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Roberto Ferri’s Baroque and Subversive Painting

Roberto Ferri’s Baroque and Subversive Painting

Roberto Ferri is an Italian fine art painter whose work is fortement inspired by Baroque painters (i.e. Caravaggio). With his technic and skill, you get sense of the grand romantic biblical themes, however he blends twisted absurdities and the imagery of torture in his epic pieces. 152 kata lagi


Soccer & My Field of Dreams

I have been thinking recently about some tough times in high school. I never really fit in; I never really understood why. I was tortured by it really. 1.405 kata lagi


Beautiful Busts Combine Art and Nature

Beautiful Busts Combine Art And Nature

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Italian artist Massimiliano Pelletti  is an amazingly talented sculptor, but what makes some of her works truly breathtaking are the portions of stone that she leaves untouched. 60 kata lagi

The ceramic sculptures in imitation wood of Christopher David White

The ceramic sculptures in imitation wood of  Christopher David White 

Yes, this sculpture by Christopher David White looks like wood, and yes, it’s actually ceramic, and yes, we are still not convinced but we will take the artist’s word for it. 66 kata lagi


Vintage Inspired Shell Ring Dishes Showcase Classical Paintings

Vintage Inspired Shell Dishes with Classical Paintings

California-based artist Mary from Rtist Mary 33 kata lagi