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Premios OTIS: Fábrica Abierta

Fábrica Abierta es una propuesta creativa sobre una arquitectura industrial abandonada en el contexto de la ciudad histórica. Un proyecto para dar a conocer y divulgar un edificio y su historia a los ciudadanos. 240 kata lagi


Celebrities and AVON (slideshow)

AVON is quite the company! We have well-know celebs endorse our products because they believe in our products and our mission. From perfume to cologne, to fashion to makeup. 107 kata lagi


The Politics of Climate Change: A lecture by Dr Oliver Geden

What: Public Lecture

When: 6:45pm, Tuesday, April 12

Where: School 6

The EU after the Paris Climate Agreement – still leading by example?

The Foreign Affairs Society warmly invites you to join them for this lecture by Dr Oliver Geden of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. 

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all that celebrate. We had a calm Sunday because Muncher and I stayed home and watched Jurassic II and III plus the end of Toy Story 2 then part of The Incredibles. 417 kata lagi


FASD: Changing Viewpoints

That Was Easy!

This is a long post, but anyone caring for an individual with FASD will find it encouraging!

FASD: Changing Viewpoints. 

I recently invited three friends to attend the Hamilton (Ontario) FASD Caregiver Support Group, hosted by Mark Courtepatte and Savanna Pietrantonio. 1.473 kata lagi


Women Want to Know

The ‘Women Want to Know’ project encourages health professionals to routinely discuss alcohol and pregnancy with women and to provide advice that is consistent with the… 65 kata lagi

Fallout 4, and Why Millennials Don't Care About Nuclear War

Recently, I read an article on Federation of American Scientist’s Bulletin of Atomic Scientists blog regarding youth perceptions of nuclear weapons and ways to educate them about nuclear arms. 844 kata lagi