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[TRANS] 150523 OhmyStory: Actress Choi Yoon-young, "Would you like to see a photo of my elementary school alumnus, Kim Junsu?"

Her elementary school alumni, Kim Junsu and Eunhyuk

▲ The male dance team’s stage that monopolized the popularity from students back then. Kim Junsu(in the center of the front row) and Eunhyuk(farthest to the right) are shown in the image. 200 more words


30 November 2013 ♥ [SUPER SHOW 5 – MACAU]


Camera Used: Nikon D90 ; AFS 70-300mm F4.5-6 VR lens

150529 Eunhyuk Twitter and Instagram Update: Eunhyukee collection

Eunhyukee collection https://t.co/o4WxHNtHvG

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Eunhyukee collection

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23 November 2013 ♥ [SUPER SHOW 5 – MALAYSIA]


Camera Used: Nikon D5000 ; can’t remember what lens i used… either the usual Sigma or Nikon lens..