at Yishun Stadium

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

This comes after Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah refuted an online report alleging she had ordered the floodlights to be switched off at Yishun Stadium, in response to complaints from residents at a nearby condominium, during a Under-19 League match on Apr 10. 450 kata lagi

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Humains étranges - Syndrome d'accent étranger

For those who aren’t familiar with some very very poor french the title reads Weird Humans – Foreign Accent Syndrome.

See what I did there! 194 kata lagi


Sundram steps down as national football team’s coach: FAS

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

V. Sundram Moorthy (second from right) with (from left) FAS president Zainudin Nordin, FAS vice-president Lim Kia Tong and FAS general secretary Winston Lee when he was appointed as the Lions’ head coach on 27 May 2016. 248 kata lagi

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Finding Key Themes in a Natal Chart

Reading a person’s natal chart is almost like deciphering a heavenly code that consists of divine yet enigmatic messages from “deities”, or, the so-called planets. You can also compare it to detective work, trying to spot suspiciously useful threads and pull them together to see if any clue could be found. 947 kata lagi

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Life....with FASD

Life…..with FASD is not the life we pictured with the adorable newborn that we decided to take and protect from the world he would have been exposed to after birth. 359 kata lagi

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Soccer & My Field of Dreams

I have been thinking recently about some tough times in high school. I never really fit in; I never really understood why. I was tortured by it really.  1.393 kata lagi