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Watchdog Questions Ex-Im Bank's $75K Luxury Vehicle Lease

From the Daily Signal, by Melissa Quinn

A new report from the Export-Import Bank’s independent watchdog questions whether a five-year lease of a “luxury vehicle” that cost the agency more than $75,000 qualifies as “essential” to the bank’s mission. 650 kata lagi


Training Ekspor Impor & Letter Of Credit (LC) PAyment

Ekspor Impor & Letter Of Credit (LC) PAyment 26-27 April 2016 2.Workshop LDD 26 april 2016 3.Workshop Power Purchase Agrement ( PPA) 29-30 April 2016 Ekspor Impor & Letter of Credit (L/C) Payment Memasuki era global, bisnis berkembang dengan sangat cepat. 381 kata lagi

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Be an Online Broker of Export Business

An export broker, also termedas an export-sales broker, is an individual or a company that meets the international buyer and local seller together. Situated in the nation of… 419 kata lagi

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A Thorough Guide on the Idea of Importing

Customers and trading in one country usually prefer to purchase some merchandise that is been produced in outer country. The factors for this are as very varied as those for selecting one domestic brand over other. 534 kata lagi

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IIIEM inaugurates its branch in Vadodara, Gujarat

iiiEM based at Ahmedabad planned to further elevate its empire in the city of Vadodara located in Gujarat, India.

iiiEM, India’s leading import export institute… 375 kata lagi

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IIIEM inaugurates its branch in Mehsana, Gujarat

Even in this competitive time of the current market, iiiEM continues to grow, adding a new chapter in the location at Mehsana– leading to increasing its professional presence in the… 260 kata lagi

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New to Exporting Concept? Here’s how you can start an Export Business

If you own an Import Export business and wish to take it international or are pondering of starting only an Export business, you will require the help of some agencies to get you started. 447 kata lagi

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