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Geometry means something like earth measure and seems to have been given its fame and longevity by Euclid’s, the ancient Greek’s, The Elements which begins with 23 Definitions of things people measure, 5 Postulates, then 5 Axioms or Common Notions. 499 kata lagi


Accident with Pedestrian Reported at CWE MetroLink Station

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – MetroLink confirms there has been an accident with a pedestrian at the Central West End station on Euclid.

Metro spokeswoman Patti Beck tells KMOX that service has been affected, and passengers could expect delays up to 30 minutes. 63 kata lagi


Garis Singgung pada Lingkaran

Kita telah mengetahui bahwa garis singgung pada lingkaran selalu tegak lurus terhadap jari-jarinya. Fakta ini telah dibuktikan dengan cantik oleh Euclid dalam buku Elements, Jilid III, sebagai berikut. 84 kata lagi


Jesus' Mathematical Influences

Preston Harold speculates on other means by which Jesus may have acquired his mathematical knowledge.

But one does not have to look altogether to the…

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Cel mai mare divizor comun - Algoritmul lui Euclid

Prin acest algoritm, vom folosi o variabilă care va reprezenta restul primelor două numere. Primul număr îl va primi pe cel de-al doilea, cel de-al doilea va primi restul, iar restul se va calcula din nou. 144 kata lagi


To Infinity...and Beyond!

In researching Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, I stumbled upon an article that stated no one has proven a line can extend infinitely in both directions. This is shocking, if it’s true, and after a quick Google search, I couldn’t seem to find anything that contradicts the claim. 321 kata lagi


Making Spheres

Curvahedra can make all sorts of objects, but some of the most satisfying are spheres, like the classic ball itself (here serving as a Christmas ornament). 409 kata lagi