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Take heed Mr Guy

With the announcement by the Andrew’s government that physician assisted dying legislation will be introduced into the Victorian Parliament in 2017 Matthew Guy has expressed his intention to vote against the proposed laws, saying it is not for politicians to involve themselves in the end-of-life discussions between a person and their family. 334 kata lagi

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Euthanasia and misplaced compassion?

I am relieved to learn that the Victorian Government has, at somewhere near the eleventh hour and yet even then only for a little while, put some brakes on its inchoate proposal to establish assisted suicide legislation for the terminally ill. 690 kata lagi


What constitutes dignity?

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When I was teaching the topic euphemistically referred to as “end of life issues” with my RE classes in school, I sometimes used to show them the Channel 4 documentary about the fight of Diane Pretty, a woman in the advanced stages of motor neurone disease, to be allowed to have her life ended by her husband without him having to fear prosecution.  1.389 kata lagi

Euthanasia for Alcoholism in Netherlands

Marcel Langedijk was an alcoholic.  He battled his addiction for eight years.  The battle was so difficult for him that he decided he would rather die.  108 kata lagi


Massive majority of doctors in Malta against euthanasia

“Massive majority
of doctors in Malta
against euthanasia”

Times of Malta 06 December 2016

(The on-line version of the same newspaper headlines the article as: … 56 kata lagi


Dying for Alcohol?

A father in Netherlands decided to commit suicide because of his alcoholism. His name was Mark Langedijk, he was 41 years old and he had 2 children. 274 kata lagi


A Christmas Card

O euthanasia is a threat
to the sanctity of life,
say my Christian friends,
the insensitive prigs,
who every Christmas
with a carving knife
are proudly the creators… 23 kata lagi