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Virtua insanity

Virtua Pro Football is an odd one. Not like UEFA Dream Soccer “odd” but a curious case nonetheless. You’d think with Virtua in the name and it being by Sega, it’d be part of the Virtua Striker family. 1.363 kata lagi


Cosmetic Cover-Up!

Read Matthew 15

Focus on verse 17-18

My dear wife has never been big into cosmetics. Every once in a while if we’re going out real fancy she might add a little color to her cheeks and use some lip gloss but that’s about the extent of it. 483 kata lagi

Daily Devotional

Minuscule State


Fading into

Its miniscule state

Adequacy not

Meant for this



Only conclusion

For the infinitesimal

May not be

Forgotten with

The ease of time… 11 kata lagi



I am one,
In a trillion,
Significant enough,
With standoffish movement of air,
Of any velocity.
I will furnish you with an upchucking sensation,
In your solar plexus, 155 kata lagi

News: Exhibit "Glanzlichter der Buchkunst" at JGU Mainz, April 21-May 12

The Mainz Institute for Book Studies with its Mainzer Verlagsarchiv  (Mainz Publishing Archive) has received archival materials from the Bertelsmann imprint “wissenmedia”. During an official ceremony yesterday, Katja Meinecke-Meurer, managing director of “wissenmedia”, gave the archives of the important facsimile publisher “Faksimile Verlag” to the Institute for Book Studies. 171 kata lagi

Book History

Wednesday's Aether is a Facsimile

Wednesday’s Aether is a Facsimile


Tuesday Afternoon turned Wednesday ongoing into Summer’s Evening

The tents are red tinged green, inside seashells at sunset. When ladies at picnics merge with chaos and cream, every possible perspective looks the same. 130 kata lagi


Trailer Reveal #Giveaway of FACSIMILE by Vicki L. Weavil

Welcome to this week’s M9B Friday Reveal! But wait it’s a Thursday you’re probably asking yourself! Yes it is but we have a super special reveal for you today and we will have a reveal tomorrow as well! 314 kata lagi