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End of Life Choices

The University of Divinity’s Centre for Research in Religion and Social Policy is hosting a conversation on voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide. The subject is… 38 kata lagi


Me Before You (film) review

After surviving another stressful week of the exam season my housemates and I decided there was no better way to celebrate than by huddling, penguin-like, under a mountain of blankets and watching… 854 kata lagi


Scene 15

Scene 15

SETTING:                   In the hospital hallway.

AT RISE:                   PATRICK is leaning back against the

wall with his arms crossed. His cell phone starts ringing. 237 kata lagi

Assisted Suicide

I Hate This....

I wrote a really nice post for today. It’s positive and uplifting and all about how I spent the weekend choosing grace over irritation in response to a pile of unexpected (and unwanted) situations. 1.254 kata lagi


NaPoWriMo 22: The Last of the Shotgun

The Last of the Shotgun

She was a northern dog bred to rescue people
from the cold North Atlantic,
not fit for the hot humid Florida coastal inland… 264 kata lagi


Kwiddex Protocol #12 interlude, page 4

current issue: #12: “Technician: a Kwiddex Protocol interlude”

Doreen faces another day as a euthanasia technician.

Written by Jason DeGroot, art by Pedro Laboy… 36 kata lagi


Scene 14

Scene 14

SETTING:                   In the hospital room.

AT RISE:                   PATRICK is sitting by the bed,

looking down at his mother. She is lying perfectly still, like a figure on the lid of a stone coffin. 1.451 kata lagi

Assisted Suicide