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Biological Taxonomy

Have you ever thought of how many types of plants and animals there are in the world? To be technical about it, we’re talking approximately 1.9 million different species. 459 kata lagi

Life Science

Carnivorous plants

What kingdom do carnivorous plants belong to? Are they in the fungi, eubacteria, protist (know longer a kingdom), plant, animal, or archaea? They are plants but one of the major characteristics of plants is that they are autotrophic. 47 kata lagi



Escherichia coli, salah satu bakteri berbentuk batang

          Bakteri (dari kata Latin bacterium; jamak: bacteria) adalah kelompok organisme yang tidak memiliki membran inti sel. 1.648 kata lagi


Complex Organisms Developed

Today, we learned that prokaryotes are the oldest group of organisms. The prokaryotes join forces to make eukaryotes to make complex cells. These also joined forces to make a multicellular organisms. 193 kata lagi

Introductory Biology