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Day 8: Crooked

What a dump. When I think of castles, it’s not what I picture.

PITT artist pens.


Inktober Day 10: Gigantic

The Inktober day 10 prompt was “gigantic”, so I just had to do Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride.  If you haven’t guessed already it is my favorite film. 79 kata lagi


Ito-ya, the One and Only (Feat. Bosco Wood Pencils)

There are tons of stationery shops in Japan, but people seem to agree on one thing: Ito-ya is still the place to go to. It is a place of pilgrimage for stationery nerds. 1.179 kata lagi

East And West (and South)

Day 1: Divided.

Each man fights between what he knows will work, and what he feels is right.
When I was little I used to argue about the most vital organ in the body. 25 kata lagi

Day 1: Swift

Inktober, for me, is a time for mistakes.

A time to accept them and a time to make them work.

I’ve never liked inks, the permanence of them makes them too frightening for me to use, the way they capture every little tremble of my hand and every unwanted spec. 17 kata lagi


Inktober Day 8: Crooked

Today I continued Inktober with another Princess Bride fan art piece.  The prompt today was “crooked” and Vizzini is definitely crooked.

Vizzini: “We are but three lost circus performers.   146 kata lagi


Inktober Day 6: Sword

The prompt for Day 6 of Inktober is “sword”.  I returned to the Princess Bride for inspiration today, drawing Inigo showing “The man in black” the sword his father made.   10 kata lagi