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When it comes to really big data, a commodity for storage is not the best option for Big Data?

Commodity hardware cheap right? Well yes, but when it comes to petabytes of data, it becomes more expensive.

Let’s think how much servers do you need to run 1 PetaByte of data? 1.756 kata lagi

Behind the blogger 2018

Welcome bag to my wonderfully random blog! This week I am finally making a fun and interesting blog for you and I’m going to be telling you 7 spontaneous facts about me ! 1.035 kata lagi


How GSA’s customers are driving schedule modernization efforts

Not only is the Federal Acquisition Service in the final stages of updating the schedule contracts to make it easier for agencies to buy products and services at the same time, but FAS is planning other major changes for 2019. 13 kata lagi


Fandi Ahmad should not have apologised to Sikh reporter for “insensitive” remarks

Football hero Fandi Ahmad was in the news for the wrong reasons. During a pre-match conference on 6 Sep, Fandi had an exchange with a Sikh reporter from the New Paper,  389 kata lagi

Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

A staple dancemove in this writer’s repertoire, you can now do ‘Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box’ in Lego form! Well, it’s more ‘One Box, Two Box, No Box at All’, but close enough. 118 kata lagi


Linux Apps and Desktops delivered by Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

There are tons of great free Linux applications available today, but since most users aren’t using Linux on their devices this whole parallel universe of hidden gems isn’t that easy to discover and to add to the personal toolbox. 1.486 kata lagi


New Hopes for S'pore Footie

Did u know this?

One Gavin Lee from Tampines Rovers played a big part in developing Ben Davis, the Fulham player that Mindef implicitly called a NS dodger even before his call-up date. 426 kata lagi