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Assisted suicide and euthanasia in Holland and beyond

Impact of legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia in Holland and beyond – Guest speaker: His Eminence Willem Cardinal Eijk, Archbishop of Utrecht, The Netherlands. VIDEO… 59 kata lagi


Quebec politician makes plea for Alzheimer's patients to have access to doctor-assisted death

Quebec politician Fran├žois Bonnardel made an emotional call Thursday to expand the debate on doctor-assisted death to include Alzheimer’s disease.

“For too long now, fifteen years now, I’ve seen my mother, no longer able to recognize me, no longer smile, speak nor enjoy life,” said the… 374 kata lagi


When death finally came ...

It is not every day that a 73-year-old man begs you to kill him.

Late afternoon on 1 February my mother rang my office line. I was busy and decided to let it go to voicemail, thinking to myself I would call her back later. 1.010 kata lagi


Loss Of A Family Pet

It’s been since Thursday the day we had to put Jager down. I’ve been feeling series of sadness and pain from this loss. My husband too. 198 kata lagi

Thrift Finds

For Every Puppy Born and Bought There is a Dog Already Waiting in a Rescue, Shelter or Pound...

If i hear one more idiot tell me that they don’t want to have their pet neutered or spayed because it will change the dog’s personality, take away their “man-hood” or they simply do not see the benefits; i may scream. 580 kata lagi