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The logical conclusion of abortion based on genetic testing

You can call me crass for the argument but the reality stays the same. Instead of the emotional argument about a right to live I want to ask a very simple question, if you have every available resource to ensure you don’t have a disabled child, then why does society have to pay if you choose to keep it? 35 kata lagi


Manifesto of a Catholic

I am a Catholic. Extremely.

Yes, that’s right; I want the world to know that I am a proponent of Radical Extremist Catholicism. No, I am not going to allow you to label me as an Extremist Catholic, or a Leftist Catholic, or a Radical Catholic, or a Cafeteria Catholic or any other adjective of your choosing. 345 kata lagi

Transhumanism, Euthanasia and Risk Acceptance

       Before I begin I would emphasise this is a gross simplification and I am narrowly discussing Euthanasia with a correlation to contingencies for extreme self experimentation. 1.229 kata lagi



cw suicide

With Samantha Connor, Kelly Cox, Jax Jacki Brown, and Shakira Hussein in Melbourne for an MP briefing about the upcoming assisted suicide bill (which as it is written currently is incredibly vague, unsafe, & deeply dangerous to disabled people, especially those of us with degenerative or “life limiting” conditions – although we are consistently being left out of the conversation). 416 kata lagi

Fly Away (Lynn Austin) - Review

~ About the Book ~

Wilhelmina Brewster has been a college music professor for 41 years, devoting her life to her career and never marrying. Now, after her forced retirement at age 65, she is mourning her loss and searching for something to fill the empty hours. 1.853 kata lagi

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