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Transcending Time: A Snail-Mail Saturday Featuring Abigail Adams

Dearest Friend,

The Day: perhaps the decisive Day is come on which the fate of America depends – my bursting Heart must find vent at my pen…

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Stories From The Past

What is a photograph - Part 1

…… we’ve added a blogging service, but don’t want you to lose out on the content to date!

What is a photograph – Part 1… 352 kata lagi

Word of the day #159


Fac – sim – I – le

To make a copy.

Example: The facsimile proved very handy when the original was lost in transit.


Facsimile of Life (Part 2).

An imperfect copy
To destroy nature’s bounty
Wails that I never get it quite right.
To a razor-edged white mountain

Ten thousand fingers trace out a present… 47 kata lagi


Facsimile of Life (Part 1).

Over the next seven days I will publish this poem in seven different ways, seeing how the lines can be chopped and changed to give variations of the same meaning. 170 kata lagi



Feigned, how valuable is the weighted-in-precision adoration?
Among brilliant stars, the perennial sparkle ponders is the best.
Carved even, the confoundable oeuvre will lose any worthy contest. 50 kata lagi