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Evil Dead (2013)

A boring generic splatter movie, which doesn’t have a sub-title and therefore is a crime against humanity. Also there is a pointless cameo by Ash Williams.

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Dude, you got a bit of blood over there

More often than not, people give film remakes shit. They’ll always prefer the original, and find something lacking in the newer version. However, it’s different in the case of… 517 kata lagi


A big taboo in this nostalgia driven era, is a bad remake. Often times, we’ll see powerful cult classic franchises and undeniable fan favorites get butchered by bad CGI, ambitious re-imaginings, and poor casting decisions. 1.334 kata lagi

Just put the book away

I would first like to pose this question: Why would you open a very questionable looking book, that is enclosed in barbed wire, in a bloody basement, filled with dead cats hanging from the ceiling? 749 kata lagi

The Great Lioness

There is a popular phrase saying, “Behind every successful man is a woman.” This phrase only identifies a woman as a great supporting role in a man’s success. 759 kata lagi

Evil Red

Evil Dead (2013) has played a role in my life. It is one of the two films for which I actually sneaked into the cinema because I was too young for the age restriction the other one being a low-budget Asian horror film called… 858 kata lagi

No to drugs

The Evil Dead franchise is a violence-and-gore galore, jam-packed with the most unthinkable ways to terrorize a group of unknowing friends. Most slasher films, as traditional in the conservative horror genre, have almost always adopted the masculine gaze by having attractive and fragile females to be the subject of torture, dismemberment, defilement, and ultimately, murder. 704 kata lagi