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A Family Gathering At A Hotel / House / Apartment-Like Building

I forgot my other dreams and most of this dream after getting awakened multiple times without voice recording my dreams before going back to sleep, and so now I can only remember parts of this dream from last night. 759 kata lagi

Dream Journal

The Annual Family Get-Together "Cousin's Day"

When I was a child growing up at Kunghur, a rural district in northern New South Wales, I was one of some twenty odd first cousins on my mother’s side, who lived near our maternal grandparents farm. 418 kata lagi

Family History

Family Gathering

This weekend we had just our first Family Gathering since 2005. Back in the day it was organized, just like all the previous Family Gatherings, by my Uncle who passed away a few years after that last meeting. 738 kata lagi

Crazy Chinese Family



Kembali lagi TELKOMSEL membutuhkan jasa Dickspaint untuk Face Painting Kids dalam acara Family Gathering di ancol Jakarta, TELKOMSEL sangat sudah berlangganan dengan… 99 kata lagi

Face Painting

I Don't Know How to Say Hi to People

Alright, so maybe this time my title is pushing it. Yes, I do know how to say “hi” to people. Growing up as a Mexican-American though, my mind was constantly like: 143 kata lagi


Cruises for Birthday Parties – A Luxurious Evening

Charter is renting or hiring a boat for private or corporate parties by an individual. These are ships can accommodate a maximum of 600 people and minimum of 40 guests. 335 kata lagi

Birthday Parties

Connections: January 24.17

My grandson, conspicuous by absence,

eventually made me curious

I’d seen him depart to the basement

where he couldn’t hear or see us.

Neither angry nor antisocial… 37 kata lagi