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DD Family Gathering

Pada hari Minggu 21 Februari 2016, seluruh murid Sekolah Islam Dian Didaktika beserta guru, staff, dan para orangtua murid berkumpul disekolah demi meramaikan acara Family Gathering. 199 kata lagi

Dian Didaktika

Easter 2016

We have another holiday down in the books.  Everyone got along!  Lots of good food and visiting! Even time for a nap!  It was a good day all around!   402 kata lagi


Even a Family Tree Needs Nourished Roots to Flourish.

I know where my roots are because I read the last name of my great, great, great, great grandfather on a dividend check I receive from the family every quarter. 543 kata lagi

Legacy Family

Salah satu hal yang aku sukai dari travelling adalah bisa merasakan sisi kehidupan yang tidak aku miliki. Bukan berarti hal-hal yang aku miliki tidak menyenangkan. Tapi terkadang kita harus melihat hal lain untuk memahami hal yang kita miliki. 407 kata lagi

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Hollybank - ISAT First Gathering in 2016

The best thing about being here in Tasmania is that you can find BBQ pit mostly in every park. You will need that specially when you are having event in a big group – no hassle in booking a venue/restaurant big enough to fit everyone which can be hectic sometimes. 139 kata lagi

Family Gathering

Genesis 49 - A Family Meeting

Have you ever had a family meeting? There are some things that can only be discussed with everyone present. Often we only gather for occasions such as weddings, birthdays and funerals. 334 kata lagi

Read The Bible With Me

Reception Woes

Come what may, things will never happen according to ‘The Plan’. It so happened that this year, on the so called “Valentine’s Day”, instead of spending time with my GIRL (imaginary of course) I had the pleasure of hosting my Cousin’s Reception. 660 kata lagi

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