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Just a beautiful painting

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has earned a name for himself for making different and impressive movies. And accolades are kept ready by the reviewers even before the release of his new movie. 1.016 kata lagi

Movie Review

True Detective, Euthanasia, and My Infatuation with Woody Harrelson 

I am unequivocally in love with this show.

The characters. The culture of a man’s man profession, like police work, is something I utterly despise. (Fuckin’ patriarchy amiright?) But I love it in this show. 433 kata lagi

Remembering Dixie

I’ve never really talked about her on here before but one of those “On This Day” memories popped up on my Facebook feed and just like that I had to stop and catch my breath as tears formed in my eyes.   827 kata lagi



Good to hear that the new WA Health Minister Roger Cook is saying that we need to have a community discussion about voluntary euthanasia in Western Australia. 97 kata lagi

Western Australia

Noel Conway should not have the right to die

As with all notable assisted suicide cases that crop up in the news, the story of Noel Conway is an extraordinarily move one. Mr Conway seeks the right to die, and two judges reviewed his plea at the High Court on Tuesday. 1.088 kata lagi

1961 Suicide Act

The Great Debate


Here’s the truth, which some might not appreciate: we already euthanise people, everyday, here in Australia. Just not in the eyes of the law. 381 kata lagi

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Ron Jones: Leave doctors out of ‘assisted dying’ discussion

NZ Herald 23 March 2017Family First Comment: “Since there are currently no medical indications for ending a person’s life, the use of the word “medical” by legislators dishonestly transfers undue responsibility for the act of euthanasia to the medical profession.

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Family First NZ