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A Different Kind of Evil

The 2013 remake of the movie “Evil Dead” was not what I expected it to be since remakes usually have the reputation of being cornier or duller than the original one. 763 kata lagi

Not Your Typical Final Girl

Just like other horror films which include a cursed object which should not be messed with but messed by a character anyway, the horror on Evil Dead also starts when the cursed book is opened by a curious but innocent character.   907 kata lagi

Ala Cabin in the Woods

Evil Dead perfectly captures the fear of its viewers owing to its mysterious and gory take on the classic scenario of a cabin in the woods. 728 kata lagi

To Hell and Back

Fede Alvarez’s 2013 remake of the fantasy-thriller Evil Dead has just about everything you would expect in a typical horror film: demonic possessions, a group of friends who doom themselves in an old cabin in some desolate part of the woods, cult rituals, and just a dash of stupidity to get the train rolling on its tracks. 740 kata lagi

The Return of the Deadites

Very few film series have pulled off such drastic tonal shifts as the Evil Dead trilogy. From its gruesome no-budget cabin in the woods massacre to a medieval time-warping comedy film. 674 kata lagi