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The role of the courts in end of life choices for the terminally ill

Lindsay Mitchell has a nice summary of the latest developments on an application to the High Court of New Zealand by a terminally ill patient for a declaration that her assisted suicide would not be unlawful and subject to the criminal law. 1.982 more words

Public Choice

Suffering and Dying with a Purpose

Written by Jeremy Kee

Recently while walking down Bath House Row in Hot Springs, Arkansas with two friends of mine, nurses both, I found myself involved in a conversation regarding the matter of assisted suicide, personified by the recent case of Ms. 1.462 more words


Cat put to sleep, owner cited for Animal Cruelty


BEAUFORT, SC (WJCL) A Beaufort woman has been cited for Animal Cruelty after surrendering her cat to the animal shelter.

The woman told Beaufort County Animal Services that her 8 year old cat had been attacked by her dog nearly 6 months ago. 158 more words

Local News

Confusion over euthanasia: Third of doctors wrongly believe it's family's call, Quebec poll finds

A third of Quebec doctors and nurses believe legalized euthanasia would give them the right to end the life of an incompetent patient at a relative’s request, according to a new survey that finds confusion over what is legal — and what is not — in end-of-life practices. 670 more words


NY Denial of Treatment Bills

Denial of treatment bills have been filed in the New York Legislature. PLEASE call your state senators to express your opposition to these bills. Together these bills will give power to doctors and hospitals to override the patient’s wishes as expressed in a Health Care Proxy, provide for withholding treatment to minors, if the parents are “unavailable,” and put the burden on the Health Care Proxy holder to enforce the patient’s wishes. 711 more words


Assisted Suicide is Neither Compassionate nor "Death With Dignity:" Oppose California's SB 128

It is often said that whoever controls the language controls the debate.  This is true when it comes to the “compassionate left.”  They clothe their words in such flowery language as “compassion,”  “death with dignity, “personal choices,” and other words that would lead you to believe that only a Nazi would oppose such things.   640 more words


Why My Life Changed the World

If you ever needed reassurance that your life has already changed the world, here it is…

All of History Will Be Different Because You Lived… 578 more words