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Giles The Cat

Our orange cat was dying. Suzanne was holding him next to her in a sling. Holly was making jewellery and Noah was playing Mine-craft. Savvy the dog came into the room. 528 kata lagi

Mark Zlomislic

What do you think about assisted dying?

‘Effectively Advancing Equality and Human Rights’
by Pavan Dhaliwal, Director of Public Affairs and Campaigns at the British Humanist Association

“Humanists have always been at the forefront of promoting a rational, secular approach to ethical issues in public policy, and the British Humanist Association (BHA) devotes much of its resources towards campaigning for equality and human rights. 174 kata lagi


Will Quebec set the standard for physician-assisted death?

With a little over four months to go before physician-assisted death is no longer illegal in Canada, various jurisdictions are scrambling to come up with laws that will determine who can ask for help in dying, how cases should be evaluated, and how doctors can actually end a person’s life. 971 kata lagi


BCM Thought Matters Seminar – Promo – Thursday 22 October 2015

Thought Matters PUBLIC SEMINAR
Death, Life and the Law
7.30pm, Thursday 22 October 2015
Booth College of Mission Chapel

Tēnā koutou

2015 has possibly seen NZ’s most public debate regarding euthanasia. 96 kata lagi

Missional Development

Pornography and the Culture of Death

The culture of death is the live manifestation of a pornographic worldview.

In pornography, the human body is both worshiped and despised. It is worshiped as a source of pleasure and delight superior to all other pleasures, and then, when the pleasure is past, it is despised as a meaningless, identity-less mass that can be used and discarded at will. 464 kata lagi


Method and Madness

The Hitlers and Stalins find murder necessary, but they don’t advertise their callousness, and they don’t speak of it as murder; it is “liquidation,” “elimination”, or some other soothing phrase.

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