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Our Canadian Thanksgiving

“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”

– Seneca

There is a scene from Forrest Gump I think about often. Jenny, Forrest’s long time friend and love interest, comes home after being away for years.

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CIAK - All Day Italian

I still have yet to try Umberto Bombana’s three Michelin starred restaurant (Otto e Mezzo Bombana) so the next best thing (and cheaper option!) was CIAK – All Day Italian recently opened in Tai Koo. 247 kata lagi

Friends Gathering

Meat and Greet

So we get a phone call, my cousin, who has been in the Netherlands is coming back home after eons and he is bringing with him- dzing dzeng: his fiance, makoti alililili!!! 449 kata lagi


How Will You Be Remembered? How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How do you want to be remembered? How will you be remembered? Is there a gap between the two responses?

If so, identify an element to that gap that you can address and take action on… 220 kata lagi

Purposeful Life

Chuseok, the Thanksgiving Day of Korea -1 

What do you think of Thanks Giving Day? Some would have a smile on them remembering of their family gatherings and happy moments.

Chuseok is simply a Thanksgiving Day of Korea.It used to be one of the most important days followed by the New Years Day. 434 kata lagi


Cuti Hari Malaysia | Janda Baik

16 September 2016 hari cuti umum sempena hari penubuhan negara Malaysia. Di kesempatan cuti beberapa hari ni, kami pergi bercuti ke Riverside, Janda Baik. Ingatkan jauh sangat, rupanya takdelah jauh mana. 70 kata lagi



Over the last one week, I have received many emails and Whatsapp messages; of some impressed readers, some who couldn’t wait for Part Two and a few others who dragged a seat for me, and gave me a dress down on how I was castigating the boy child which ideally, belong to. 1.339 kata lagi

Social Issues