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Color with me - Scarab from Dagdrömmar, part two

Okay so lets get cracking on making this look a bit better, shall we? Today we’ll finish with the vines, leaves and flowers. I am also going to change from labels to text on screen for pencils, this video still has both, next part will only have the text. 179 kata lagi


Color with me - Scarab from Dagdrömmar, part one

I’ve had several requests for a color along from Dagdrömmar by Hanna Karlzon, so high time to make one! And I’ve also had numerous requests regarding doing a black Posca background. 528 kata lagi


Dillon Dubé

Dillon Dubé, Kelowna Rockets; prospect of the Calgary Flames

January 2017


Stenographic Pencils, Continued

One of the most commonly employed search terms that lead readers to this blog concern stenographic pencils and their use. I’ve noticed that people who take the plunge into pencils almost always go through this stage: steno pencils are cool, unusual, rare but still available, just about (the… 897 kata lagi


Calligraphy Stuff! 

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. There’s alot of pens that you can use in doing calligraphy. From simple pens like brushpens and markers to complicated pens like oblique pen and speedball. 455 kata lagi


On Television: Graf von Faber-Castell Schreibbleistift Nr. III

Here is something I didn’t expect to see. In 2016, the ITV Network produced a four-part series called The Investigator: A British Crime Story, about the unsolved 1985 disappearance of a woman called Carole Packman. 149 kata lagi