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What's It All About, Alfie?

For the second time within a year, England has a high-profile case of court-mandated murder of a desperately ill child. The first was Charlie Gard, and now comes Alfie Evans. 721 kata lagi

Biomedical Ethics

The doctors and judge starving Alfie Evans are committing crimes against humanity

“The toddler did an extraordinary thing – he breathed on his own for 13 hours, defying doctors’ predictions and proving that he indeed does want to live and intends to keep living. 113 kata lagi

Right To Life

When Assisted Suicide Becomes a Viable Option

One of my most controversial opinions is related to the subject of euthanasia. I strongly believe that if all one has to look forward to is a life of pain with no hope of relief (for example: a person riddled with terminal cancer and suffering horrendous pain), one should have the RIGHT to put an end to that pain and suffering in a loving environment–surrounded by family and friends, rather than having no choice other than doing it in a desperately violent way (throwing oneself into incoming traffic, shooting oneself, etc). 697 kata lagi

Disability Rights

Chapter 7: Falling slowly

It was late on Friday afternoon and Stan had been having yet another disagreement with Geoff Grainger about his recommendation to remove health cover for all over nineties on UI.  2.329 kata lagi

It's Good For You

Lilies that fester

from The Journal of Molecular Autism


There are two problems: (1) the two genes – NLGN3 and NLGN4X – specifically identified with two versions of X-linked Asperger’s syndrome are also identified with the so-called x-linked autism. 126 kata lagi