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How do we balance misery as we slide down the slippery slope?

Set in the context of a lone individual who is suffering the final stages of a debilitating illness, the offer of an assisted death can be seen as the alleviation of misery, and therefore as a good idea. 532 kata lagi


Canadian nurse forced out for refusing to participate in euthanasia

““Can you imagine being a nurse and being told that you have to help kill someone? That’s so against the philosophy of nursing and it’s so against the heart of the healthcare person,” she told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview. 24 kata lagi

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David Seymour’s End of Life Choice Bill -Threat to Medical Profession and Community — Right to Life New Zealand

Right to Life requests that Members of Parliament support a culture of life, by voting down this contentious bill at its first reading. This was the prudent action of Parliament when defeating Michael Law’s Death with Dignity bill in 1995 and the Death with dignity bill of Peter Brown in 2003.

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Million Dollar Baby

Apart from the temple trip in Robinsville, our Saturday’s highlight was Million Dollar Baby. This image would always be imprinted in my mind. My mother, my sister and I, sitting together and looking at the iPad with eagerness for the movie of the day. 535 kata lagi

Catherine Byrne: Palliative care a kindly end-of-life right — Family First NZ

NZ Herald 24 June 2017Family First Comment: From a palliative care specialist who knows…“All the genuine and compassionate reasons people have for being in favour of euthanasia can be met by good palliative care and that removes the obligation for doctors – till now only concerned with enhancing life – to instead be responsible for…

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Seymour’s Bill called ‘political stunt’ — Family First NZ

Otago Daily Times 23 June 2017Family First Comment: Labour MP gets it right! Dunedin North MP David Clark has labelled David Seymour’s voluntary euthanasia Bill a “political stunt” and will vote against it.

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Canada’s Assisted Dying law – one year later. — Family First NZ

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 20 June 2017Family First Comment: An excellent analysis – and warning – on what’s happened in Canada after 12 months of assisted suicide.

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