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Farewell Ananda (Mullycoonz Eowyn) - 2014-2017 ... Outstanding Mother and Cat

My mother cat, Ananda, passed away early January this year, 2017.

Ananda was the gentlest and sweetest cat I have ever had.  She put up with Maya (the Thuggy Bengal) pushing her around, and only in her later years did she start hissing and retaliating.   1.398 kata lagi

Mullycoonz Cats And Kittens

Miss Pepper Adding a Little Spice to Life

The vet saw Gayle coming. It couldn’t have been hard, in view of the “SUCKER” sign flashing in red neon on her forehead, I suppose. The sign was unnecessary, though. 697 kata lagi


My View on Euthanasia

In this video I explain non voluntary, involuntary, voluntary, active and passive euthanasia. Then I discuss about my opinion on euthanasia – which is undecided and Jack Kevorkian.

AS Religious Ethics

Ethical Responses to Euthanasia

In this video I explore the different ethical responses to euthanasia including Natural Law, Utilitarianism (act,rule and preference), Kantian ethics, situation ethics and Christian ethics.

Religious Studies

Segregation, Your Eminence

In light of current affairs, and my own personal ongoing debates I wonder-Why are we (as a population) so desperate to be economically and technologically advanced but remain stuck in the primitive era when it comes to morality? 907 kata lagi


Two views on Euthanasia

Here’s one from a 19 year-old Maltese woman with Huntington’s Disease:


And another from the New Yorker on Belgium’s laws and practice of Euthanasia: 7 kata lagi

Dying with Dignity

Death is almost inherently scary for all humans. We are all alive and cannot possibly imagine what it would feel like not to be alive. Even saying that does not make much sense as there is no feeling after death–excluding spiritual teachings about an afterlife. 740 kata lagi