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Euclid's Proof that there are an Infinite Number of Primes

Proving these results from classic number theory are useful for many reasons. For one, they prepare you for the study of cryptography. It never hurts to study cryptography now does it? 597 kata lagi


The First Algorithm in the World

“The Euclidean algorithm is the granddaddy of all algorithms, because it is the oldest nontrivial algorithm that has survived to the present day.” – Donald Knut… 101 kata lagi


Triangular numbers and infinite primes

Last week I started reading From Mathematics to Generic Programming by Alexander Stepanov. I had been searching a long time for books that talk about programming as a science… 760 kata lagi

Programming Thoughts

FNTD Week #6 Game of the Week: Crestwood at Mogadore

CLEVELAND – It is Week #6 of FOX 8’s ‘Friday Night Touchdown’, fueled by Conrad’s, and playoff points are on the line.

Be sure to join John Telich, P.J. 127 kata lagi

Friday Night Touchdown

Euclid's Algorithm and GCD

Euclid’s Algorithm has been around since around 300 BC as a way to calculate the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two numbers. As the name implies, the GCD is the largest number that divides both numbers. 158 kata lagi

Computer Science

Tea Girl, Pt. 2

I hate coffee shops. There are no words. The stench– like burnt chocolate. The sickly upbeat music. The cheesy, cliche mottos on the walls and floors and door. 201 kata lagi

Tea Girl

If you’re sitting in a coffee shop drinking coffee with enough cream and sugar to make it child-safe while reading Euclid’s Elements, does that make you a poser? 268 kata lagi