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I’ve always been a big fan of language and enjoyed learning about how it develops. If you followed this blog in its first incarnation, you know that I’m particularly fascinated by some of the archaic words and phrases you can find on tombstones. 42 kata lagi


The Big Mathematical Players

Mathematical Players (Part 1)

The mathematicians that make up our mathematical working thus far are extremely important, and to show my appreciation, I thought I should tell you who they are… 3.204 kata lagi


Cardinal Harbor - Euclid

Who is Cardinal Harbor? This is a band with a distinct sound, truly unique in today’s music industry. Have a listen to their latest album on sound cloud ( 180 kata lagi

The Daily Download

Mathematics: The Next Generation

Historical Backgroud:

Math evolves since antiquity, from Babylon, Egypt 5,000 years ago, through Greek, China, India 3,000 years ago, then the Arabs in the 10th century taught the Renaissance Europeans the Hindu-Arabic numerals and Algebra, Math progressed at a condensed rapid pace ever since: complex numbers to solve cubic equations in 16th century Italy, followed by the 17 CE French Cartersian Analytical Geometry, Fermat’s Number Theory,…, finally by the 19 CE to solve quintic equations of degree 5 and above, a new type of Abstract Math was created by a French genius 19-year-old… 378 kata lagi


How Politicians Used to Argue

From Abraham Lincoln:

“If you have ever studied geometry, you remember that by a course of reasoning Euclid proves that all the angles in a triangle are equal to two right angles. 57 kata lagi

Sacred Art

Land Use(less) Planning

Throughout their history, cities have been comprised of many and varied uses, and quite often those uses found themselves self-segregated into districts, whether business, civic, residential or others. 926 kata lagi

Urban Design

Cause of Death for Euclid High School Student and Player

EUCLID, Ohio – A Euclid High School football player, who was injured in a game Friday, died from blunt impact to the abdomen, according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office. 89 kata lagi