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All of us live our lives. Daily… But there are some poor people who don’t live but just exist. Shouldn’t they be allowed to die? 407 more words


Assisted Suicide bill defeated in Scotland

The Scottish Parliament has rejected the Assisted Suicide Scotland Bill by 82 votes to 36 following a debate at Holyrood. The bill would have allowed those with terminal illnesses to seek the help of a doctor to end their own life. 55 more words

Right To Life

Autonomous till demented

The Lecretia Seales case in the High Court in Wellington is continuing with submissions made yesterday by the Care Alliance, which is against the legalisation of euthanasia. 787 more words


Lecretia Seales case closes with thanks from judge

Radio NZ sums up the final day of the Lecretia Seales right-to-die case in Judge thanks woman for right-to-die case.

Lecretia Seales, 42, has terminal brain cancer and said in her statement of claim she will face a choice between taking her own life or suffering a slow and painful death, if a doctor cannot lawfully help her die.

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Euthanasia Bill rejected by Holyrood

Praise the Lord that the proposed Euthanasia Bill has been heavily defeated in the Holyrood Parliament by 82 votes to 32.


Whose life is it anyway?

The debate about euthanasia (or assisted dying) has come back into focus this week (www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-32893689). Listening to the discussions on the radio reminded me of a piece I had written as part of my Reader (lay minister) training a few years ago. 1.462 more words

Care not Killing

Here is a link to an excellent video related to my post of yesterday on the euthanasia bill that is being discussed in the Holyrood Parliament today.