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Suicide and euthanasia

I saw a movie Last samurai and it seems to me very interesting to think about the immorality or morality of a suicide. According to the Christian morality any murder, be it of another person or of myself is sin. 313 kata lagi

Life In Faith And Faith In Life

Euthanasia Hubs

In the previous post, we looked at political hubs trying to make a change within the legislation to pass the Euthanasia Bill. This post will be focused on euthanasia hubs in general. 198 kata lagi


Last week there were two double murders of children in Australia.  One on the east coast, and one on the west.

I haven’t heard much about the circumstances of the murder on the west coast.   340 kata lagi

Current Events

"[...] the increase in those who are euthanized because of psychiatric disorders: not just severe depression, but also schizophrenia, anxiety, autism [...]"

Reading the entire article from where the paragraph below originated, I’ve asked myself if I might remember well times not so long past, when people with “psychiatric disorders” were considered not only alleged burdens to themselves, but also to their societies, and subsequently “euthanized” for the “greater good”. 239 kata lagi


Wallonian Parliament seeks to stop dumping of human remains

The tiny southern Belgian region of Wallonia has made world headlines for blocking a trade deal between the EU and Canada, concerning 545 million potential beneficiaries. 350 kata lagi


Putting My Dog to Sleep

I put my 17 year old dog to sleep this week. It seemed like the time had arrived. He had been blind for about two years. 765 kata lagi

Inside-Out Freedoms

The Ottawa Citizen reported today that hospitals’ right to refuse euthanasia or assisted suicide is expected to be challenged soon in court. While individual doctors have the right to conscientious objection, the legislation on doctors in a group (such as a hospital or other institution) is not clear. 422 kata lagi

Assisted Suicide