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Review for FAS1102: Public Writing and Communication

Course Number and Name: FAS1102 Public Writing and Communication
Tutor: Dr Namala Lakshmi Tilakaratn
Sem taken: Y1S2 AY17/18
Modular Credits: 4

On the 22 January 2018 I tot is: 1.485 kata lagi


Spin off de Supernatural Cancelado?

Fãs são a melhor coisa do mundo, né?

Especialmente fãs dedicados como os fãs do seriado Supernatural.

Mas também não é para menos – com mais de dez anos de duração, o seriado continua firme e forte com uma grande base de fãs que só parece crescer. 336 kata lagi


Review for FAS1101: Writing Academically

Course Number and Name: FAS1101 Writing Academically
Tutor: Mr Rowland Anthony Imperial
Sem taken: Y1S2 AY17/18
Modular Credits: 4

On the 22nd January 2018 I tot is: 1.499 kata lagi


Florida Anthropological Society 2018

We traveled to St. Petersburg last weekend for the Florida Anthropological Society annual conference. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and browse our anthropology and archaeology books. 173 kata lagi

Archaeology & Anthropology

Whatever happened to Brudder Bill, the wannabe saviour of S'pore footie?

The recent news before the M’sian election that seven footie clubs clubs were told to wind down jackpot operations by the end April 2018 reminded me that the national sports governing body Sport Singapore filed a police report against Tiong Bahru FC (TBFC) for suspected misuse of club funds, as well as a purported attempt by a senior club official to obstruct the completing of audits of the S League’s sit-out clubs. 331 kata lagi

Corporate Governance

The Land of Ruskania

The very quintessence of Ruskin College, or ‘Ruskania’ (google if that is obscure) is sociology lecturer (indeed, a lecturer, not a teacher), Mavis Bayton, who looks like a character out of Viz, habitually dressed like Ronald McDonald, with culottes and horizontally striped socks, attempting to state in her dress a difference which is denied in her practice. 2.165 kata lagi


Catch Aero in these gigs!!

Aklas and Aero! 3rd World Entertainment baby!!