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The First Six Books Of The Elements Of Euclid DOC

The First Six Books of The Elements of Euclid by Oliver Byrne – with the subtitle: In which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters for the greater ease of learners. 515 kata lagi


Ungrateful Mother & Her Garbage Boyfriend Charged With Murder For Killing A 4 Year Old Child

I am sickened by this story that was brought to me and the video I watched with the child’s father broken, in tears due to the murder of his 4 year old daughter, Aniya Day-Garrett. 202 kata lagi

The Cupid of Euclid, Wrong Impressions, and Vera

Featured image description and alt-text: a white background with a pair of light skin colored hands opening up a various toned brown wallet with nothing inside of the wallet. 1.998 kata lagi

Dear Reader

Autocad Point Variable

All of Autocad graphics methods use a 3 place array of doubles for the coordinates.

The simplest way to sub this is by passing the static array for the sub to fill data. 207 kata lagi


Euclid Book 1 Proposition 3

Proposition 3 looks simple, but it uses Proposition 2 which uses Proposition 1. Prop 3 is in turn used by many other Propositions through the entire work. 396 kata lagi


Euclid Book 1 Proposition 2

Euclid’s 2nd proposition draws a line at point A equal in length to a line BC. It uses proposition 1 and is used by proposition 3. 634 kata lagi

Autocad VBA Excel

If Euclid had Autocad

The 2300 year old geometry primer begins with definitions for point, line and plane surface establishing these concepts which will be used virtually unchanged even in modern cad applications. 691 kata lagi