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Akashi And Other Animals by half_sleeping

Summary: Akashi adopts his friends again, one by one. His new teammates cope gamely with the influx of Miragen animals.

Word Count: 8K+

[Akashi And Other Animals] on AO3

Medium: Fanfic

If Equal, Engage by half_sleeping

Summary: “It is the rule in war, if ten times the enemy’s strength, surround them; if five times, attack them; if double, be able to divide them; if equal, engage them; if fewer, be able to evade them; if weaker, be able to avoid them.” – The Art of War… 22 kata lagi

Medium: Fanfic

Crossroads, and Other Places We Met by deplore

Summary: A list of things in the Generation of Miracles’ metaphorical closet: many, many basketballs, most of which are discolored and leather-worn. Lucky items that Midorima has left behind, more for the others than for himself. 54 kata lagi

Medium: Fanfic

5 times Kuroko wished he never opened his damn mouth by highboys

Summary: “ANYWAY,” said Midorima, pushing Kuroko back with his foot, “Kise should be knowledgeable enough of human biology to realize that everything is a horrible lie.” He paused. 71 kata lagi

Medium: Fanfic