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The Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Should Euthanasia Be Legal For Children? - Emily G., Krysta H.

In 2014, Belgium became the first country to remove any restriction on euthanasia. People in support of this motion argue that minors with terminal illness and cases with unbearable pain should be able to have the same right as an adult and decide on whether or not they want to end their life. 396 kata lagi

Medical Ethics

Euthanasia Proposal

  1.  Background

Some may agree that Euthanasia is a good way to end someone’s suffering and others may believe that Euthanasia is an immoral act. When I think about the one thing that I am afraid of I would have to say it is death. 1.794 kata lagi


Is Ohio Getting in the #DeathPanel business?

The short answer is YES. And so is the long answer from a so-called prolife State Senator:

“The bill, sponsored by Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, would create the Medical Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST), … 310 kata lagi


Dressing our own bandages

Grab the plaster, feel the wound. Lick out the salt that rubbed in over the years.
We live our love on antibiotics.
I wash my hands before surgery. 151 kata lagi


We need to talk more about euthanasia

We now have another scandal regarding possible euthanasia. In fact, we have two — one yesterday as well. This was concerning the Southern hospitals of the National Health Service (NHS) which has inadequate information on the deaths of hundreds of patients every year. 164 kata lagi

Life and Death

By Tina Olesen

My heart broke over the children in Attawapiskat who wanted to die rather than continue to live in the terrible conditions in their community. 567 kata lagi